Birt 8 des 2019
It's Finished and it looks a beauty so we had to chuck a few Jet engines in for good measure.
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  • 😆😆👏👌🚀🚀🇬🇧

  • Did he just say: To celebrate The Rise Of Skywalker?

  • Grab some power converter's

  • you dropped a coin in the market lol

  • Nice, can you build the cars in the 1965 scifi Wild Wild Planet?

  • he should build the millennium falcon

  • It would need reg number

  • Would need to be made road legal

  • Hi is it for sale Land speeder

  • Makes me wonder if you could not make it hover in the same way a harrier jump jet does lol

  • You have just become my favorite you tuber channel. Can i buy that landspeeder ? Please please!

  • Ummmm....I don't want to be that person but,its got it's basically a grown man driving a reliant Robin with jet boosters on the back

  • i am speed

  • Imagine seeing this in the driveway

  • He looks a lot like Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan!

  • We've got jet engines 😂😂😂... mental, what a bloke 🤘👊👍👍

  • Is it just me or should colin and mark rover do a collaboration ?🤔

  • Upgrade it now


  • Looks cool. But can you make it hover?

  • That’s marvellous

  • Police: pulls Colin over Colin: “this is not the car you’re looking for”

  • Lol outstanding

  • I think you are an AMAZING fellow!...............Can i ask? Where you born into money$ Or are you just a very smart self-made man?

  • Jesus Christ loves you God bless family

  • 4:07 no wheels huh?

  • something tells me that this guy like star wars...

  • Where can I buy this things

  • One question, is it road safe? If so WHERE CAN I BUY IT

  • Technically that's a jet powered golf cart

  • 4:29 well that was a totally unnecessary fake hand...

  • Of course he added jets

  • Make a lightsaber And C3PO And the millennium Falcon And a stormtrooper laser gun

  • This man is the real life Rick

  • This shit street legal

  • this guy deserves every cent he earn on you tube and even more good luck colin

  • check out the old SSP cars we used to play with. they only had one wheel in the center. the wheel was heavy so you get all that great angular momentum for control. zoom zoom. heck if I know how you'd steer it - probably with a rudder (or just using pressure against the wheel's force). They stayed straight though - and upright. need some small wing skids for when it slowed down though.

  • Reduce the friction by make it hovercraft.

  • ebai

  • Now do it as a hovercraft.

  • I for one just hate STAR WARS

  • is he forgetting that its core is nearly completely wood

  • Well done! Instead of upgrading the motor, why not make it into a proper hovercraft!


  • who else noticed the fake hand on 4:30

  • Eu quero ver você fazer ele vua

  • Hey Colin how do you store all the massive stuff you make?

  • this guy is livng every boy's dream

  • You should give it away to a lucky subscriber, like me for instance.

  • How does this guy not have a job at lucisfilm studios

  • It's ok but ever since the XP-38 came out they really aren't worth very much

  • Next upgrade : No more wheels !

  • They also put vaseline on the bottom of the camera lens for the film to blur the wheels

  • Y E S

  • The only thing that can make that thing better is to take it off the land hydrofoils underneath of it and better jet engines and make it float across the top of the water and not in it, someday I might like to try to copy this but make it a hydrofoil boat.

  • Had to make it right had drive didn't you?

  • Very Nice Bro Keep It Up

  • Now all you need to do is fix the three new sequel movies..... incredible build.

  • why did you not make it a hovercraft. it probably would have given more speed with the jets having some big propellers below it or perhaps a whole load of jet engines below it and a bunch of air intake tubes on the sides connected to the jets below. you were so close to a real science fiction like wingless flying machine. i think you probably have to be really crazy to do what you do.

  • Can u put this in nitro type

  • Where does he put all his projects lol

  • You and Hacksmith ought to team up!

  • I wonder how much of a difference the jet engines make

  • i liked it bare steel colored better

  • 4:05 oh noooo🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Put a license plate on it and start driving it around

  • Great videos, but always have the *worse* music ever.

  • Awesome as always "may the Furze be with you" :)

  • Looks like something from "The Jetsons". lol

  • Love how i'm watching this nearly a full year later XD

  • What engines were used?

  • The real question is- Where does he store all these? And HOW does he move them to said storage?

  • Anyone see the girl in black taking a video of him in it @ 5:51

  • (visiter in colins town) what the bloody hell is that (People who are used to it)ahh it’s just colins land speeder

  • I say Collin is like the real life version of Dr. Brief from Dragon Ball , you never know what crazy invention he'll think up next, also that hover bike video made me think if he used 3d printed parts he could upgrade that design even more.

  • I do not like the music you use in your videos. Some heavy mettle shit.. But the content of the videos is good.

  • The only thing different between men and boys is the price of their toys 👨‍👧🕶

  • Yes but why

  • Just slap on some headlights and you can turn that into a car

  • Steering wheel is on the wrong side. Lmao... lol

  • Would be cool to find a jet or rocket engine that's powerful enough to make this or a design similar to this fly into the air from a runway. Since wingless technology is a thing and all.

  • Jeezus. Are fucking kidding me??? Made by hand! gotta love it. Although the one in the first movie looked bigger.

  • where do you keep all this stuff once it's finished?

  • 2:38 😂

  • This guy is living the future someone should hire this guy

  • @4:29 why did you use a mannequin hand for this shot? seems kinda redundant?

  • I need to know what happened to this? Like damn I just want this

  • You are a legend

  • This dude is making every kids dream real

  • LS Swap the thing

  • He should stick a Tesla engine in it

  • gordon ramsay in an alternate universe where he became an engineer

  • 4:29 FYI: 98% of you missed the doll hand, the other 2%, welcome to the club!

  • If this was lego we would have a UCS Luke's Landspeeder

  • His kids better be grateful

  • Lal so that's how real jet engines look ... OK totally legit stuff

  • Ima makes this with my grandpa at his property and rides around in a land speeder. Just without the jets

  • 4:30 Is that a fake plastic hand?

  • The most amazing thing to me about this is you can park it on your drive and it didn't get nicked, wouldn't have lasted a day in my area.

  • Tesla model S stripdown? Motors & batteries from one of them should get it shifting 😂