SEMI AUTO POTATO CANNON for the Homemade Screw Tank

Birt 9 júl 2020
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If its going on my Screw Tank its got to be AWESOME.
See How I built it
Making the Screws
Chassis and drivetrain
and the land test
Water Test
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  • What you have in your "garage" is the biggest playground 4 big kids I´ve ever seen.

  • Absolutely awesome!!! And it packs a good punch too. Times six... I simply adore it.

  • Indonesia

  • Colin Furze is indestructible by modern means...

  • If you are in Canada, you will be in jail. All semi auto will be illlegal

  • Where do u get all ur metal benders that bend metal at 90 degrees

  • In a cool and fun way tho

  • fun fact, there were tanks with flame thrower in ww2

  • Crazy brilliant ideas

  • This isnt semiautomatic it is fully automatic in a near pure sense. All you need now is motion sensors and voila.

  • Lol

  • what kind of drugs are involved in your daily life i was wondering xD !

  • Let's see it filled full of nails and glass..

  • *Heavy Irish breathing*

  • cool but like not semi auto

  • Can you post the blueprints for it? I would love to build one myself.

  • Oi yea got a license for that my son?

  • Bang give alok

  • Have you seen Ben dover?

  • Is that some LMNC at 10:45?

  • colin there was a tank that had a flame thrower it was a modified American Sherman tank in ww2 witch had a flamethrower instead of a cannon look it up

  • Colin, please note that this would be categorised as a Section 1 firearm here in the UK and possession without certification is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to 700% of your weekly income.

  • you are sponsored by world of tanks and why in the world i see on 3.42 freaking crosout adds?

  • Nice gun Colin!

  • All it needs now is a juice collector.

  • Почему он ведет себя как умственно неполноценный? Это кому- нравится???

  • I love it when Colin laughs like a mad man


  • A can version would be great.

  • This kinda reminds me to Scrap mechanic

  • Ok now your officialy my number one british "too much time"

  • I pity the poor science teacher at the school Colin's kids go to .... "JnrFurze, Are you sure your dad didn't help with your project ??" (whilst wheeling out a nuclear-powered ride-on attack lawn-mower ... fitted with laser-guided potato-cannons ) JnrFurze: "I helped."

  • This is what happens when you combine a madman with another madman idk where this is going colinfurze is a madman

  • I just want to know what that fan inside the chamber looks like. It is partially melted after multiple firings?

  • During WW2 one of your country men DID infact put flame throwers on a tank,along with several other things and I think called Hobarts Funnies.

    • Sorry forgot one,a floating tank,one called a flail,bobbin[laid down track for a firm path off the beach]one also carried a bundle of sticks to make a passable path through a ditch.

  • "Beryl. That's my mum!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Longest sponsorship ever

  • Huh? Of _course_ they put flame throwers on tanks!

  • i sowlyour woveren vid and i like them

  • Very interesting approach to the semi automatic system, I would have done it differently but its very interesting

  • you don't find flame throwers on tanks??? They were definitely made!!

  • I wish Colin was my dad. This is the main reason I want to be an engineer.

  • This brit is oddly obsessed with rock 'n' roll. Not the best choice of music, but I tolerate it.

  • air cannons and carefully designed gas combustion guns are no joke. Substitute old D cells for spud-plugs, propelled by nothing more than shop air, you can punch them through both sides of an old steel refrigerator, a car door, etc. Utterly destroys cinder blocks. Sure, it's a bit more bulky and longer than a Barrett, but if you find yourself living in a Mad Max movie... air guns are no joke. :|

  • Bending under the strain? Dear, dear colin, I think you mean stress.

  • Oi you got a license fo' that?

  • 4:36 Is that a Jojo reference?

    • Oi, Jotaro, are you gonna eat that cherry?

