Making the Hulkbuster Part 1-Legs, Huge Hydraulic Legs

Birt 19 apr 2018
Building the Hulkbuster suit is a near impossible task as what you see in the film is just a CGI peice of make believe, in the real world making a robot thats slim, fast and powerful is something companies have spent years and millions of pounds trying to do and with little success.
But myself and eBay think the Hulkbuster is to cool not recreate, so in whats going to become my most complicated project ever I want to create a Buster you can sit in and feel power. All the hydraulic components and parts have all been sourced from their site.
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  • Hello internet so this is what has been consuming me for the last 6 weeks and it is the most complex thing I've made, Subscribe so not to miss part 2. Also I'll be at Maker Faire in Newcastle next weekend with some more of my builds. Thanks to eBay for making this happen.

    • Bought this at Coventry uni

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  • Teacher asks Ok kids make a costume of your fave marvel characters Colin: Life size working hulk buster

  • I have only just found your channel (thanks to carpervert) and have been watching all your videos oldest to newest. Couldn't you have had one hydraulic ram per leg and a mechanical linkage to make the two parts elevate in sink? That way there would be no need for the splitter valves etc. I am thinking of a kids backhoe that extends both arms out in sink.

  • hulk busters, with powered jets behind it 🤔

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  • Very awesome friend. You will find theres a top heavy issue u must work out. Ur legs may need to be bigger. Or the balance of the foot controllable by toes.

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  • "Making it walk is a step to far... For now" _for now_ We're still waiting Colin

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