Setting up/Testing the 700 Rocket Mushroom Rig

Birt 5 júl 2018
With the colinfurze channel rolling over the 6 Million that means fireworks and this time I just want chaos so I've built a rig that can hold 700 Rockets but will it set fire to the ground or the forklift, will they go of in the rig or in the sky or will they all break each other sending light n sparks my all sounds good so subscribe so you don't miss this.
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  • 3 wise men in safety ties

  • where's the second part of this video?

  • 2:02 It Says Bender *Just A Futurama Character*


  • 2020 ☝🏼

  • and when you've finished with it you can put a nice top on it and use it as a table.

  • dude, the amount of youtube money that firework company must've made

  • 1) That was not Rick using the bender, because every time HE uses the bender, it's raining. 2) Super Tom was hilarious!

  • I think I saw this on the Dukes of Hazzard once ?

  • Say are those Rockets from TEXAS ?

  • Wtf where was the launch? Thats a dislike.

  • Accidentally makes a huge lawn dining table

  • I have three very unique pyro ideas that have never been seen that would be perfect for this show. One involves a salute and the effect is called a Screaming Lady.

  • That fuckin hand! HAHAHAHA! Gets me everytime. Just when you think its never coming back.

  • Lucky man...I'm from southern Oregon and I'm pretty sure you could single-handedly set fire to the whole of our state with a stunt like that. Haha. You're not allowed to fart too loudly within a 100 feet of an ignition source in this state!

  • Colin furze, making things up since 2006.

  • This guy must do alot of illegal stuff. Here in netherlands your arrested for everything but smoking dope

  • swastika of fire 6:15

  • Slo mo guys + Colin furze 🎆💥

  • 2:44 damn he t h i c c

  • I thought he made a swastika at 6:13

  • 5:58 😂😂😂😂 almost crapped myself

  • do u guys know penn and teller? those magicians guys... here rick is like teller, one who doesn't speak but plays almost equal role as what colin does.

  • Mate, you think that’s dry, look at South Australia!

  • I just subscribe

  • Does everyone tell you to no do this or shut up ?

  • Isnt it ironic how hes british but does a huge firework special the day after the fourth of july

  • Shortcut: use a patio table. : ).

  • The chef ramsay of mechanics and science 😆

  • And now you've hit seven million. I cannot wait to see what madness comes next!

  • Fireworks scarry dogs and they are bad for autism kids

  • O god almost 7mil

  • ile rakiet!!!!

  • 1:49 lol - but not funny

  • 😀😀😎

  • Just like a penis.

  • Coolest moment bebe

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  • 6.21min how did you built it

  • How did you built the firework launcher?

  • Pls stop ✋ what you are doing it is weally scawy!!!

  • You guys are polluting the environment

  • surprising no fire swastika comments that's a new one pleas don't hate me

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  • π * dm * α : 360

  • You could have used it as a table after

  • inscrito desde 1k

  • Where is the 700 ROCKET

  • very cool

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  • Fuck you click bater

  • already aproaching 7 mil, at 6.8 right now! Concrats Colin. If anyone deserves it, it's you... even if most of what you do is incredibly dangerous. One thing I would like to see more of though (if you're looking suggestions) is more functional stuff, like the retractable roof video before this one.

  • When he said Lincolnshire I became well more focused as I’m from Lincoln. I was just like WTF!! 😳

  • Dear Colin Furze, I was simply wondering do you sleep with a angle grinder and a welder??? Just wondering.

  • helo vietNam

  • 7 mil' In '18?

  • oelala nice Massey Ferguson you got there

  • He should supply and mastermind the London New Year’s Eve fireworks display xD

  • Stop shouting

  • Omg I live in Lincoln (the one in the uk)

  • Chal chutiye

  • 2:44 you're welcome

  • Rocket Fan !!!

  • you are fAER BOY

  • faer boy

  • You are amazing bro

  • I want these many rockets my self :c

  • What a legend! XD You have to bring your lookalike on.. ofcourse I mean Mr. Ewan McGregor (well you sort of look the same)

  • انتا لستا مهير

  • Man sadly epic fireworks is in the uk would be nice to have an american retailer that ships 😢

  • How many rockets you got cuz you said 600 then 700 then 300😂😂😂👍

  • Ayus

  • Please engineer us a Real bottle Rocket!!

  • OMG my new fav channel a have always loved building wish I had money to do that.

  • Where is the second vid?

  • you should build a plane

  • ive been watching since 300k

  • Rick and morty

  • I would love to see you work with an American inventor with the same capability as yourself the difference between metric and standard though would cause fights I'm telling you cuz I can't even use metric I can use standard but that's America that's how we were raised

  • Where is it

  • I’ve had an idea the first little parts could be tend into a table

  • 1:38

  • I like the sound effects

  • He’s operating the bender 😂

  • 1:50 lmfao 😂


  • that was expensive

  • Ok, where is the link to the video of you setting these off? I got all the way to the end, and was bitterly disappointed that you didn't include shooting them off in this video. Another thing: does this guy respond to comments on his channel? I don't subscribe to channels where the owner can't be bothered to respond to comments.

  • as smart as you are , there are more efficient ways to light the rockets. More efficient, cheap, labor..

  • 3:37 RIP Go pro

  • muahahaah Colin FURZE .... LOL

  • adds a we had water to put it out note on the video but we all know they didnt have any water lol maybe like a few water bottles.

  • That's such a was of fireworks

  • 350k in 2 weeks. Well Done


  • You are a good pyro! :P

  • Make that 6.3mil.. Cuz new 300k+ subs within a week

  • T H I C C 2:44

  • Nice grill :)