Making a Shredder for my Letterbox (No more junk mail)

Birt 15 nóv 2018
Say no to junkmail and postmans fingers with this letterbox shredder.........but we need way more POWER.
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  • Shreddie shreddie shreddie, always wanted to make one of these but now I have the CNC cutter I can, more power to come and a few more other adjustments then its postman pats fingers haha.

    • Find its limits by using plank level scale so we found every electron motion in this machine

    • Use it for making vegetables juice

    • why didnt you just block it off

    • You need bigger in front of car, don’t need to stop after.

    • Hello, Colin, this is your grandmother. I sent you a cheque for £5000, but it never went through, so I gave the money to the bird-watching society instead.

  • That is exactly what I need, I start all my shop fires all winter, with the year's junk mail, it'd be easier to store all summer, shredded. Got to see the next video, got a couple of ten horse gas engines, can run at the shop. Wish I had that cnc plasma, mine is me nc, not so steady a hand, these days. Thanks, got to see the next!! Semper Fi, John McClain

  • Try shapning the cutters

  • Anyone one know where you can buy one of these

  • Can we buy one?

  • Off course collin made this, i was looking for a paper shredder and end up here.

  • Unfortunately you just managed to shred your winnings cheque from the National Lottery.

  • Only problem what if you shove your hand through

  • I want one of those but but build about 4x.... I don't know if a geared electric moto has enough power.

  • wait................ how does he pay his bills if all of them get shredded

  • "Dad where's my new PS5?? all i see is a giant pile of trash at the mail slot"

  • Mail Man: Sticks Hand Through Door

  • 20 thousand dollar check for Insurance comes. 😦

  • you look like bill gates you are my favourite youtuber

  • I rescued a horse who has allergies and breathing issues I wish I was able to make something like this it’s killing me shredding cardboard for his bedding with an Amazon cross cut shredder this looks just like what I need but can’t afford after all the vet bills we have had . You make it look so easy I wish I had the lathes and laser cutter like that did you do it with two separate motors afterwards? I’m going to check for your other videos to see .

  • Then mr beast comes and put £1mill and them it’s gone

  • 0:00 Ramesh? Ramesh? RAMESH!

  • But what happens with the normal post you need that

  • Until mr postman’s fingers get taken off

  • The mall mans hands are gone

  • You have a book? And wtf, I don't see any BMX parts on this one.... Fail Colin, Fail...

  • Collin you of all people should know that can was aluminum not tin.

  • This is Tim Taylor (Home Improvement) if all his superarged 'more power!' ideas worked.

  • I haven't finished watching yet, but I hope you put a camera outside to see the postman's reaction....I bet you did, didn't you haha

  • Perfect all I need now is a device that gets rid of junk phone calls

  • Proof of my theory. 8 minutes and 10 seconds. The manicure! A mechanic will never have such nails! Who works with iron, tanks and oil! No one can make your nails like this!

  • I don't think the idiot in the video is doing anything. Everything is done by workers and engineers outside of the video. Respect to those who work behind the scenes of this absurd theater! Or, theater of the absurd!

  • Why don't you just put it all in the bin and save yourself some cash?

  • Bet your postman loves you.. Better get started on making that Robo hand :D

  • This thing but bigger in a hole, a Trump sign above it and just sit in your garden waiting for Pedocrat confetti to happen

  • He gangsta till it shreds his credit card bill

  • Shreds laptop

  • First time I’m seeing this channel. What’s up with all turning tools and bits and wearing shirt and a tie? Rebel without cause?

  • I was wondering if you were gonna tuck in your tie. :D

  • can you build a machine that repetaedly punches obnoxiously loud morons who scream at me on youtube in the throat until their larynx shatters and they drown in their own blood?

  • I don't understand why he is wearing a tie.

  • Probably not the best thing to wear a tie around...

  • would it be not as easy just picking up crap mail putting into bin than doing 20 years for cutting of post womens hand ?????

  • This... or just get a dog

  • Hope your tie pulls your head in

  • I hope no one pass you any valuable like money through the door. 😅

  • Paper.... knives.....

  • You are a cool guy.

  • Would have been better, with an actual mailbox, without a bottom, and a bin underneath it.

  • In future, I call you 'Q' ;-)

  • Damn might as well put a jet engine on it

  • Garfield be like: I'll take your entire stock.

