The Triple Bath (with slide yo)

Birt 10 sep 2020
So I built my Kids invention idea............cheers dad.
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  • Can i get my child to be the next crazy inventer on the internet hehe, well first i thought i'd bring one of his ideas to life and hope this spurs him on. Was funny making it with him and getting him to weld, if you have kids get them to weld to its much easier lol. Thanks to Kids invent stuff go give them a subscribe as there only small. See you in the next one as the TANK IS NEARLY READY

    • HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MR. FURZE!!! Your channel has inspired me to do so many fun, crazy, and epic projects, though not half as successful as you. Thank you for doing this and have a wonderful birthday!

    • ZorLoX 09 shut it


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    • SDRU

  • do you live in alabama or something?? who baths with their kids?? *bruh*

  • This has to be the most wholesome Colin Furze video ever.

  • Husband material

  • Not got the interest of army security services yet?

  • the start is really funny

  • Make a roller coaster pls

  • your so cool

  • An big tv

  • انا معرفش مين شاف الكومنت دة😍 يارب تنام وتصحي فرحان 😀🌻❤ بالي تعمل لايك واشتراك في قناتي 💙

  • should I be happy that this kid has all this stuff or be sad that it's all branded?

  • " Are you ready to prank your dad?" "Yeah" Proceeds to almost set dad on fire

  • your letting that fricking kid WELD?!?!?!?!

  • When I'm older I want to do this with my kids, I wish I could have made things like this with my dad.

  • The child: you know I’m something of a Colin myself

  • Is there anything you cant do? 😂

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid use a welder before

  • *can we just all agree that this video is super wholesome-*

  • the dudes a bloody legend. he can flipping weld at age 8. dats so cool

  • If I could pick one person to customize my motorcycle, I’ll pick Colin for sure!

  • Nice litle worker

  • Even if that is safe, my anxiety is still trough the bloody roof. You can't get me to go to the top bunk even if it's a million dollars.

  • в помойку, хотя нет ,все равно в помойку

  • i hope yu'd make a free energy video like those of the Indians it would be beneficial to mankind if you succeed. most of what you did couldn't really be use by a regular human like that 600cc RIP TIRE.

  • Can we just talk about Colin furzes kid for sec he’s just so lucky to have a such an awesome and such a creative dad

  • Colin please try the prosthetic sword arms from Dororo

  • add

  • ได้พ่อแบบนี้แม้งโคตร​โชคดี​

  • ultra stupid

  • Colin and his son are so bloody wholesome.

  • Osha is typing

  • Minifurse is the only person younger than me that I trust with Welding

  • He stole a child

  • Jeez, your boy can weld better than me and I'm 30 haha

  • the other kids : buy hot wheels, new bike, new scooters . colin jr : ride his dad turbine powered scooters, drive the screw tanks

  • I haven't been getting notifications for your past like 10 videos so I thought u took a break but I'm glad to see your still making videos

  • you are cool dad

  • can this even fit in your bathroom??

  • Best dad ever

  • Nice!...

  • Y don't u make a minicopter

  • I wish I had a dad like that and not a alchaholic

  • That poor mother Jk I’m sure that Collin is a good parent

  • The

  • Typical dad. Makes sommat for the kids...daddy wants to have some fun

  • The Kid can Weld better then my mates. ( nice)

  • thats how u do it

  • 5:26 Colin looking like a 40 year old dad

  • Crazy I remember watching this guy as a kid, now he has kids lol

  • Good job Kid

  • Cool

  • Are you mairred

  • This is such joy

  • Okay I got ma "sketch" hea

  • r/MAdlads

  • we need The Triple pool

  • This made me happy

  • World’s greatest father lmao

  • It's all fun and games till the bathtub falls on his head

  • Colin in calm voice: me baths on fire

  • "This is easier getting him to do all the work" "OY!" True british heritage

  • Привет я русский

  • Quarantine does take its toll.

  • U should have made it 4 baths high for Tom lamb

  • The best video ever

  • "Used to be a plumber" So... Now we know what Home Improvement was inspired by somehow...

  • Smartest person i ever saw so he could make a rail gun and sell it to the army or area 51 for exactky 19.3mill

  • 1:24 now that's propper good stuff, His son welding instead of playing video games.

  • he looks like gordon ramsay

  • Of course the bathtub has a flame thrower

  • howd you put a flamethrower in a bathtub?

  • 10 dad points easy!

  • Father Furze, that is what im calling colin now

  • Maybe hang safety netting between the third and second bath? Mini Furze looked a little unstable when he started playing with the bubbles

  • daddy wants to play............

  • This kid by 2028 will be such an expert with any and every type of tool and mechanical/hydraulical and electrical stuff he might surpass the genius of Colin himself, he's welding at age 8 holy fck

  • He must love you as a dad omg that would be amazing

  • is no one gonna notice the fact that his son's welds are actually good?

  • Only Colin could build a bath that catches fire.

  • Use PEX way faster.

  • What do you do with all the stuff you make? I'm picturing some scapyard that doubles as the worlds weirdest/most dangerous theme park.

  • The kid can already weld talk about advanced

  • Best dad of the year award goes to :

  • *Spits tee* YOU ARE 40 ?! You look 20ish . Man, that's some good skincare routine.


  • Yuh çuş oha

  • I wish you were my dad

  • colins son is gonna be as crazy as he is

  • i can tell his son will take this channel and make stuff like him one day

  • Looks so fun! Please adopt me Colin so I can do those great projects with you! BTW I'm over 40... that won't be problematic will it? Cheers

  • Child Labour in action

  • His identity has been one and only his same shirt🤣🤣🤣

  • 100% jealous of those welds that kid did.

  • Hey pal can you make a grappling hook gun that you can grab onto something and go up

  • This is just another normal thing In 2020

  • make a car

  • this video for some weird reason made me want to go watch harry potter

  • Always remember, kids: Safety Third!

  • hey, try to add a crumpet maker to go with the tea maker

  • Now I want this