Birt 17 nóv 2019
More POWER......BIGGER Wheel........Thats going to be better. So with 600cc and 4 cylinders we can spin up way faster and bigger wheels to do some proper damage.
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  • Here we go lets get some real momentum behind these RIP-TIRES. So on this video I went back to filming myself but the camera dude doing the editing.......Thoughts and feedback internet. Part 3 on Furzday when we let the big wheels lose.

    • Why don’t you put a gas power post hole digger in a tractor tire instead

    • So i have a stupid idea make the top half of the spikes on the wheels retract like on a spring so when it is on the ground it doses not go into the ground it just sits there and you can still have traction but it looks like the real thing

    • Now time for a mech

    • hi

    • Manda salve pra mim

  • Put it in like 5th gear and get it to like 120mph and let it rip

  • 1:10 this dude can throw some dimes

  • How could you destroy that kawasaki 😭

  • Stripping a motorcycle for a useless project

  • Lol I'm sure the neighborhood parents are like: keep the kids inside, he is out doing crazy things again. . . And again lol

  • If there were grips on the guiding rails of the wheel it would spend less time losing momentum on the rail

  • Good god he wasn't kidding when he said spikes... full send brotha

  • This emotional hurt me....

  • Look at the chicken strips must have supersized that order

  • From now and on, Im including this dude in my "TESLA TOP LIST" of guys that this planet needs if we want out dreams to come true... And idk why i had not done yet :)

  • This confirms he is junkrat

  • The damn thing had such good looking paint too. :(

  • What kind of welder do you use?

  • How was this already 10 months ago.

  • who else remembers "fly wheels" ???

  • Beautiful bike poor baby

  • I hope he put it back together

  • As a biker the 1st 5 mins brought me great pain

  • Colin Furze is actually just junk rat...

  • What’s with Colin and mutilating innocent motorbikes

  • Try to make it street legal

  • You're the hardware store best costumer

  • Yeah didn’t think it all through did you

  • You are a bloody idiot, ruined a perfect Zx6 ninja, idiot

  • Me: alright time to a actually get some homework done! ISchats:

  • I have that same exact Kawasaki. Only difference is mine is black.

  • Colin, I love your videos. But if OSHA saw any of them they’d have you killed

  • Not the kawasaki

  • Fuck sake shift gears on the bike

  • Or u could have just used a chain saw motor and put it in the tire and use a big barring so it can spin and u can stop it by using a kill switch

  • Like number 111:000

  • best sound EVER 0:30

  • we can not find the money to get these guys in turkey engine and the car engine apart

  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Kind of land torpedos.

  • That's top gun bike

  • That was such a nice bike! 😔 Murderer! 👿

  • Elon needs to get Colin into SpaceX

  • The mighty ZZR 600

  • Love it ! Great better than tv 📺😍. Greets from Germany

  • Make a man careing drone

  • Wow lost count of how many times I’ve see this love it

  • please promote my channel

  • put rubber strips on the bar guides so it slip off faster.

  • can you add Indonesian subtitles dude ?

  • Now fit it to a tank ! .......

  • that bike was a legend

  • "Does the insurance pay this damage?🤔"

  • The Colin furze fidget spinner

  • Rip kawasaki

  • Next up. Furze build a Jetpowerd Sledge hammer.

  • Man I need that fuel tank for my bike lmfao

  • BelAZ 75710 tire, please.

  • One of your cooler builds for sure, love it!

  • I need those front fairings lol

  • This guy could take over the world if he wanted too. Does he have an engineering degree or is he just like bob lazar before the aliens?

  • Make the drop off smoother. Roll some steel so it sets it down !!!!!! Hopefully you see this ! Might get more grip and less wheel hop

  • Imagine riding around shooting tyres at 12 ftp

  • Tires are the enemy

  • shes a rippa

  • Good music choice

  • മൈരൻ

  • Before the world went all crazy....

  • ?

  • In toms dad’s car!!!

  • I would absolutely love to see this with a larger engine. Like a V8 with a huge wheel spinning a smaller tire so it’s borderline spinning apart before ejecting into another dimension

  • Slap a Chevy big block on her

  • This makes me sad

  • Tyre*

  • I imagine his neighbors hate him

  • Who else wonders how many sport bikes he has bought

  • Do you do drugs an if so wet do u get them I want to buy from your mates👏🏼👏🏼😎

  • The uk in a bloody marviless such a witty channel golly good show Carnage 👌👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🍷🍷🍷🍾🍾🍾

  • Stock raving mad I love it🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🍾🍾👌😁

  • My dream bike :(

  • Years watching these videos, since I was in school ... And I still don't tire and get excited with all the inventions! I hope you continue to exist and change the world of boring things

  • 100% if he gave me that bike I’d return it to normal

  • As a biker this was actually really painful to watch :(

  • now put 20 pounds of plastic explosives inside the tire air tube thingy and a timer bam

  • Why do you destroy this nice bike😭

  • Ughh.. That Kawasaki

  • Ohh motocycle😢

  • I love the music you put in your videos

  • Let’s just be happy he doesn’t use everything he has to take over the world

  • What kind of car does he hit with the car tire? It looks beautiful! I love small 4wds just like that, but we don’t have too many options like it in the US. :(

  • Blizzard? i'm out, sorry, can't watch this one.

  • A $6000 bike.......truly a nad lad

  • Sad motorcycle noises

  • 2020 I beg of you to subscribe for my channel to you all, wish you good health. AMEN

  • Who else was sad that he just abliterated a perfectly nice Kawasaki???

    • @sebasaiello that's just sad to me, but I see ur point

    • Me

    • Not the first time he scraps perfectly good motorcycles, i've come to accept that in order to enable his greatness some bikes must be sacrificed


  • Who else thought the tire would hit him? 7:22

  • خبل😂👌

  • I need airplanes from 600cc sportbike

  • Poor zzr

  • Cara louco do caraaaaaaio

  • Are u selling the bike😂😂

  • The bike rest in pieces

  • 07:23 how to open a car