Firework Rocket Mushroom (run for your life)

Birt 12 júl 2018
700 rockets going off in all directions on top of a hill during a heatwave has chaos written all over it.......yup
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  • Cheers to epic fireworks for the rockets it was a blast haha, right for 7Mill I wanna do something different and less firework based (but still have a few) so who know's where that will take us. Check out carls BTS video as well Thanks to all that have subscribed watched and shared.

    • @Mr. Vinster Guy don’t they already do that though

    • @Matija Ravnik ~ججج~ى٠ةنت٠نم٠غغنتعفءزتاسو٨فتزمهغعهذ٠٠٠٠٠٠_(%€^#٧€€٦=%؛**%٥%#@@%$^%%_€*٧٥

    • Hell yea bro bad ass

    • If you reach 20 million, make a firework that lights up the whole sky

    • Cool 🤩🥳❤️🎇🎆🦠 virs

  • Usuw

  • Haiiiii

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  • Rocket Engine

  • 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • That's cool... And dangerous at the same time

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  • Rock on

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Great vid

  • Awesome

  • Are you mad

  • Bhai Bach gaya nahi to iski Diwali ban jati

  • Oh no

  • Hi AaaaAaaaaaaAASGGYFYH

  • This is crazy

  • Crazyy

  • This is some high level CGI shit 🤨

  • RIP Pollution

  • I mean we burned down the int entire field but at least the smoke was blue! Ya sucks for all those people who were burned alive but we’re having a little guy

  • Radom person: what is all that explosion in the field. The mayor: ohh just Colin Furze

  • Tsar Bomba

  • Wow

  • Stupid

  • This is what happens when you have Colin as your neighbor... 2:23

  • How this dude hasn't been seriously injured or killed by now I have no idea :)

  • Super boss

  • 0:51 Error: Is Backwards

  • Balle oh Tere vada hy bund panga leya

  • ... How can be this legal

  • You look like Donal Trump

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  • Este men ta loco pero bien perro

  • Good that you had at least had gear to put out the fires with. Setting off this type of stuff during a dry season is quite risky, in my country it is even illegal. We don't have many man-caused forest fires here.

  • 2020 👇

  • Since 2006, man I can appreciate him being the chaotic creator we love

  • This looks like h e. L. L 1:36

  • How did the government let you do this. It is still cool though

  • Vietnam


  • Wonderful

  • I'd love to know how you convinced the farmer to let you do this in his field. I can just imagine the phone call if I made it... Me: Hello Mr Farmer, I'd like to create a firework Armageddon in your field... Mr Farmer: Click, brrrrrrrrrrrrr 😆🤣😆🤣

  • Soy de la patrulla tiene premio permiso

  • A nuke lol

  • I thought only indians were crazy. Now i change my mind

  • Please save our Environment.

  • 👌👌lavli vedos mea Delhi sa

  • I hope he had firefighters on the line

  • Total irre 😂😂😂👍

  • How did his pc not crash!?

  • Wasted

  • So sick

  • WHO LIKES MY CHANNEL? 🎆😍🎆😍🎆😍🎆😍🎆

  • Wow that’s fucking dangerous dude

  • Epic level of madness

  • "This should be fun!" "Oh God we're all gonna die!!!!"

  • This is why women live longer.

  • you absolute mad lad! i love it

  • Don't get yourself killed that's it

  • hes gpnna hit 11 million before he does the 9 mil special

  • Lol

  • This guy DON'T NO SAFETY

  • Save earth 🌎 ♥ please 🙏


  • AMAZING....♥🔥

  • The smoke of the fire🔥 isn't good for health and etc..And their doing this just for FUN!!! Because of a guy like this our earth is like this.The corals are dying, fire in the forest, and the ice are melting.I suggest you guys not to do such a thing like this 😇

  • That's one way to prevent forest fires

  • Do others experiment

  • Aaaa

  • Big bang 😂🙂🤣

  • MrBeast: Amateur

  • 1:34 boom🔥

  • Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂 Guys you can tie your name on these rockets and then launch it to the Mars, I think aliens of the the other planets would be surprised and may give us blessings about "let corona virus go, let lock down go, let your fear go for covid 19". 😀😁😂😃😀😁😂😃😀😁😂😃😀😁😂😃😀😁😂😃😀😁😂😃😅😆😀😁😂😃😅😆😊

  • Amazing

  • “The best way to start a bushfire”

  • He deserves more subs than pewdiepie

  • he's a bit crazy, but it's a good kind of crazy. Something tells me he'd be lots of fun at parties. I'd be going to his fourth of July fireworks show, for sure.

  • its a fail

  • SoapGirls for music

  • You ruined the inviroment

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  • maybe this guy should do movies

  • Yours life was in denger 😮😮😮

  • What a mess

  • Bhnchoo pollution krdia kitna chutia

  • Bsdika its so risky

  • Bruh this is my dream


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  • too bad you did not get one right in youre domass face

  • Are you rich is Mr. B’s

  • That’s some harry potter shit

  • 1:10 What you came for

  • I'm so scared

  • Before he notices his face is ugly

  • Yes

  • And the point?