Ultimate Hiding Hacks #1 Mystery Door

Birt 15 ágú 2019
Walkers challenged me to create the ultimate hiding places with some tips from Ex detective Peter Bleksley.
This video is supported and sponsored by Walkers
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  • Taking hiding crisps to another level..........stay tuned for more hiding inventions. So where do/would you hide them........or anything for that.

    • The mi6 need you

    • @danny wilcock p

    • Build a really solid shed (look on colinfurze channel for video) (sponsored by jackgta5 and shed of the year) and place all of the crisps in it and put a furze style security alarm inside it and lock it up so nobody can get them. LOL

    • Could you make a life sized or medium mother ship?

    • In tv

  • “The ultimate off brand”

  • Bad thing is, what if u have a dog and it sniffs it out

  • the next people to buy the house are gonna find 50yr old crips in there

  • Crisps sir would you like some crisps sir

  • Nice

  • Lol

  • It’s been a yeah. I wonder if he uses these still

  • Hello and I Thank you For helping solve this problem. ^-^

  • I'm not sure why the pivoting section of the door wasn't the first consideration. It's further out of sight if accessed and by in large no one is likely to investigate that facet of a door except to work or remove the hinges. I wonder if a ridged panel could be set up and have another hinged backing, letting the door clam shell open with a discrete seam. Some insulated and exterior doors have a central seam. Trouble would be attaching the larger door hinge so it was still functional, structurally sound and seemingly normal.

  • Not a secret

  • Drug dealer: Hmmmmmmmm.....good one

  • At one point hes going to forget about it and then discover it again and be totaly shocked

  • #colinfulize

  • The funny thing about making all these secret hiding places is that now they’re not secret anymore all his kids have to do is watch his video lol.

  • This is what I need stop my big brother

  • Wow it's already been a year

  • I now have zero doubts that Colin could be a professional criminal if he wanted

  • Colinfurze: hell ya FBI: I want chrisp’s Colin: hehe

  • To bad for you.. im a kid heheheeee

  • Crisps are the most British thing I have ever heard of

  • Wait... did he mention an epidemic 1 year ago in augest?

  • You can hide drugs in there

  • Not so secret anymore, what if your kids see this vid?

  • Love your channel. Have build some crazy inventions myself. I built a front loader attachment out of radiators welded to make the bucket, scaffolding and the hydraulics from the tail lift of an old van. Bolted to the front of an old airforce Land Rover. I build this because, I had a barn at stables, and when I wasn’t there, the muck would be dumped and would spread and I couldn’t get to the barn. As the bucket would raise, it would stay level, which made a really handy device for working overhead. 1 bucket was 14 wheelbarrows. Much respect Colin

  • What you’ve actually built is a “slick” used by Mossad to hide passports / documents, in hotels. Obviously not as sophisticated as yours. These open from the top

  • Of course they are useless now as you have shown everybody where they are.

  • Taking hiding crisps to another level..........stay tuned for more hiding inventions. So where do/would you hide them........or anything for that.

  • Taking hiding crisps to another level..........stay tuned for more hiding inventions. So where do/would you hide them........or anything for that.

  • Thank you for showing me how to hide a gun or drugs

  • Kid watching here;)

  • Gp-5 gasmask under the stairs

  • ok

  • He said country wide epidemic He predicted the future

  • Good hacks for hiding drugs

  • Maybe they did hide it in the doors and he just never ever found them. So how would he know if they did or not?

  • The detective's packet looks soo fake and weird. (look on top of it)

  • me watching this in 2020: this is a good idea, I need to hide my Oreos from my siblings

  • Mum, can we get some snacks? Mum: "no, we have snacks at home" the snacks at home....

  • Finally! I can put my compact Meth Lab somewhere and get high ::))

  • Isnt your kid going to watch this video

  • Cool...👍Hiding chips I watch this channel Every Night and sunset😁 like the video

  • Didnt expect a footballer

  • Fill it with mdma tabs 😂 ♥

  • British viewers: I f***ing love wotsits American viewers: the hells a wotsit

  • I could imagine forgetting about them and then when you (if) take the house down to build a new one there's just random chips in the door and you're like... "Oooohhhhhhhhh..."

  • Collin is just another version of Micheal reaves 😆

  • Next is a door inside a door inside a door

  • Or just buy a safe?

  • So did lays copy walkers or did walkers copy lays?

    • Never mind they're the same company

  • Ahora ya sé cómo esconder drogas

  • Can you plsss make a door inside a door inside a door until the max that you can put

  • Look for seams

  • Or hide cash

  • Then if you forget about some sweets , next time u remember you'll find roaches

  • Do your kids watch your videos because if they do they now your secret🤫

  • Anyone else never heard of wotsits

  • Who doesn’t like watsets

  • 2,5 million drug delers have seen the vidon so far..

  • Colin wants to hide crisps form his mates *posts it on ISchats for 2.5 million people to see it and find it*

  • Well. Now the kids know

  • Ingenious

  • They need to make these in America I want to try them so bad

  • When his kids watch this it’s pointless

  • Anyone else in the USA and thinking that the crisps he is using are the same as cheetos?

  • All those tools and Colin pulls out a hand saw 🤣

  • Have you ever heard of a safe lol

  • Didn’t David Jason meet him?

  • You videos ist GOOD!

  • ThAnkS NoW thE fBi WoN't FinD My DruGS

  • I would be using it to hide guns

  • It was good right up till that wanker, piece of shit lineker appeared.

  • Som guy : wait i explain Some other dude you only dot 3day in jail I got 2 months Som at her guy 2 months I got 2 years Colinfuze : wait you guys are getting arrested?

  • Could also be a drug compartment

  • This dude on another level, cRiSp siR.

  • Anyone else notice the super meat crisp packet? It’s the kind they use in ads, to make the pack look perfect

    • Shane Threlfall yeah it’s like they have been cut but it’s still to tall even if they have

    • Edward Pugh It’s the same with the Haribo ads, they show a packet that’s open perfectly with no tears down the side, you can’t open them the way they do on the ads

    • I was looking for this comment

  • An good place to forget something

  • Posting it on ISchats defeats the purpose of hiding it lmao

  • wtf, walkers? in my country these crisps are called lays

    • jarzyn I believe that walkers own lays or vice versa, but here in uk we call them walkers

  • Is this vid sponsored by walkers (lays)?

  • Umm you know it i know it we all know it its just fake fucking lays

    • It's walkers, lays are just a knock off

  • Why do those chips look like the types of chips TV shows would make up since they can't use Lays.

    • @Joe Hartley Lays is a Canadian crisps company but in the UK it's called Walkers.

    • What are lays

  • Mexicans have tunnels full of chips

  • How has this video been a year old !!!!!

  • So the walkers brand is the British brand of lays the logos look exactly the same

  • Drug dealers: thank you Colin !

  • My parents just lock them up in a safe

  • Don’t you think people will notice the weight?

  • Was that an off brand of lays

  • Off brand version of LAYS CHIPS

    • They are same brand but different name in uk

  • Yeah... you uploaded the vid now it’s not so secret...

  • Colin’s kid watches the video, uh oh 😨

  • What’s your home land

  • The original is cald lay's

  • has everyone ignored the fact colin makes the best adverts ever!!

  • When you buy lays from wish

    • It’s the same brand but in uk

  • They copied the lays logo

    • It’s the same brand but in uk

  • Omg sick

  • His friends watching this like 👁👄👁

  • Anybody else more interested in the taste of the chips