Birt 23 des 2020
Real leather and a fitted stereo, not machine washable I'm afraid.
Check out the 2020 ISchats Makers Secret Santa videos here in this playlist.
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Look Mum No Computer
This Old Tony
Tracks One and Two are by "Look Mum No Computer" and were instrumental versions of songs called "Are you Feeling This" and "Stormy Weather"
Track 3 (what the coat Plays) is called "See You Next Furzeday" by "Plot 32"
Track 4 is called "Why Cant I get you out my Head" by "Rock Cake"
In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to as all music on this channel is from viewers
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  • IT'S Makers secret Santa Time with 8 Amazing Channels, check out all the videos here What other MAKER channels you want to see next year......go tell them to get onboard

    • Hello Collin I was wondering if you could do a video of how to replace a motor on rc digger and Mack it all a lot more powerful mine has a wired up remote ie it is attached to the digger and I would like it not to be wired to it so can you show me how to on a video thank you

    • As soon as i saw this i suddenly remember step up 3D

    • I want to see my maker channel😁😉

    • Nice to meet you. I love your videos and watch them all the time. I am Japanese. I want to make everyone aware of your existence in Japan. Can I add Japanese subtitles to the video and publish it on ISchats? Of course, we will also guide you to links to your videos and subscribe to our channels. I hope you can do a wider range of activities.

    • Remember the cat o matic

  • I recongize those hands those are this ol tonys hands

  • Can you please build the worlds biggest bass speaker

  • Finaly funny inventor

  • Capo capo 👏👌👌👍😆

  • Please have Turkish subtitles in the videos.

  • DANG IT! I was so hoping that this coat had something to do with smuggling fish. :-( Oh well. At least, play Swedemason's Masterchef Synthesia (The Buttery Biscuit Base/Bass)

  • well i sounded away

  • Good thing you aren’t planning on flying anywhere anytime soon

  • Can you make a water proof high tension acoustic guitar that can be played underwater/in the bathtub, and sounds awesome? And then send it to me. Or any underwater stringed instrument you can think of. I wanna make music in the bathtub. Sweet, sweet music.

  • So can I get a Furze stanped coaster?

  • So is this the coat big band wears

  • I really want you to stsrt vloging

  • can you make a real x wing

  • Try to create attack on titan weapon!

  • Ngl, when he said “this is a 75 pound budged” I though he meant by weight for a sec, but no he means money wise, lmao

  • Can you make Republic barc speeder from Star Wars?

  • Thumb: "Welcome stranger"

  • Perhaps c4 vest next? Just joking love your content

  • Please Bring Back Furzes Invention Show I think with all what’s happening that would brighten things up

  • my guy has 10 mil and is still using a iphone 5 R.I.P

  • Давай по новой

  • Aw man I made the woofer shorts but he beat me to the speaker coat XD

  • You have pretty cool name

  • Gotta flush that toilet paper, man.

  • My dad said hello to you in stamford

  • My god, there are Bluetooth speakers dude....

  • U should build a flying machine using lifter tech ion wind but one u can actually sit in would b awsome

  • He'll get stopped by the coppers for not having a speaker coat wearing license.

  • The 2 left handed man😂

  • Can you make zombie apologies for ready only

  • Awesome 👍

  • Colin should make a furze ball which is a motorised hamster ball, controlled like a electric wheel chair, similar to the gyrosphere ride from jurrasic world

  • Blasts hardbass

  • I've seen this speaker coat in a movie called step up 3D

  • J

  • Tank you my friend

  • Now do a bass coat.

  • Should have just taken apart a Bluetooth speaker, would have been way better and easier

  • Make like a PCP air rifle

  • oh my god

  • Mahogany. Nice.

  • Colin someone stole your Knifetoaster invention on the Tv show Scorpian S3 E9

  • You really should walk into london with that jacket on xd

  • You should make a ride in Putt Putt Steam Boat⛴

  • Hey colin! I dare you to make a car. Like a real real car

  • I will buy this jacket :D :D :D Nice very nice

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Imagine being so brilliant you make millions off recording it, and probably a 500k a year job, shit is crazy, gotta love Colin

  • why does it look like a suicide bomber vest in the thumbnail



  • You should upgrade it over time then mass produce it cause music is style

  • Hello good work 👍

  • Could you try build your own BB-8 or BB-9E? that was in your tie silencer video would be an awesome project to see

  • If you put enough energy on the bass coat you can fly over the ground like batman


  • Hope you cleaned the bottom of that coat after the toilet Colin....

  • Ciber Puck 2077

  • Mate I've watched you videos over the years and the main thing I've got from them is that you have WAY too much free time on your hands

  • Throw that coat on public, people will run away not because the music

  • Imagine this guys electrical bill

  • Can you make your own air conditioner

  • You should build a boat?

  • I would just walk around town blasting DooM music if i had this

  • Thats some real Red Green shit right there.

  • Always start with a base coat.

  • I mean... coulda got some cheap headphones but.... I like your style instead


  • Very good Colin


  • "Hey kid, want some B A S S?"

  • The heavy af and out of phase coat 😂

  • I can beatbox

  • To be honest I think you could have put subs in instead of woofers then it is the bass coat

    • Still very gooood!

  • wow

  • I lose your channel for a month and you make THIS?!

  • So this is how main characters always have badass theme songs in the background...

  • I’m pretty sure I just watched an Allen Pan video wear he made you a swing set. So I’m a bit confused

  • nobody : DMC character's coat when they're on battle :

  • just posted a video about collin's puzzle check it out

  • Fucken love the UK people I'm proud to be one of them

  • isn't this why we have headphones//earbuds?

  • Good job 👌👍

  • Is it just me or does colin with the coat on look like ron weasley in that one harry potter movie where they become adults using polyjuice?

  • Nice shot: 4:43

    • I love the vid so funny aha

  • Вот тот коммент с тупой шуткой про русских школьников с колонками, ты нашëл его, поздравляю🎉🎊

  • the crap are your neighbour's thinking when you do all of you're videos

  • Shut up and take my money! 😁

  • Nice #todoinventostv

  • Hey make a jetpack

  • Davie504:Epico

  • doodel

  • Sell this in russian, lifeofboris would buy

  • so ‘bass’ically...

  • This looks like something Star Lord would wear maybe

  • I only wish was for hard bass instead


    • Hey... Iam anil from India Kerala,... Super your great...........🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • "Get on with it Colin, no one cares, no one's gonna make a bass coat!" Objective added: Make a bass coat.

  • But can he WEAR da music?!