20,000 Watt Electric Drift Trike

Birt 25 apr 2019
The Formula E inspired sideways spinning machine in all its glory.
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  • There links to the parts on my website here www.colinfurze.com/electric-drift-trike.html but what else shall we make electric power as with different batteries we got between 15-30bhp out this motor. Also I'll be at Makers central in Birmingham with this on the 11th n 12th of May. Cheers to Formula E, the races are very unpredictable.

    • Hi Colin, my name is Francesc, since I found you on ISchats I can't stop watching all your videos, you're a genius. I would like to have a drift trike but I don't have the time or the tools. I was wondering if you could make it for me, paying of course. I suppose you will receive 1000 emails and you will not answer but I have to try. Greetings and keep it up

    • Hi Colin, my name is Francesc, since I found you on ISchats I can't stop watching all your videos, you're a genius. I would like to have a drift trike but I don't have the time or the tools. I was wondering if you could make it for me, paying of course. I suppose you will receive 1000 emails and you will not answer but I have to try. Greetings and keep it up

    • @colinfurze You should make a high-speed, electric tractor, with an electric ignition firework launcher.

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    • How long do the batteries last?

  • So damn jealous of your tools dude, I move from USA to Philippines a few years back and have not even scratched the surface of the tools i left behind. Have to have the right tools to make a pro looking/functioning fab. Nice work by the way!

  • 3:28 Imagine you are racing down the track and you see a crackhead surpass you with a trike

  • So what was the total cost of this build?

  • electric pulsejet... oh wait

  • I can see BBC Health & Safety people freaking out right now! LOL!!!

  • Formula Furze! What a hoot!!!

  • So you can make a drift TRIKE... what about a drift BIKE?

  • You have to put better wheels on that trike and then achieve top speeds!

  • Can you and the Hacksmith get together and build a power armor from Fallout?

  • Background music is on point!!

  • How fast does it go without the wheels slippingand drifting... that is the question

  • I love the seat of the bike!! Very well done!! I take notes for my self!! Thanks bro!!

  • I wana see the speed on that without the skid tires

  • 5:07 He turned into a Minecraft witch

  • If this guy really loves his life he should stop. I fear for his life.

  • idk why but he gives me gordon ramsay vibes

  • Сука колин

  • could you make an electric gaming chair? love the vids.

  • Formula E can get stuffed. It's missing what is arguably the most important part of formula 1 from a spectators perspective: the sound. Will never watch it, throw the cars in the bin.

  • Drifting with plastic tires lol

  • If you had enough power left for it you should have added a floodlight or 2 on the front, just incase you need to go to the shop at night... It is Xmas time so it gets dark early.....

  • God, I love this.

  • use some high tech batteries that the hacksmith used for there cyber truck

  • I suddenly want to see want to see E-drift trike racing as a thing

  • You should add a small set of wheels on back of the seat at top. So you can wheel it around elevators and such :-) maybe sturdy enough for wheelies? Food for thought ...great job btw. J

  • Tuk Tuk.

  • electrify next? a Dalek :)

  • you know the same thing happened to my wheel when i was bombing a hill on my pedal drift trike. (keep in mind i have a 10 pound weight on the front and a 20 pound on the back) and as i was mobbing down the hill i feel a thump and look to my left and my pvc pipe is literally in tiny tiny pieces.

  • Power slide not drift but still im not a hater though. Love your vids

  • Imagine going on a walk and seeing a grown man ride past you on an electric tricycle.

  • Wish my dad could bulit things like that

  • Dear Mister Furze, Like the video a lot and was already wondering when you started to put together an epic electric build. Ive got a big ass brick of a volvo 245 from '76 wich was suposed to come with a V8 to compete with the american market. Only oil crisis hit the world at that time and they put in a straight 4, so thats half of wat it should have had. I was wondering wat might happen when you put in the power what it should have came with only without the V8 engine. The bay is super big so whenever i do my maintence i can litterly stand in the engine bay itself. You can't have it unfortunatly beceause its an family item but if you would like to borrow it and do something furzey with it be my guest. Hope to hear from you, Sebastiaan

  • Is this Burghley estate hahah?! I live literally opposite the town entrance. Are you from around these parts?

  • Esse cara é foda kkkk


  • Imagine he did this with wheels that actually have grip

  • If you are running it at half of max voltage and half of max current that would be a 1/4 of max power... But at that point the wheels would spin on the spot probably.

  • Colin we wanna see you make one but reaching 100mhp

  • It it doesn't drift , it will probably go faster

  • Man absolutely f..... outstanding!!! what's that table you have cutting out the mounting brackets may I ask? Also would awesome to use this setup on say maybe a small boat like a john boat 16 ft. swap the outboard powerhead out and put a similar setup in! Your a lucky b...... lol! Keep it up may I also ask do you have an engineering background by any chance you seem to have your ducks lined up nicely lol!

