Corona Virus Isolation Box

Birt 19 mar 2020
Stay safe furze army and hope you don't end up needing the Furze Isolation Box!!!!
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  • Hope this is informative as well as entertaining, hope this all passes you by as best as possible. Stay Healthy Furzearmy.

    • Well when you go outside you could your knive velt

    • WHAMaTRON it’s funny seeing this stuff 6 months later lol

    • Can I buy your bunker?

    • to be honest i would use it even if corona didn't exist


  • forgot the solar panels on the roof for unlimited energy

  • I remember when this came out.. Bruh it's already been 3 months?

  • Think this invention has just propelled you into the realm of the Goodies Colin me ol’ mate!

  • If this was a real thing I would by this.

  • Also works as an introvert box

  • The CDC in BC, Canada recommends the use of glory holes btw.

  • Is it just me that wants this?

  • Spend 24 hours in the isolation box

  • How are gonna get water?

  • I just realized....wont the know........ Flood the box?

  • His neighbours be like: oh no not again

  • C’est super classe

  • Gg

  • If colin learns coding he will no doubt be unstoppable. Please don't Colin, give your enemies a chance!

  • Colin: sense we have to stay at home all day I made a quarantine box Homeschoolers: that's nice....

  • Your assistant forgot to wear his goggles 🤣 He may have contact with the virus through his eyes 🤣

  • As soon as I saw you 20 meters above the crane and you mention what about toilet? I thought you would stick out your a$$ from the box and do your job. Well, I didn't fall out 🤣🤣🤣

  • 1:43 I am bad-minded

  • tats cool

  • Where does he store all the things he created, not at home i think hahah

  • Stay safe

  • Good👍 bantu subreb gaes

  • Where do you poo

  • Due The Camp Be Like:

  • 2:56 when you wife kicks you out because you were two weeks out of house

  • Your youtube video are no ads what the reason?

  • Damn this is already 6months old

  • colinfurze during an apocalypse: Kalm colinfurze when electricity runs out: *confused screaming*

  • Please sell these

  • Hey can you build a tiny house boat?

  • 1:40 hahahahah

  • If you catch it, 1: hope u don’t die, and 2: I dare ya to use that

  • ya

  • I might have the covid 19. Jaxon

  • Put wheels on it

  • If we had done this, we wouldn’t have a 2nd wave




  • I actually want this

  • Amazing

  • Genius

  • I laughed so hard wen it showed the grandma saying what a lode of rubish🤣

  • finally something we need

  • Stay in for two weeks. That's funny

  • how is he not scared of falling off a crane or something

  • When you realize he sanitizing a mannequin hand

  • 2 weeks good one

  • what, no brew tap??? 🍺🍺🍺

  • Can I order one

  • Could I buy one?

  • i felt for it... the fake hand

  • 3:23 winner winner chicken dinner

  • This guy is a living legend

  • What if I say my brother needs this 😅

  • Should put Trump in an isolation box

  • I wanna know how long he actually spent in isolation

  • furze you truly thought of everything my guy

  • youtubekids

  • Collin Furze, now I want you to make this ACTUALLY 2 meter apart from the ground and also here in this timestamp: 2:58, MY answer would be NO you COULD, in fact, you NEED to get more isolated than that. cuz it's NOT functional on the "be 2 meters from apart from each other", Cuz you're using a Crane So, why don't you use like Some form of Tree or some supporters Like BEAMS stick them onto the ground suspend it VERY tightly stretch it 2 Meters apart and then there you got ACTUALLY a Self Functional isolation Box. so Yeah I hope this idea is Great and well gbye.

  • This would honestly be awesome

  • an apsolute madman

  • Furze is the most genius person in my opinion

  • ok so this showed up in my recommendations but if i go to Colin's channel, this video doesn't show up under the videos tab

  • I wish my dad was this cool all he dose is sit down all day and drinks

  • Letem out or he'll shit on ya Krane!!!!

  • Live in there for 2 weeks challenge

  • Wow you are really cool bro i hope i have that

  • I wanna see somebody stay in this for 24 hours or something

  • One For Trump Please the CIA tack it to for trump wife the time maschine

  • U are really a legend U invent things no one can think of

  • You should add wheels to it

  • The fact he was actually up there... This man doesnt have fears

  • 2:14 I know that game it’s called F22

  • when i heard him say shower, i thought to myself "he did it again"

  • this needs to be on mass production

  • It's notch! 2:50

  • He is a very good f*cking engineer.

  • who saw this + his stair treadmil on the news

  • Winner winner chicken dinner

  • Hi

  • I wish i could build that it sounds really fun i hope you make more things like this because its really cool

  • In the beginning you had the same mug from the furze tea 500c

  • 3 and 1 coffin. Nice

  • I'd like this send me this

  • Where can I buy one of these?? Haha

  • Can you make me one

  • I don’t like how the shower is so close to the bed, imagine a soggy bed

  • When can I order

  • I actually think its funny that youtube thinks this is about Corona

  • Is this really necessary

  • Wait where is the electricity comin from?

  • You must make all in treehouse #colinfurze

  • There needs to be a toilet

    • Ohh I didn't watch all of it

  • My god😂

  • That shower looks like a Saw trap

  • How about an isolation coverall

  • Legend says he is still in that box to this day.

  • Where can I buy one of these?