Upside down Garden Swing

Birt 13 ágú 2020
Turn your garden upside down haha.
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  • Its like a garden multitool lol. Like I said at the end of the video I’ve turned off Mid Roll ads on all my videos as I think its a bad experience so if you wanna support the channels subscribe become members or buy merch

    • I really like it that you commented the video of the Real Life Guys when they lost their sister!!!

    • You absolute legend! Next stop, colinfurzeshop!

    • Me sharing and video you to my friends

    • ME Indonesia

    • Hai tukang bengkel kamu di mana rumahmu aku di Indonesia

  • Only for ADULT! Right.

  • Plas make a rollercoaster

  • If youtube isn't paying you handsomely for this, they should feel bad.

  • Does commenting help?

  • I have ISchats Premium (The best Ad Blocker ;P) So I haven't noticed the weird ads ^~^

  • Just build a brake on it, safety first

  • Colin if you don't already you should get a patreon page for people who want to help you out with ideas and funding as you will be able to take your legendary content further

  • Is that all Tom lamb does is eat

  • if only we all had a dad like colin.

  • is water always blue in england??

  • Cool man

  • “See you next Tursdayyyy!”

  • i actually want that

  • I wish I had that in my garden.

  • This man's the modern day einstein

  • I would have liked the last 2 minutes to be talking to your neighbours to get their reaction!

  • The amount of spelling mistakes on this comment section annoys me.

  • OMG, what the neighbors must think...

  • "A cloin furze safety tie? You can only get them online!"- well you can also get them from digging in your own lawn

  • Build a road legal "Steam Locomotive Hot Rod" which can do 0-100 km/h / 0-60 mph in under 11 seconds ["bringing [it] up to eleven since 2006"]. *Steampunk* rulez!

  • Big red pull

  • I don’t want to be that guy because this thing is awesome and I’d want one too but like, isn’t that a little unsafe for a kid? And again I’m not going to be like *TAKE THAT DOWN NOOOOOOW* or whatever but I mean like with the swing with bearings he could easily just fall off the side an hit his head. Maybe like a back support or a trampoline/mattress under it? Idk lol but awesome video anyway!

  • I thought he made these videos a long time ago

  • He made the other swing just for a skit lmao

  • its going to be a nightmare selling this house in the future xD

  • Is the older bloke that turns up in videos colin's dad?

  • What if he hit the bunker lol

  • I am wondering if the neighbors are super pissed by Colin? Must be living next to a never closed construction site.

  • Imagine you’re just walking and you se this

  • I would love to be this guys neighbor!!! everyday would be a new sight right outside your kitchen window!! Great content!!

  • Colin your sons gotten so big since the bunker video

  • Insurance companies tremble at the sight of this man

  • Is this mr bean

  • I've never seen second Collen before that was funny

  • His kids are gonna die with all these gadgets that look super fun

  • That was pretty much awesome!!!

  • just him pushing the merch lol, i love it but I live in the U.S and I have to pay a fee to get merch shipped over, I'm sad, plus I'm broke so i couldn't pay for it anyway

  • at 5 mins 44 secs you can see that the leaves have been painted too

  • ❤️💙🧡💜🤎💖💛💚

  • 👍🤩👍🤩👍🤩

  • Yeah, but have you seen the new merch??

  • You must have great neighbours. It's never boring living in your street 👍.

  • new project idea for Colin (mutant Frankenstein combination of 2 previous ones)... remember the loud car exhaust... well I don't think his pulse jets are loud enough... how about a pulse-jet with a loud exhaust... could you hear that 10 miles away?... now there is a challenge... anyone else vote for that?

  • are you even allowed to sell your house

  • You should dredge your whole backyard for a misguided Gold search sleusing every square meter

  • Unknowing visitor, "why is your neighbour hanging upsidedown in his garden?" Neighbour "because Colin"

  • No adds aloud except my merch wat a legend love ur vids lad


  • c u next fursday

  • Did he say the mower runs off of spunk ?

  • I just came back to Collin how’s the bunker going

  • Totally agree on the ads, horrible user experience! Love your videos!

  • Best dad EVER! Plus... Never forget your safety tie!

  • Colin ... I have Adblock Plus for Chrome ... I never see an Ad on your channel. Or any channel on ISchats so long as I watch on my PC. So no worries on ISchats trying to get in the way. I know you don't make any money off of me, from those Ads shown ... but ... I'll support you in the only way I can manage at this point. Wow, you're such a nerd and I love it.

  • I can’t tell if second Colin is real or fake

  • How lucky Every one that lives next to Colin must be , get to see previews and see Colin just spinning round on a 360 swing

  • Colin, you are the most craziest genius on ISchats! 😵😜✌️😉😁

  • Idea: *make this a rocket swing 😁*

  • You’re the man. 💪🏼 ahahahahahahah lmao 🇮🇹

  • AT LAST, I KNOW! the crazy man is British!

  • Is this thing EN-1176 certified? haha.

  • Will the metal rust in the ground or is it stainless steel?

  • I did not know that colin had a twin brother

  • Can't wait to enjoy a cup of coffee in my Colin Furze mug. Thanks for the fun days learning and laughing during these times man. Me and my family appreciate it! 👍🏽 😎

  • God i hope his kid continues his legacy as a goddamn psychopath

  • Imagin ur in ur yard and u see a man flying through the air

  • Made a rollercoaster

  • Do a rollercoaster

  • This Guys neighbours must hate him

  • The excavator spraying hydraulic fluid everywhere 😂😂

  • This guy’s a crackhead and I love it

  • Yo you should put a harness for your kid so he can ride it 👍👍

  • Joy100 % Safety 0%...

  • great swing but i see possible rockets in the future hmmmm, ps corona virus is a hoax check out this crowd in England no masks no 6 feet

  • you are so crazy

  • How about you could make a Harry Potter wand or Jump shoes from Mario bros.

  • I love this guy he is so confident

  • I feel like the “digger spin-it” is gonna become a meme just like pp music



  • Problem sovled dont have a swing

  • Figure with all the money he gets from 10 million subs he buy a house with a much larger yard. Much less in the country. This yard he has is so tiny and so close to his neighbors. Hate to seem him accidently blow up or damaage thier houses with his pranks. He needs a real garage. Invest in yourself.

  • Colins you should build a swing set then put a jet on the back of it and it ticks so it has time to push then go back

  • 8:48 look at that normal swing in the background

  • Colin Furze and Gordon Ramsay celab make this happen!!! Like if you agree dislike if you don’t agree

  • This is a fucking awesome video. Another great one from my favourite ISchatsr

  • Colins neighbour: honey, Colins building a trench!

  • This guy sorta looks like Gordon Ramsey

  • 10 mins 21 seconds of uninterrupted Collin. This is great!

  • Hi

  • if that ever needs to be removed the people trying will be like wtf is this thing hooked to

  • Glad this times music was some straight up ska

  • 3:22 gayyyyyy

    • max sanj I didn’t mean it like that click 3:22

    • you still play fortnite whos the gay one

  • I mean like Colin furze went they so much effort to produce and advertise his merch. Might as well buy it

  • now thats safe

  • wonder what else colin furze can over engineer dishwasher or dryer is my guess

  • LoL, I think we've all abused the skateboard before. So useful :D

  • Neighbours: 'It's that peeping Tom next door again! He'll do anything to try to see what we're doing!'

  • did he just create a perpetual motion machine or am I mistaken-