Backyard Underground Bunker Tour/Update 5 years on

Birt 26 mar 2020
My favourite Project 5 Years later..........Hows it looking as I might need it.
See how it was made here
See the Shed Build here
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  • They said it would Rust, Leak, collapse, get damp, run out of air and many other things but after 5 years how's it holding up. Hope your all healthy and well.

    • Where would you put the extension and how would you power it with those diesel generators

    • You act way to stupid

    • Byron Hawk dont be a Twat!!! Ooops to bloody late!!!

    • I am

    • Hi Colin, I just wanted to say that is it really a secret bunker if it's on ISchats 😂

  • In 100 years time, the aliens will arrive on a then "dead planet Earth" and find this bunker to be the last trace of humanity.

  • i want this in my garden toooooooooo, i would be in there 24/7. playing games probably

  • alguem brasil

  • This guy deserves a preparedness award

  • U should put cameras of the outside which you can watch on ur tv to see if there are intruders or zombies above before exiting

  • 0:34 OMG IS THAT JAKE. wow hes so small back then

  • Are you the one of Weasly Family?

  • Id always SMOKE that thing out LOL

  • Corona shelter?

  • Good for zombie apocullips

  • Imagine trying to sell this house "does it have a shed" "yeah of course it does. And let me tell you it's one hell of a shed"

  • Algum br? Kkkk

  • If a nuclear war broke out, im coming to your house

  • “The man that put a damn flamethrower on his les Paul guitar”....

  • Where does this guy find these songs?

  • Great tornado shed

  • Your missing a bathroom and you should have used marijuana smoke

  • You should make another one for a friend bigger and better

  • Great man cave

  • Nice never grew up bro ✌🏻

  • I am SO jealous.

  • 👍😎🍺🍕🔨

  • 50 years after me building the moon

  • Hi Wallace. Where's Grommit?

  • How about building one like what gauge metal did you use and what size were the beams

  • Vault Tech should hire you

  • You need a toilet dude lol

  • Very cool

  • Rookie young man mistake - no toilet 🚽 a macerator would have been so easy to fit during the build . Nice job though 👍

  • Гений

  • Coooool

  • That’s pretty cool

  • Why does the thumbnail look like a video game

  • The question were all wondering,How the f*ck did he get the sofa down there😅

  • when I watched the part with the smoke machine I was like, that explains why he acts so looney. LOL

  • The way the world's going a v prudent idea if I had a garden to spk of I'd do something similar I'd have to move the bodies though first

  • For windows you could do cameras out side And Like tv or Picture frames to Show what’s going on I know it’s not the same can’t feel the breeze

  • He looks like Kris Marshall from serie Death in Paradise

  • a colossal waste of time and money

  • Best place to hide from Covid-19

  • Bunker, wolverine claws... does he have a jet under the tennis court too?

  • Me:this would make a really nice gaming room

  • Have you considered a Compost toilet 🚽

  • When indian guys evolve

  • How much did it cost? 🤔

  • This house is going to stay in the family for a looooong time

  • How did you get the sofa down there!?!

  • Wait how does he have power underground?

  • how did you get the large items down there such as the sofa? did you put them in before you put the roof on?

  • IT 2020

  • 2020

  • How bout bed bugs

  • whats the point in buying a house when u can live in a underground bunker shed

  • Is it under 100,000 usd to build it?

  • Dude he's the impostor, I just saw him climb into a vent.

    • Definitely sus

  • As a really loud drummer i really love this! If my first house doesn’t have a bunker in it then I don’t want it.

  • I like how he ends it by showing off how its an epic hot box.

  • But will it survive direct nuclear warhead hit??

  • Anyone here after watching YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ?

  • This deserves a sub

  • Useful know

  • My one question, how did they put the bed to tv in there? Also very cozy and good vibez in there, I want to build one too 😭😭

  • How'd you get the bed, sofa, Tv etc down there?

  • Fuh

  • A stoners dream smoking room

  • How’d you get the furniture in there? Looks like a pain trying to get that all down a ladder

  • How do you fit, a couch, TV, bed, ect. Through the little trapdoor?

  • Its a good place to go if there was a tornado.

  • whoa! 👏👏🤪. and toilet paper!

  • imagine you ask your dad “can i go watch a movie in the bunker”

  • I would have put a Water Closet in the thing at the outset. This guy is a Kid who never grew up!

  • That place can be the biggest and most spacious bong everyone could enjoy.

  • I wonder how comes council gave a permission! I have a problem to put a small effing shed :D

  • Where does he keep the big things he makes

  • Wait it's been 5 years

  • Shed of the year!!!!

  • This guy is living the dream!

  • I imagine it would have been a lot more work, but if you built a permanent structure like that, just seems like you should have added plumbing. It’s still cool either way though.

  • After he made the bunker: "Colin where's Timmy's bed gone!"

  • I'm so jelly, I want a bunker too D;

  • I wonder if those neighbors behind him already regret building a house next to Colin ...

  • Comes equipped with a bed... Piss Mrs fruze out often?

  • Amazing 👏

  • That end your neighbors will think you hot boxed your shed

  • That Smoke...

  • It sucks to see the old backyard with a open field behind ur house, vs todays new houses

  • having been on a ship that suffered a super heated steam leak 3 crew were lost they came out like cooked chiken the meat fell of undergtounds gtreat just dnt be near a nuke explosion or u will end up like overcooked chicken

  • So happy that i’ve seen the build

  • You have alot of hard rock under you thats for sure no dirt like all rock

  • put it as an air bnb, make BANK

  • so cool i love it

  • That is a badass bunker! I am going to put one in my backyard next week! It is not going to be too expensive since we are dong most of the work ourselves.

  • Good. Your going to need that bunker soon.

  • to

  • You're a mad lad.

  • Perfect to hide a body

  • So where’s your sister dexter?

  • I remember this years ago.

  • In reality useless, its basically a tomb.

    • It’s useless as a bunker but it could be useful as like a guest room or a storage room if the house was sold