Birt 8 des 2019
It's Finished and it looks a beauty so we had to chuck a few Jet engines in for good measure.
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  • I say Collin is like the real life version of Dr. Brief from Dragon Ball , you never know what crazy invention he'll think up next, also that hover bike video made me think if he used 3d printed parts he could upgrade that design even more.

  • I do not like the music you use in your videos. Some heavy mettle shit.. But the content of the videos is good.

  • The only thing different between men and boys is the price of their toys 👨‍👧🕶

  • Yes but why

  • Just slap on some headlights and you can turn that into a car

  • Steering wheel is on the wrong side. Lmao... lol

  • Would be cool to find a jet or rocket engine that's powerful enough to make this or a design similar to this fly into the air from a runway. Since wingless technology is a thing and all.

  • Jeezus. Are fucking kidding me??? Made by hand! gotta love it. Although the one in the first movie looked bigger.

  • where do you keep all this stuff once it's finished?

  • 2:38 😂

  • This guy is living the future someone should hire this guy

  • @4:29 why did you use a mannequin hand for this shot? seems kinda redundant?

  • I need to know what happened to this? Like damn I just want this

  • You are a legend

  • This dude is making every kids dream real

  • LS Swap the thing

  • He should stick a Tesla engine in it

  • gordon ramsay in an alternate universe where he became an engineer

  • 4:29 FYI: 98% of you missed the doll hand, the other 2%, welcome to the club!

  • If this was lego we would have a UCS Luke's Landspeeder

  • Throw away your Delorean and use this for everyday use and buy a van to carry home products

  • Drive it to work every day!

  • Yes you can use this as your everyday vehicle👍 but not to carry home products

  • His kids better be grateful

  • Lal so that's how real jet engines look ... OK totally legit stuff

  • Ima makes this with my grandpa at his property and rides around in a land speeder. Just without the jets

  • 4:30 Is that a fake plastic hand?

  • The most amazing thing to me about this is you can park it on your drive and it didn't get nicked, wouldn't have lasted a day in my area.

  • Tesla model S stripdown? Motors & batteries from one of them should get it shifting 😂

  • No time to re-take the market vendor dropping the coin LOL

  • Genius total!!

  • What the it actually work with mirror

  • jimquisition

  • I was wondering if in future there should be a flying car

  • now it needs to hover .

  • Would love to see this project again.

  • you shold make a submarine

  • I love that slow smile

  • You sure.. are a legend

  • I would love to see you try and build the classic Eagle space ship from the TV show Space 1999. But it may be a bit to large to attempt... man i loved that ship.

  • Super !!!

  • Alternate title: Collin builds a car

  • What he made was so epicccccccc

  • I hope nobody steals your speeder because that speeder sticks out

  • That's very dangerous, because it looked as if the engine was gonna explode 🌋

  • It does look cool, but the speeder doesnt hover

  • Beautiful girl

  • Awesome

  • 2:52 my PS4 at 2:00 am

  • 2:39 was there a little bit of Obiwan Kenobi here ?


  • Would've been a bit more impressive if this was designed around a modern hovercraft platform. It would've lloked slightly different with an air skirt around it, but mechanically, it'd also allow you to go a lot faster since you're no longer competing with ground friction. The trusters on the back would then become the main thrusters for the system and dramatically reduce weight as the effectiveness of EV's is limited to how much dead battery weight can be hauled without effecting performance. Elimitating this system entireley would allow the craft to experience far less performance decrease as it doesn't have the extra weight to carry anymore.

  • His kid like expressions and behavior make me feel happy that he’s happy

  • Rotary engine? It's half way to having the right sound......

  • If i loose my head I'd want to become Colin.

  • Instead of wheels maybe it could have been made as a ground effect vehicle.

  • Imagine if there was giant fans under it so it actually floats

  • that mmmmmmm is funny

  • Oh man I tough it was floating ;(

  • May the force be with you

  • That horrible "music" really makes these videos hard to watch

  • 5:00 How did you drive that on a public road? I'm sure it's not street legal

    • Oh, I should read the text on the screen before commenting

  • 10/10 want one

  • and he’s still alive.amazing

  • vegangains

  • You should team up with Mark Rober

  • That is cool

  • I mean he has all his limbs attached

  • Bu araçla sokakta gezmek, komik doğrusu

  • Make it jet powered

  • Now go Drivetru

  • i got so excited when i saw the jet engines

  • How about u turn its into a boat

  • Colin furze..mean colin fart in german..he rides jets lol nice build.

  • diplo

  • E

  • Glad you didn't get a wild hair up your parts unmentionable and try to propel this with C Stoff, S or T Stoff

  • Police: [Pulls Colin over for speeding] "Papers sir" Colin: SCISSORS!! [Drives away in his jet-powered landspeeder from star wars]


  • And just like the real landspeeder engine caught on fire and burnt

  • His last words- “aren’t these things supposed to be jet powered?”

  • That is awesome

  • I was about to say... Jet pow... Oh. Should have been a pulse jet Colin.

  • i can imagine just goin to work every day in a sexy jet powered go cart

  • Your steering wheel's on the wrong side btw. :)

  • It’s cool but it’s it, road legal

  • Did one of the jets blow

  • All it needs is jet engines

  • yo you can buy a jet engene on Ebay holy shiz sign me up @colinfurze

  • Well Done Furzie!!

  • you must be swimming in money to afford to do all these Star Wars projects. need to wear safety glasses while fabricating these projects. Just sayin

  • That’s awesome dude!

  • This channel has the best music choices by far.

  • You should make Anakin's Jedi Interceptor from Episode 3

  • colin did you buy the jet from ebay ?

  • all his neighbors must be like 'wtf is colin doing now'

  • You just ask for a spaceship and he will build it

  • Get it registered

  • Can this swim

  • Be better if u got the SoapGirls in it, playin their music.