Building a Huge Tie Fighter

Birt 7 des 2017
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How did we build this monster, well now you can see. Cake was eaten and tea drunk muhahaha.
Thanks to eBay for making this a thing and its been great to see people flocking to Burghley House in stamford to see it.
Sunday the 10th is its last day on display so come and see it, I'll be there from midday it would be great to meet you all.
See James build the droid here
See the Reveal video here
See use build and AT-AT here
See inside the AT-AT here
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This project is being made with the support of eBay....Duh
Check out their HUGE selection of Star Wars products here
1st track- "Your pretty short for a storm trooper" by Majority Theives"…/the-majority-thieves/id1021605043
2nd track is "Storm" by "Heroic"
3rd track "Theres a Man" is by "Her Parents"
4th track - "Annabel" is by "Brawlers"
5th Track- "Stay true to yourself" by "Noisy Way"
6th Track is "Gasoline" by "Braincoats"


  • $70 for that toy? Jesus that’s a huge fucking amount of money for that simple toy

  • You guys are legends.


  • You are the best builder in the world

  • I like your videos more than Mark Rober’s

  • 6:35 😂😂

  • Taking my top hat off for you guys, just next level

  • Build Slave One Party Barge For Me.. Yep, yep!!!

  • The best star wars theme here 5:47

  • I hope he put his official colin furze logo on it somewhere sneaky

  • WTF?

  • "Did a lovely job of its..... but we have more to do" hahaha 😆

  • Why metal, wood could be easier to use.

  • Slowly claps*

  • Good Build T time

  • Dont wanna be "this one guy", but isnt this a Tie Interceptor not a Tie Fighter?

  • Imagine you walk into a barn and see that!

  • next every star wars ships

  • Ok but does it fly? And why doesn't the guns work??? 😆

  • What would this man do without eBay

  • Surprised there was no flamethrowers added

  • yo dude. how did you learn how to tig weld?

  • 1.4 million views that’s it?!?! really?!?! All this time and money in this project and that’s it 😔😔I feel bad for him the most important thing is he is always happy 😊

  • Money doesn't exist in Colin's world.

  • Yee

  • Can he make that a little luxury room/bunker that would be bloody awesome

  • Just a thought, you painted it without removing the mill scales. To prevent rust and paint flaking off always sandblast the mill scales off before painting...

  • Clowns

  • 12:12 he’s just like “wtf was that and who threw it”😂😂😂

  • well it doesn't look like its going to blow away in the wind does it

  • Hollywood: I'll need $18 million and 6 months to build it. Colin: get Me a toy, snacks and a few days (okay 6 weeks).


  • Now just a couple turbos and she's a flight!

  • build a x wing

  • Is the cake from eBay ?😂😂

  • Its all good and well that you built a Tie fighter Colin...but does it FLY? Where's the usual test drive? What engine's it got in it? But most importantly...where's the flames?!!!!

  • Wold you make it fly hmm 🤔

  • Awesome

  • but the music choice

  • Dude, the music you use for your videos is quite obnoxious

  • Fantastic I love you videos but I am sick off constantly adjusting the volume please sort it out . I would love to see a video off you guys sat discussing how your going to do the build thanks

  • Build a working Lightsaber next^^

  • They should make a new film about how they make the tie fighter and put this as the film

  • Why did you buit something like that? And...who pays for the material?!

  • Imagine if he got hired by nasa or something

  • ~wingwongs~

  • these songs are so fucking gay I had to watch the 5 minutes of what I watched on silent

  • Where is it now

  • I thought they used cgi tie fighters.

  • Wow.......

  • Half of this is from Ketton cement, yeah I know haha

  • Didnt Disney show us kylo ren killing his parents............I guess if your going to kill an entire franchise, i dosnt matter.

  • 3 years after this was posted only 610 dislikes and 32k likes keep up the good work and wear a safety tie

  • Hi

  • I think it's time to put a motor and wheels on it!

  • MAF but Brilliant👍🏻

  • What does he do with these things like this and the at-act

  • how did you make money for this? and also did you sell it


  • hi

  • Imagine you were the owner of that shed, and just rented it to some guy... And then you walk in and see a life size Tie Fighter.

  • and what do you do with them afterwards?

  • Crazy what people can make given time, material, space and a powerarc. I'm glad he's not my neighbor.

  • Make Y Wing

  • Make X wing

  • you havent made a engine of any sort , get back to work.

  • Hay Colin when are you going to build the millennium falcon that’s if you will build one

  • Is looks like Star Wars is coming to life

  • スターウォーズの尊敬する意味で スターウォーズ完結編 見ました 実物大見ると日本の実物大ガンダムには 負けないぜと 伝わりました。

  • nah the tie fighter this is a tie silencer and a xwing

  • Where do I place my order for one ?

  • Парни если вы хотите заставить эту херь летать то вы дураки... Надобудет облегчить и переварить до хера чего, чтоб это работало... Впринцыпе сносно😅🤔🤩😋🤔

  • You built many Cool/fun things.... but this is just amazing!

  • do you have the stats some where ,, how big , how much steel how long , what it cost etc great job , but it couldnt have been cheap

  • Just amazing Guys!

  • build a x wing


  • can i have the template ? ummm.... please ??

  • Just don't make a life sized star destroyer

  • You guys are totally BONKERS !!! just the way i like it 👌

  • Yea I watched this first

  • I can't believe that this video only got 1.3 Million views this is amazing build a X-wing next

  • Would 1 billion dollars make that fly???

  • Now make it fly, like a plane with propellers or a jet, then you can make it shoot Samsung Note 7's

  • Girls:Boys do not have imagination Boys:

  • Tenta fazer o thunder tanque dos thundercats...🤗

  • 6 weeks to build and 2 weeks to cut in half to get it outta the building to ship to scrap yard. Movie promos are such a waste. It looks cool but it's still b reel. Colin, you're awesome and I love the brand you've built but, I hope you learned your brand potential from this.

  • Epic

  • Next time we revisit this... it will fly!

  • That BMW in the intro!

  • wow ... why not build it from aluminium? heavy load of steel here.

  • I enjoyed watching this build. And I have to add that I had really liked the dancing in the storm trouper helmets! That brought a big smile to my old face, thanks, mates!

  • Why didn’t you paint the whole thing with a sprayer, like a car?

  • George Lucus Would probably Shit Bricks of wonder if he saw this piece of ART work.

  • George Lucus Would probably Shit Bricks of wonder if he saw this piece of ART work.

  • love your vids

  • Na figada...... number one you!

  • Brilliant, lads. Well done!

  • That amazing, I want your playlist though

  • As an over 50y old ORIGINAL sw fan from WAYYYYY BACK (and absolutely despising the new cr@p movies!!!) i need to say: THIS THING LOOKS SOOOOO BADASS!!! And i LOVE your soundtrack mate!!! 👌😜👏 BRILLIANT - as you brits would say!!!