  • Hey make a monowheel

  • I would actually buy this 👍🏼

  • is that mph!???

  • This guy is amazing. And he reminds me of Alexander Delarge.

    • @Nico Valenti Gatto and little bit gordon ramsey

    • @kolektif Oh you're right, him too.

    • he reminds me ewan mcgregor

  • Wonder how fast your lap time would be without the PVC on the wheels

  • 1:04 If this was a cartoon show, that lady would be spinning for at least 1 minute straight.

  • I would rather buy an electric car from Colin than elon

  • What if you built something with for those Motors in it

  • almost 3k€ for this motor, good luck

  • Instant torque on a drift trike... MAGNIFICENT

  • Alright you are now my favorite person to watch on ISchats! Love this stuff.

  • Great, great project!!!

  • What an adrenaline rush🤘🤘

  • Haha i thought it was in kph not mph thats alot faster than i thought.

  • what he really needs to do is put that motor in a Barbie car full send limited mods

  • hey colin what could you all do with some vesc speed controlers?

  • Emagine a off road trike 😂

  • Electronic surfboard or a souped up electric wheel chair

  • Going 50+ MPH without a helmet or even arm coverings... :-| You come off that thing you're going to end up smeared on the runway. But controlling that thing around that track like a boss? I don't think it should be underestimated how easy you make that look!

  • electric pitchfork launcher!!

  • Now put UZI's & AK47's on it and I'm sold.

  • ta perfeito mas eu manteria o pedal frontal para perfeição EU QUEROOOOOO

  • desde 5 anos de idade quando ainda era um bebê que ele planejou ter esse triciclo kkk

  • Мужик, ты просто СУМАСШЕДШИЙ!!! В хорошем смысле этого слова...

  • This dude is nucking futs!

  • Question: How long do the batteries last? Also make this a market product (i would buy this)

  • Awesome ! it's a good thing they didn't have these when i was a pre teen back in the fifties . i would not be writing this if they did. We use to try and kill our selves by making coaster carts without brakes . Stopping involved closing the eyes and praying . 🤪

  • Man please use helmet, your brain is verry important mate

  • 4:13 the guy on the phone: We need to invest in this guy, no matter the cost, do you understand!!

  • 4:15 Police officer: Pulls over for texting while driving Colinfurze: but I wasn’t driving so it’s perfectly legal Police officer: well yes but actually no

  • Make a full size electric car

  • this dude make tesla like a joke lol

  • Thank can't be safe ... and no helmet, you're nuts ... in somewhat of a good way lol

  • I made this but made it be a 4 seater and it isn't ment to drift and I beefed it up

  • what about your go-cart with no wielder, and the lems200 x2 motor?

  • How Long does the Batterie hold ?

  • Collin I have made a motorbike and can’t find anywhere to dive it do you recommend any places


  • That looks so fn fun!!!

  • When u put the drifting things that is around the wheels of it should go faster

  • Can you gives me this😢😢

  • 4:11 Felipe Massa

  • Electric go karts

  • Take the plastic covers off

  • والله اسطورة نفسي اسوي زيك برجى الرد

  • I want to know how fast this thing goes full power on the actual tires

  • dddddddddddddddd

  • I'm wandering what if you just put normal back wheels on that? It would be insanely quick 😉

  • Hi, do you have this trike on sale. If You have it, how much are you asking for it. I'm staring to fallowing you and i am now a fan of you. I am from México and my respect to you, an awesome engineer if i may Say to me you are the best engineer. Tanks yo show us all your increíble work, you have all my respect. My email is btokorn@gmail.com or also humberto.montemayor@guanajuato.gob.mx is an honor to see all your work tanks.

  • What was the build cost without the initial mistakes?

  • Engineer + rock n roll = Colin Furze

  • “Safety? What’s that?”

  • Ha, my answer :) ischats.info/fun/laxwkneedmlnlIA/v-deo

  • Can i have one?....... please?

  • I've never has this in my life. I hope it happens one day,hope . I am so sorry my bad english

  • I just imagine Colin having a conversation with his brain that goes something like Colin: I’m gonna make a 50 mph drift trike Colin’s brain: I’ll it have brakes? Colin: brakes slow you down and make it less fun Colin’s brain: but what if you hit a wall? Colin: wall schmall look at me gooooooo!

  • so hes rocking 48v batteries. If hes really pushing 20 kw then that means he's pulling 416 amps. Even If Im generous and use the full charge voltage of 54.6v thats still 366 amps. I guaran-fuckin-tee you he is not pulling 366 amps. He's using 4 12v Rc batteries in series to give him 48 bolts and 5 ah. Those RC batteries are good for about 20c current pull. So 100 amps. He is not pulling 60-70c current, those batteries would explode.

  • Are ther a version of this amazing drifting bike fore sale? 😻

  • you should do a top speed test without the drift sleeve