Colin Furze Workshop/Tools Tour & Wolverine Claws

Birt 16 apr 2020
Whats in the Boxes how do the tools work and more, its the Colin Furze Shed Tour, plus 2 new pairs of WOLVERINE CLAWS.
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  • Hope this answers a lot of your questions and you enjoy seeing the tool demos. Thank you all for watching as the 10MILLION subscriber milestone is looming its great to have you all on the journey.

    • Or a video showing us solar power or powered stuff we can make at home.

    • Can u do a video on that rpg on the ceiling?

    • First time coming e I will call you back and I

    • Hey bruh u have made the best wolverine claws on this planet ...but pls tell that how they ""come out"" and ""go in"" without air pressure .....keep it up 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Hi bruh your wolverine claws are the best in this world but please explain how they come out and go in without air pressure .... Waiting for your reply👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • You sir, are my favourite nutjob in the whole world

  • Great project, how about an emergency lift for my truck. Maybe mounted so you don’t have to look for a jack. Good luck!!!

    • Yes, I know an emergency lift for a truck is not very hard project, but would be nice on a dark rainy night.

  • How the hell did i just find out about this guy?. Sub'd immediately. Your entertaining my man and make really awesome stuff

  • I think a lot of us would feel at home in this shack just as much as you do the second setting foot in there. :D

  • Furze is like rick from rick and morty 😂😂

  • Small enough to hotbox aswell

  • You deserve it

  • 14:03 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Please can you do a video teaching us how to weld?

  • I am amazed at the things you have created with this little shop! Most guys cant build the things you can with a full-on industrial shop!

  • 22:24 Missed a perfect pun opportunity "it's BAN-tastic"

  • 5:51 Why..........

  • You should change your floor carpet, For like a long fluffy carpet

  • Claws are wicked

  • He's a fuckin genius

  • Just awesome!

  • The boxes that you have under the bench that has all of your metal and power tools in you should put drawer slides on them make it a video please.

  • I don't want to hurt anyones feelings, but when he says aluminum, does he mean aluminum? again, no offence. just wondering for understanding. great video!! also, do you think you could post the plans for the shed and the cables and pipes and stuff? thank you!!

  • Tantos suscritos mucho pero no puedo verlo sustituidos en Español

  • That center-finding ruler might be the best unexpected gem from this video. 'I mean -- why did we struggle before we knew all this' SO TRUE This shed (with its tinyness, everlasting weirdness and the stories of time written on every square inch) has become such a part of this channel that much of the 'furze magic' will be gone when Colin inevitably moves to a larger shed.

  • I’d love to be one of your neighbours, there would always be something interesting going on.. mine are just old 😂

  • I wouldn't arrest you If I was a cop. Just a youtuber having FUN!

  • oh yeah he got an outrageous acts of science trophy

  • does colin have turrets idk how to spell it

  • instruments are also good.

  • Me and the shed is the same yers old im 10 Years old and the shed is 10 Years and i was born 2010 the shed too!!!☺

  • Cools Mr. Firs science rules

  • that song at the beginning could be the intro to a colin furze netflix special

  • A gdzie trzymasz słoiki na buraczki?

  • In this time of need, U R very therapeutic.... a little mental but Very Therapeutic! Keep it Going. Cheers from across the pond.

  • When you are born

  • An inspiration to get anyone making stuff 👍🏻👌🏻😂

  • 👏🏼👏🏻

  • Yo esperaba que al menos le usará la máscara que le hizo Rocha

  • For all the things this guy says he makes he makes a useless pair of claws the fact that they should be made closer to freddy cougars claws a fixed blade not something you put in your hand sharp is not the issue its use.

  • He loves his bits...

  • Very cool Mr. I have enjoyed the lots of the videos that have come out of that shed.

  • You have been warned, what a lovely show , i knew him from that show

  • Why does he have rpg 7?!?! in the ceiling😂

  • Love how you show how the tools work

  • you are really cool!!!!

  • Has to be one of my favourites of your videos. Lots of good information, thanks Colin for the hours of entertainment and the plethora of good ideas. I’m now looking at stud welders 🙄

  • you need a lathe

  • hows the experience in the prison ?

  • you should do a house tour

  • If anyone deserves to have 10 million subs it’s this guy

  • Alu mini um. No alu min um aluminum freaking Brits and adding letters that aren't there love the channel though it's just the American English versus British English dialects and pronunciations in all that five minutes to figure out what he's talking about

  • Where do you store all your creations over the years? Did you throw them away?

  • be sure to drain the water (condensation) from air lines going into the plasma cutter, water is a killer.....................

  • What happened to your milling machine? I thought that used to be in the back corner

  • Can you do power tool collection

  • Lol that stakesy dude, only thing he said to me was that I was too much work and didnt know british etiquette (Dutch etiquette basically is the opposite of british). Nice. Ill buy from one of the other 1000 companies.

  • Where does he store his big projects?