  • Replace the potato/apple with a ball shaped grenade lol

  • 0:50 Colin there was Corocdile on WWII tank called M4 Sherman the Crocodile

  • Hate to be a stickler about this (actually.... no I don't, who am I kidding?), but this isn't a semi-automatic anything. Semi-automatic means the force generated from firing the projectile fully cycles the mechanics of the weapon and prepares it for firing again with no additional force or inputs aside from manipulating the trigger. What you have here is an Autoloader, or auto-loading cannon. Still cool, but definitely not semi-automatic.


  • Есть тут русские?

  • Typical furze making a illegal weapon but glad it's finally been made legal

  • A friend of mine runs a farm brewery in Ireland where they use an archimedes screw in their river that powers the brewery electrically. You'd love them, look up Canvas brewing.

  • California's wildfires: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • The Churchill tanks had flamethrowers mounted on them for burning out trenches. Also how do you get started learning this stuff just research and messing around????

  • Fucking love this man😂😂

  • Next time please make an iron man helmet. from Kenya btw

  • 8:11 the part you all came here to see...

  • We need a full auto version

  • The music in you videos are awesome...

  • This is some fallout 5 shit

  • I won't be at all surprised if Colin gets a visit from the Firearms department, they will want to inspect that.

  • its amazing he builds this crazy stuff even though i like the hacksmith better he does not even have the resources that the hacksmith has thats impresive

  • Shoutout to look mum no computer

  • where did the potato go on 3:33

  • travistritt

  • They used to put flamethrowers on tanks but they have never had a potato gun.

  • This is a scary scary man

  • That packs a punch

  • Does it need WiFi?

  • Does it need WiFi?

  • Yup I'm going to one up you know and make a small bore potato autocannon


  • I love how he was talking about this gun on car throttle pod cast. He said it turns out to be INCREDIBLY illegal and he had to get a firearms license for it!

    • I thought it might have been this one haha!

  • Your very talented but obviously completely nuts lol but interesting to watch 🤣 keep up the good work 👍

  • Challenge: Can anyone Time-Stamp and name every tool and gadget he used?

  • you should make one with a smaller barrel to core apples

  • Lovely sound effects 0:58

  • Brick lane Hall Hello Hello Finally count Sensei Helen Raye milk/chocolate/79 ounces Your welcome Steve Quinn Adrian

  • Fun fact this is highly illegal in the uk lol

  • Rip the illegal unit

  • tanks did have flame throwers

  • Who else watches all of these and thinks there amazing but has never thought about actually doing it coz ur brain isn’t skilled enough to build it? Nope, just me?…………………


  • I thought I should be frightened of south korea but nope iam wrong

  • Somebody 5 miles away just got hit in the head with a cyclinder potato

  • Another awesome build me and my son (he's 5) sit and watch, he nw asks to watch your videos 😂

  • a spud gun ?

  • use frozen apples

  • Give a man a metal sheet, he'll sell it Give colin a metal sheet he'll create a potato launcher

  • Do a fireworks launcher for the screw tank

  • this is fabulous

  • Put a heavy projectile in it

  • Man your awesome your like the real life Tony Stark. Love the Chanel love the Inventions. Brilliant! absolutely brilliant.

  • the code for world of tanks is fine and dandy, but i have one question-do i get a Colin Furze screw tank w/semi-auto potato launcher for the game? also, concerning the Irish (if they were the opposition), would your new piece of artillery be a blessing or a curse?? a distractor or destroyer?

    • your workshop is wondrous!!!!!!! i've made many potato guns in my life, but this! this is, i believe, the absolute pinnacle of potato cannons!!!!!! i thought i was brilliant the first time i mounted a radial lantern lighter out the side of the combustion chamber. i now retire to wallow in my shame.

    • also, yes they do have flamethrowers on tanks. Waco Texas...the branch davidians and david koresh discovered this, the hard way unfortunately. however, i'm not too sure if they are artillery rounds or a separate, specialized weapon.

  • You never put it on the tank

  • I'm really just tryna catch his vibe watching these he happy as hell


  • Colin, what laser are you using to cut plexiglass? I am wondering if this is something affordable for a mere mortal human being ;)