Alexia Activated Flamethrower

Birt 29 mar 2018
Last week I made a Bed Shaker but this is more FURZE.....Voice Activated Fire.
So by ironically using an old fire extinguisher and some loverly steampunk esc plumbing I,ve made a self igniting fire chucker.
Thanks to James Bruton for sorting the code, you can check out his video on how he links everything to the smart home hub in his video on the link bellow.
Bruton Code
See the Alexa Bed shaker
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See get Blown up

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  • This is what technology should be used for, not turning on lights hahaha. Well done to James for the code but the question is if you could have fire on command what would you summon it for..........Subscribe


    • make a discord server!!!

    • I’d have it activate to spit fire at cold callers, seeing as they’re cold.

    • You need to make "thief repellent system" just like in home alone movie but rather voice controlled.

    • You can use it to scare Jehova Witnesses away when they ring your door bell.

  • I don’t think that this is what the engineers of Alex’s had in mind when creating the product

  • Alexa*

  • 1:52 yes but for you no

  • I don't see why the military haven't had you and James make them equipment...

  • Can you make some china style pulse jet engine??? I'm so curious cause 3 times i try to make it, its FAIL.. ;(

  • I am a kid

  • I love how after 2 years he still hasn’t changed the title

  • you should make the degreaser from team fortress 2

  • Colin: *danceing* Me : who is weldin?

  • Try a electric igniter it might be faster

  • gimme fuel, gimme fire alexia: gives what i desire

  • weaponised AI sounds unsafe

  • hello British hacksmith on a his 16th cup of coffe

  • Fire extinguisher: i put out fire's and protect home's Colin: how about no

  • This dude definitely has kids

  • Alexia lol

  • If someone wanna ligth a cigarette and say give me fire while this think stay nearby 💥

  • I get scared lighting my bbq 😅

  • If Michael reeves wasn’t a nihilist

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene

  • .


  • Furse

  • Basically, what you've made is a wireless bbq lighter.

  • Where can I get an Alexia? Not an Alexa, an Alexia.

  • alexia🤣

  • 1. Turn subtitles on 2.thank me later

  • 3:29 this describes every video that colin has made.

  • Mr Furze, heat rises, the pope pointing at the floor in the shed was a silly idea

  • Did he say "For Christmas" or "F**k Christmas" at the start?

  • Alexia

  • Colin, the last time you did this didn't you get arrested on a firearms charge?

  • If only his name was Bill Nye then I can say... Bill Nye the Mechanical Guy.

  • Alexa 火葬して

  • Ironic a fire extinguisher used to make fire 😂

  • amazon fire got a new meaning 😂

  • Dit you remember that you have a fireproof bunker in youre backyard? So that you dont set yours shed on fire

  • *Alexa, enforce social distancing*

  • "Were gonna need a gas chamber" -Colin

  • next time try to use liquid fuel

  • ''We need a gas chamber'' - colin

  • I really shouldent say this but Nobody: Hitler: 0:28

  • Best youtube chanel i watch😍😍

  • Me: Alexa intruder alert Alexa:

  • 0:03 "Furze here, fuck christmas!"

  • Longer arms are required.

  • Only Collin furze would think to use a fire extinguisher as a gas chamber for a flame thrower

  • Alexia is Alexa just saying btw

  • This actually is how cavemen discovered fire

  • gonna need a WHAT?! 0:27

  • 1:27 imagine seeing this from behind Scarred for life

  • "Alexa Intruder alert" "OI YOU AFTER MY CRISPS!" *fwosh*

  • For testing u should use a Momentary switch

  • 0:03 thought he said fu*k Christmas lol

  • ColinFurze: Alexa, intruder alert Alexa: Time to die Alexa: *•Sets the intruder on fire with the flamethrower•*

  • colin keep those hips under control

  • Only Thr Furze would try a flamethrower indoors.

  • Amazons new invention alexia

  • Im starting to think this guy is going insane

  • Finally a practical use for a fire extinguisher

  • 0:12 Okay guys, he's gone crazy

  • Not scared of dying☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀😹🧐 !!!??? 5:29!!!🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️😵😵😎👽

  • how boring I live

  • Now this is a classic Colinfurze video! YES, WE LOVE VOICE-ACTIVATED FIRE!

  • Fire extinguisher becomes flamethrower You because the very thing you sought to destroy

  • been subed a while. and i still dont know what colin is on but i still want some.

  • Alexa, intruder alert.

  • Love the video title Furzes new invention alexia

  • moments like this ... make me want to learn more trades than electrical..

  • This reminds me of the dictator where the guy had a bluetooth activated torture device

  • A voice activated machine that throws the tea in the harbour.

  • if you die in any other way than an explosion i'm going to kill myself

  • I like your creations but the music is really bad.

  • That's why no one is working for you because if you say "you are fired!" then it's going to be a really problem... Unless you are dancing around next to a piece of toast.

  • Colinfurze what do you want for Christmas? Fiiiiiireeeee

  • Alexa*

  • It has always been exciting to watch Furze in action. Stay safe buddy, atleast till I meet you for a selfie.

  • Creeper?

  • Jehovahs witnesses..... That’s all

  • Elon Musk would like to know your location

  • This guy should’ve been the Albert Einstein

  • subtitel indonesia plis 😴

  • Alexa=US Alexia=UK Yeet

  • He made a fruzebox

  • Half a bar is usually enough. I had one once in the middle of the night, 9 months later, boom. Hello parenthood.

  • this is the best person to ever live in the uk

  • love the Jim Carrie reference

  • Im amazed everytime I see a new vid of his: is there anything that this man cant build also the music selection is always great

  • i like t but flames coming back up over the tank and electronics = boooooooooooooooooom

  • Doesn't a real flame thrower shoot a form of Napalm? Like Petrol or something?

    • According to Wikipedia Most military flamethrowers use flammable liquids thickened into a consistency similar to napalm, but commercial flamethrowers generally use high-pressure propane and gasoline

  • any comments on what drove you insane? ^_^

  • Colin, you’re just furthering Skynet

  • I love subtitles For = F***

  • If this is the kind of thing that you show your viewers, Colin, I can only dread to think what you keep hidden.

    • @DeadTurret Oh, I'm well aware of the thermite launcher. I was including that when I said "this kind of thing".

    • You think thats dangerous, the man has a god damn thermite launcher

  • Bloody hell these intros are insane

  • Lol!!! 6:09 protects the tie!!! Fuck my body save the TIE!!!!!

  • Imagine being able to make whatever you want, waking up and saying to yourself "hmm today i'm going to build a voice activated flame thrower!"

  • Ik James bruton in real life

  • I have a Crazy idea What of you it into a box of something and place in Front of the door