SEMI AUTO POTATO CANNON for the Homemade Screw Tank

Birt 9 júl 2020
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If its going on my Screw Tank its got to be AWESOME.
See How I built it
Making the Screws
Chassis and drivetrain
and the land test
Water Test
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  • As soon as you said "You've got a lot going on here" my brain screamed "ARDUINO AND A DRIVER SHIELD!" Ahhh, Colin, you get me.

  • Where is Techno he needs to see this

  • Guys a genius

  • @mastermilosnelvuuraardapelkanon

  • bruh

  • Bravo, good job.

  • No one has ever been a good time in waiting until they get on their way to a new stadium in waiting for FR and pantages in the summer of the first season of stare forward to are in their new year's lineup

  • Good !!!!!!!!! Bery fun and pantages

  • Hi I know you won’t read this but I’m a big fan of your video’s

  • anh toàn những video bá đạo thôi em rất hâm mộ anh

  • One question can you make the potatoes flaming

  • World of Tanks and... Potato Launcher. Colin got a excellent taste of humor.

  • imagine playing airsoft with that! it would be an artillery

  • How do you keep up the energy...I think I get tired watching you...

  • Please build a melon luncher

  • Dude all I can say is I love it this is amazing I’ve made quite a few potato cannons this one takes the cake bro wouldn’t mind getting those plans off you

  • air would be a bit more efficient

  • your videos are awesome!! I really enjoy watching the potato gun stuff lol great job man!! you are a 1 of a kind!!

  • Pretty ballsy, building Killdozer 2.0 on ISchats.

  • e meglio se sparava palline da golf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please make a video's of how you made some stuf

  • Jesus Christ loves you God bless family

  • Once had a vision of building a potato shotgun with a similar design, this tops it by miles!

  • That is just a bit illegal

  • make the barrel before all the parts hinge so that its easy to realod and why not?

  • Make a boat for your dog.!!!!!

  • What a mad man. Awesome.

  • Colin has hands down the best music tastes

  • Сделай костюм ежа , чтоб когда на кнопку на груди нажимаешь , ты покрывался колючей бронёй

  • I'm pretty sure you could kill someone with that ngl even if you don't mean to

  • What if:The potato Sentry gun

  • If It can be semi automatic it can be fully automatic?

  • Next: Making a Nuke laucher for my swimming banana sub

  • when vegans go to war

  • There is a strong case for doing all of this with air, especially in a vehicle mounted application.

  • U build the first 60kg potato gun...yeeeahhhh...:/

  • This is like a autoloading mechanism that some tanks have!

  • Do full auto potato gun

  • me: mom, flying potatoes mom: wut???

  • I bet the police confiscated it, being that the uk has a zero gun policy

  • This mans learned electrical engineering in 1 week, mind blowing

  • good idea... now make it fully automatic, i dare you

  • Kind of looks like a panzer faust.

  • colins excitement is the most contagious thing ive ever seen

  • When you're British and you need a gun:

  • Up next, the potato mini gun

  • 54咕4河波44;場衽光尢.;;又限;8/兌帑狠系犬毛穿

  • Yesss. That's professional :)

  • Ww2 when America were fighting the Japanese they installed flamethrowers on the sherman tank

  • When SHTF, this man will emerge a leader.

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  • That thing could kill someone holy crap.

  • Dont start playing this game, its pay to win with millions of idiots online.

  • most entertaining to watch for those like me with ADD

  • Is this even legal? :o

  • what instrument do you play ? metal pipe

  • you should put the firework RPG on it that you made 4 yrs ago

  • You Sir are simply Mad! I like it!

  • Being an apple juicer is a huge plus.

  • drill vice how to make

  • Literal Junkrat

  • mans can make literally anything he wants

  • Did u try to put more solid bullet like marble

  • That is look mum no computer music.

  • who makes your music? it sounds like sams synth work

  • Ireland 101

  • 11:00 in Germany we would say:“Ich liebe es wenn ein Plan Funktioniert.“😁

  • Hey dump the little computer and make a cam and prox switch to run all your timing events !

  • IF YOU DID THIS IN CHINA ,YOU has been arrested

  • this mans the reals world Phineas and ferb 😂😎

  • 8:17. No! Just no. You could of still used simple discrete digital logic. And you didn't have to use the children's equivalent of c for programming an atmega328. In fact you should of used a pic microchip for compactness. Have you know brains Colin. I love your content but this part of your episode just goes down hill

  • I think this is my favorite video of yours. Such a cool design!

  • Colin i absolutely love what you do but christ your neighbours must despise you 😂

  • why patatos look like that

  • This man would save Britain in ww3

  • This dude is amazing

  • This man is dangerous, I repeat this man is dangerous..that's why I love his vids

  • I HAVE GOT AN IDEA. Why dont you make the cutting system like a dual action stilleto knife. So the you save time and fire it like a shotgun!?

  • We used lemons. Take a ring section of barrel to the grocers and select the lemons of correct calibre. Excellent gas seal. Fantastic range of about 400+ yards. Not a potato gun, but a Long Range Arboreal Emplacement Projector. For planting lemon groves on mountain tops

  • Ferb in the future

  • Try to make one what will drill under ground!!!

  • Mobile apple/potato firing, cider/potcheen making cannon.

  • Brilliant Colin, really enjoy your videos

  • Spud gun

  • 2:50 the handle with the red button in most torches has a regulator. At least here in the states, when I made a potato gun, I just removed the sparker in the torch head before attaching it to the expansion chamber

  • I would install a small heat resistant fan for the combustion chamber. It would create turbulence and improve the performance of the gun. This is used in internal combustion powered nail guns like Paslode.

  • pish PASH POSH! JOLLY GOOD! chip chap CHEERIO! I must say watching the machines machine things is quite relaxing

  • 8:17 got me rolling

  • I would love to see you make a plasma gun

  • “You don’t find flamethrowers on tanks” Churchill crocodile: am I a joke to you?

  • The Irish had been real silent after this.

  • call of plant: potato warfare

  • They did have Sherman tanks in WWII fitted with flamethrowers

  • Brilliant staff to shoot in Lukashenko's policemen)

  • Put this on a swivel on top of the tank

  • a genuine maplin fan... interesting

  • The nerd code had me in stitches.

  • Collin is like a kid with an engineering degree

  • How about turning it into a Gatling potato canon? :D It would load and spin the potatoes in front of the burner canon by canon!

  • Uk officials : all fully semiautomatic wepons banned colins furze : you did not say anything about potato guns