  • 7:48 - lol I've never heard anyone other than Look Mum No Computer use the phrase "lovely jubbly"

  • There a RPG-7 in the ceiling

  • I don't know what wrong I can make a I qos and it should justerfy it , as the only smoke lower in the eductive stuff that a cigarette made by someone that plans on using nicotine instead of other drugs to put off the pain the holl words in of ageing and does not need to be on a server to work as well as has a battery that last the work day, I could of soled the plans to alot of people just setting up tridishanl British manners and needing to control all good in and out by making them

  • I can remember when Colin was a mystery guest on Russell Howard’s good news

  • The thing about Colin Furze that makes him different him from lots of other channels is that he actually puts effort into his builds, he always goes above and beyond when it comes to detail. Everything he does is always finished with perfection.

    • lol big memer 69 “perfect”

  • Me explaining my tools to my friends

  • нехрена не понимаю но смотрю

  • Collin feels like kindergarten kid showing his toy box.

  • Do you use Q-punches?

  • You must have every tool ever

  • Love to have a tour in person ....... 🚗 🚘

  • Nobodys gunna talk about the rpg in his rafters

  • can you share your shed build details? looking to build one of my own

  • hi, do you ever think about make a hydraulic vice? will be nice to see you make a monster hydraulic viceeeeeeeee greetings from Ireland - you are amazing

  • Make a mini submarine 😁

  • Zero centre ruler - brilliant...but just try getting a steel one in mm in the UK!

  • GIGGITY LMAO 14:00

  • Take a shot every time he says "bits"

  • The whole time I was staring at the rocket launcher on the ceiling

  • Holy shit! I didn't know his floor was carpet!! Hahaha but why wouldn't it be right? Haha this man is a wonderful creative person. We need more like him (inspired by him but will never match his talent and personality) you sir are a grand one of a kind!

  • This workshop is my dream. This is what I will work towards.

  • B

  • Hi Colin have you seen them skateboards where you pull a trigger and it goes ( an electric skateboard) could you make one but instead of a skateboard use heelys😂 the shoes with wheels on the back. I really wanna see electric heelys 😂. I don’t want any credit for this idea (even though I know it’s amazing😂) but I beg you to make a pair . Thanks -Alfie White

  • Great video!

  • Man I'd like to have all that stuff. Unfortunately, the only thing I'd know how to operate is the TV, and not even that without a remote.

  • I love it furze can you add sand blaster in your work shop just a suggestion haha

  • Is the hand on the board for winning the circular saw world championship? :-)

  • The 10 years you have been in there, are 10 years of joy of watching

  • Can i have your old lave ? I have watched your channel since i was four and ive been basicly here from the start and i love the chanel but i cant aford a lave and im 13 and i love making things im not pleading im just asking randomly about it i love your channel and i just want to see. The lave go to a good home

  • Genious British Engineering. Wish ware shops in my country has a half of these machines

  • How many injuries have you had while doing these videos

  • Love your workshop and love my pole barn. Working in small spaces is fun/cool, which is why i plan on building a shed like yours attached to the pole barn. Yes there will be 3 layers of carpet! xD

  • I think you should build the la z rider from the simpsons and put it in the bunker

  • Colins favorite word? I think its either "tie" or "bits / bit"

  • Thanks for sharing your tools, Great! Greetings from Chile

  • Can you make your own version of an exercise machine. I can't even imagine what you'd come up with!! 🤯

  • What's up with the RPG on the ceiling

  • I travel full-time so I do all of my tinkering at maker spaces. At some of them, like the original NoiseBridge down the road from where I once lived in San Francisco, I wander in and think 'wow, this place is awesome!!' But they all seem a bit pathetic, now that I've watched this. 😏

  • Anyone else notice the rpg?

  • Thanks for being such a huge part of my childhood💪🏼💪🏼

  • Why the hell is there an rpg on the ceiling, but tbf knowing colin it's pretty normal

  • What do you think would be good tools/accessories (like specific drill bits, small stuff, odds and ends) to focus on acquiring for a starting jack of all workshop? I've tinkered and fiddled with things over the years, but never really did any classes or stuff for specific fields so everything is kinda random. I've got random soldering tools, handful of woodworking tools (electric vibrato sander, really old band saw that still needs some work, buncha manual basic things), ideas and stuff that could probably use some metal machining tools. not an unlimited budget by any means, but after rewatching your Solid Shed video i've something of a desire to build one myself, partially to consolidate everything and partially so i stop dusting up the house with all the random tinkering. trouble is, as i said it's all kind of self learned/taught, and i'm disorganized at the best of times, so i'm not 100% on where to start and get everything lined up, so any advice would be plenty appreciated, but in the meantime hope you continue to stay safe Colin and keep having fun makin all this crazy stuff we enjoy watching ^vvvv^

  • 4:46 Are we not gonna talk about the RPG on the ceiling

  • 4:46 Why is there an RPG on the ceiling.

  • Hey Colin. You should build a kids jeep with a pit bike engine

  • Were do you put your projekts at ?