TurboJet Scooter Build #2-Oil/Fuel/Test Fire

Birt 4 okt 2018
With the Oil system and fuel system added lets start her up and see where we are at!!!!
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Thanks to fastturbo.co.uk for the BIG TURBO and making the next video AWSEOME.
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  • The Project continues as we have MASSIVE TURBO, thanks to fast turbo, this isn't a sponsored video they just got excited and wanted to help and got me out the hole I was in haha. Subscribe,notes on as you don't want to miss the next part.

    • I guess am late to the party but honestly Colin @colinfurze I strongly think you need to trademark your inventions and sell them on large scale. Eg The scooter you made for your kid will be a big seller in Africa 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 and PS that’s a Ghana flag google it😂😂

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    • That's awesome bro. I wish you the best on your life adventure. May you bro g joy to millions

    • I wonder how fast you could make my 1lt AX go lol anyway fantastic video's you mad professor.

    • @Achronic Deth No. 1 bar is atmospheric pressure. It changes with altitude realative to sea level. PSI is constant.

  • アフターファイヤつけたいなw

  • Hey, have a 100mm turbo im building a "jet" for a shopping trolley with. Had a friend make the flame tube but he messed up something and there is like 150/170mm2 hole area. Someone have an explanation to how this will effect the burning happening, first I thought it will probably be good enough. But that thing will be a beast to get spinning until it can sustain itself.. For now i have a 70mm running just fine and that has a much smaller combustor than the one in this video. And it starts real easy, if you accidentally overfuel it a bit it has enough thrust to tip itself over, granted it is a bit top heavy but its for making noise and looking good only. So well, what makes a good combustor? Small holes high speed air or big holes low speed air? Just made the fuel system for the afterburner on the shopping cart today..

  • This guy is gonna make the next fastest supercar in the world

  • Please hook this up to a generator and tell me how much kW/hrs come out the end? :)

  • This dude is fckn great fabricator

  • 9:05 . . . . Subscribed

  • My built a taco-22 minibike frame around a big block chevy. I have pics and it looks liken hes riding a badass engine with handle-bars. would love to see you do something similar

  • I have been watching your channel for 2 years now and I just subbed! 😂

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  • god bless your pinkie

  • What gallons per hour (gph) rating was your pump you used for the oil system? I am trying to build my own turbojet but the pump that are like 330gph are so expensive. Do you think I could get away with a 10 gph diesel pump. Thanks

  • 10:01 me on my way to install my turbo as a bday gift from my mum like....

  • When the jet fell off, who other than me wanted Colin to say "whatcha fell over for!?"

  • That project for the cut off piece is the knife belt wich came out as a too too

  • Great to see that people can still make great stuff in the shed. Just like the old times.

  • This video should be called how to murder a turbo

  • Pumpiness?? lol love it you should have your own department . I along with the furze army would enroll :-)

  • If people call u dumb I don’t wanna know what I am

  • For me theres a war thunder ad after your shed nearly blows up 😂

  • Whats so good about this channel is, you can watch Colin's lunacy from the safety of your armchair.

  • Please why it needs pressurised oil.

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  • Bro u are very skilled.

  • Unico italiano?

  • Hristiyan fuck you

  • The new turbo is off a 24 or 12 valve Cummins

  • Dobry kanał. Aż dziwne, że angol taki sprytny i robotny ;)

  • Ngl his choice of music is always amazing

  • Your projects are brilliant

  • Everyone: ISchats: Lets recommend part 2!!

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  • Welding on the scooter with the propane attached, spooky collin.

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  • Just realized that at 6:31 my name is in the video Ali

  • Afterburner!!

  • Alguém do Brasil. Querendo fazer isso 😍😍

  • This guy is a genius and is mental at the same time. We need more people like this I the world. He brings me a lot of joy watching his videos

  • nice gloves!

  • Just don't cook yourself up mate.

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  • Dudes a genius

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  • I just love how you often hump the air around you. Dominate it you wild man.

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  • This dude is genius they should offer those scooters on Amazon by Amazon great desighn! Nothing like rocketing to work or school n getting hot fresh jet delivery pizza still warm

  • “I’ve made a bigger one!”

  • What oil are you using may i ask

  • The shed birthplace of the worlds most important inventions....

  • 2:03 singer: cause I only **has a stroke** when I’m bored

  • You setting fire to it

  • Colin is probably the coolest man in the world

  • His glove reminds me of my high school shirts after 6 months in the welders shop class

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  • It's a motorbike with no seat

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  • Colin furze is basically British tony stark

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  • "Yiieeesss!" 1 second later "Aww"

  • Colin Furze, I'll buy u 366 ties & send them to u, one for every day of the year & one for leap year day if u build me a badass electric bike, rechargeable electric bike that is 👍👌 ,

  • If only I had all of these tools and materials, I would be in isaacs heaven.

  • Compromise the turbine, will not long last, ,,,,,,,!!!!!

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  • Never a dull moment with Colin Furze, you are Amazing Colin! Best ISchats Videos I've ever watched, love it!!!

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  • Colin, to maintain pressure, I recommend using as little 90 degree turns as possible.

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    • Nah. He doing that all the time.

  • Am i the only one that hates the music but at the same time thinks it makes the video better

  • Colin: Tig welds next to plastic oil line-no problem. Me: Tig welds in basement, truck outside in driveway develops oil leak in pressure gauge line !

  • okay but braincoats are fire

  • You literally broke the tip of your finger off!

  • google fast turbo in corby and give them a 5 star review, for Colin

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  • NASA should hire this guy because he would make a HOMEMADE MARS EXPLORATION SPACESHIP!

  • 5:35 That fan in the background is exactly the one I have just with a different plug

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