  • “ I know it’s only bolting two bits of aluminium together, but it’s square and the holes line up “ Pure Porn 😁👍

  • This episode inspired me to design a special T-SHIRT. 100% of earnings will be donated. Thank you very much! Dear Mr. Furze, I hope you read this. I am a big fan of you since the MOBILITY SCOOTER episode! Now I am a father too and I want to help make this world a better place. I will donate 100% of earnings to clean the ocean from plastic waste. I hope you are OK with it because I am using your good name. If you don't like it, just tell me and I will remove it. Greetings from Germany - Chris

  • Bye credit card

  • I never knew there was a key way cut took do you k ow how many I’ve fucked up

  • !!!!

  • You are the epitome of a mad British inventor! Don't you dare change!

  • So no mail at all then?

  • I'd be scared to be Colin's local postman

  • *curious kid sticks hand through letterbox*

  • Yeah but what about if they put your water bill through the door?

  • Now he’s made a ISchats channel called colincrush 😂😂😂 Asmr channel lol

  • OMG, you are nuts man... good nuts. Great video Colin

  • Colin = brill

  • Or you can buy a sign that says "no junk mail"

  • You amaze me. That’s all.

  • I am pretty sure that Colin is the epitome of what I must look like when I'm around my friends or what my friends say what I look and or act like 😁. He really makes me understand what my friends see and talked to me about me being all animated like... an I couldn't love it anymore an want more (like what sum of my friends have said to me). Colin you are oh so delightful and don't ever change. I have been watching you for some time meow and it never gets old! It doesn't matter what your doing you is always entertaining, funny, informative and very enlightening. It puts a smile on my face every time, an I thank you for that...🖤😏

    • What are you going on about?

  • What if he shreds something thats important

  • No worries, my cat does the job quite nicely.

  • It's all fun and games until he ends up shredding his eviction notice.

  • What about a pulse jet powered shredder? Any takers?

  • looks absolutely safe. I would let my kids play with this at any time.

  • Next time, do the same buy with bigger holes to add some bearings to your shafts...

  • when your bills come through

  • This man is a genius. I installed a tube that runs from toilet into the mailbox.

  • I see you're eading your own book, is that a new level of narcizm? xD

  • 1.13 we got ourselves a hexagon shaft.. just wish I had a hexagon shaft :(

  • No more junk mail? Now all mail is junk!

  • Your billionaire grandfathers will comes through the post

  • Nice will it do tires?

  • @colinfurze, if you have tax papers coming through the letterbox, and your shredder shreds it up, your tax collector is not going to be pleased with your taxes not making it in.

  • Collins gangsta until he gets a check for a million dollars in the mail or not

  • Furze number one!

  • But what if you have mail that you need

  • Hunny were are this months bills? Oooooooh shi.....

  • Note to self, dont put fingers in Colin's post box

  • So you are wearing a tie when working in the shop. Nice craftsmanship. But you know that paper shredders are as cheap as $30.

  • cool shredder, can I get the template of the blade ? thanks

  • It took me 8 weeks and a lot of( wrongness )to make my shredder for scrapping metals but it's a beast it can cut through 6mm steel sheeting but I only use it for copper but that being said you only made it for junk mail

  • This guy was like my woodwork teacher in school he was crazy too

  • cool way of work :)

  • Great music, good video too

  • Wearing a tie in a workshop using power tools is not a great idea. colin: 10M subs and still breathing.

  • Caisey Neistat should get one

  • I find it amazing how skilled he is. He can build just about anything.

  • I wish I could do this in animal crossing for the mail my villagers send

  • I need one!

  • The man just broached a key way with a hammer

  • Tesla should hire him ....

  • Other ISchats DIY Channels: *"Now, in the most professional way, we will be doing this most professional thing with professional-grade quality and narration. Because this is a professional channel."* Colin: *OHHHHHH I'M BROACHING A KEYWAY WITH MY FOOOOOTTT!!!* *Proceeds to dance in front of plasma cutter.* Never change, Colin.

  • Postmen in the UK must have terrible back pains with these ridiculous floor-level ass letter slots

  • you sold it yet or made one to run off a jcb power take off as after one for shredding bumpers

  • It’s not aliminieum! It’s aluminum ! 😂

  • Your friend owes you 500£ so you sends you a check... through the mail... and it gets shredded