Ultimate Hiding Hacks #2 Expanding Magic Lamp

Birt 20 ágú 2019
My challenge is make the ultimate snack hiding places for Walkers Crisps so what better than a Magic Lamp Shade.
See the Mystery Door here ischats.info/fun/aNmTeqediHOFZq4/v-deo
See the Flip out TV here ischats.info/fun/gclqgWF1oIiPeIQ/v-deo
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  • Now i know where to look😂👌

  • And you get your "crisps" out...I must state that by crisps I mean My 4 ounces of weed/columbian marching powder!

  • I think I know how you pay him

  • I love your videos Colin. You don't look as good as back in 2006 14 years ago.. But then again the same goes for me (I'm 30 since oktober :( ). Love the content m8. Keep up the good work.

  • This guy season objects with him chips perhaps

  • 🔥

  • your kids watching the videos will find out exactly where all your hiding spots are. Crisps won`t be safe on youtube.

  • why?

  • why you didnt made the pipe thats holding the lamp go down so you can reach it

  • These are the two best things about Colin: He never gives up on a project, no matter how much harder it is than he thought it would be, And he never takes all the credit for himself, he always says we, because there are other people doing this as well.

  • The hack smith but british

  • Nobody: Drug dealers:write that down ,write that down.

  • When you're moving house: "Oi Colin mate, why's this floor lamp weigh 200 pounds?!?"

  • Put breakfast in it

  • i really want that old lady that says what a load of rubbish in every vidieo +

  • Did anyone else notice the fake hand at 2:44 ?

  • I absolutely hate crisps but I could do with these hiding spaces for my chocolate 🤪

  • They paid to have these people come round but not to be in the same room as you?

  • 5:33 Gary: *What sorcery is this?*

  • Ah! My new meth storage! My compact lab is in the door of my room

  • part-time youtuber, full time MI 6 agent.

  • In Ukraine, these are chips Lays )))

  • love the rock songs you put in the video.😃

  • For 1 $ snacks you use 1000$ machine.

  • Hi

  • legend has it Colin still has shitty music taste

  • I love how he just sits there for a second and then eats a quaver

  • Is Gary the soccer play that shat him self

  • Bruhhhh it’s not called crips it called chips

  • If my grandfather would underdtand all dis he would love dis

  • Hi! What the name of that machine that you use for cutting metal with laser???

  • He hidding his snacks ohh shit where is his money

  • Finally he admits that *World Domination* is his end goal!

  • Does it work with drugs? Asking for a friend.

  • I love the cop dude hope he shows up more often if just provide random comments and disappears 😂

  • What happens if his family sees his videos?

  • Who else here is a drug Lord

  • We gonna ignore his nails?

  • Colin: I'll use some cardboard Colin 3 seconds later: Starts cutting metal...

  • Hey, how about making a box and making it look like it was a cancelled project and hide them in there

  • Top gear should hire this guy

  • i would not look at the inside of this lamp casually and be like ah,yes a snack hider

  • I hate when company’s provide the perfect looking bags that clearly haven’t been opened. I have no idea how anyone thinks that that looks better or more natural than just a opened bag of normal crisps.

  • This video is sponsored by Quavers™®

  • Could have based it on spinning the lamp shade

  • Next video: Hiding crisps inside of a toaster


  • Imagine selling his house...

  • If this guy ever becomes a dealer he’s sorted

  • 1:40 yea nice idea Colin bwuuuuu neeee bwuuuuu neeee

  • the logo looks a lot like the (I think only american) lays chips

    • @Bayani oh ok

    • PepsiCo owns Lays and Walkers which is why the logos are the same

  • I reckon that the first place to search would be where what was recently changed or introduced into the space The trick here would be to make it look like nothing’s changed

  • Do walkers send you special packets that haven't been crimped at the top for the on screen moments? They look like props that have had the crisps put in rather than real packets.

  • It lays

  • Is that his wife??? Are we blessed with his wifes presence????

  • Thanks obiwan kenobi

  • I'm guessing Walkers is the EU version of Lays

  • The fact that the opener dosn"t blend with the lamp.if you would like cut the few piece of the lamp,that would blend

  • Drug dealer be like: Hmmmmmmmm maybe

  • ischats.info/fun/ncebeXmhZH6dm6o/v-deo Go

  • Well lays and wavers are basically the same thing cause the lays logo on the quavers bag :/

  • Guess people have

  • Crisps = chips

  • Whats is Walkers is That like a knockofff of lays

  • When you spend 1 week trying to hide your snacks and the detictive comes in and left up your lamp:" do you put sand in your lamps or someting?"

  • make hidden beer/soda fridge living room floor that rise when press one of the tv remove button

  • Is Walkers just off brand Lay's???

    • @Minetrooper9 Lay's came like 15 years before walkers

    • Other way round i think

  • Did this now the cockroaches are confused

  • No one: Special ED kids after two seconds with silence: 1:41

  • Why are they eating out of fake packets

  • Man Colin... the one thing I love about you is everything is so complex

  • Do you want me to tell my Grandad about you he loves making stuff is in the shed all day

  • i wonder how much of this man's audience is actually british

  • He pbb is using it for condoms now 😂😂

  • I think ill just invest in a lock

  • So walkers is like lays, looks like the same logo just a different name

  • You Boris Johnson? Yes? But I am Putin

  • The way this man explains everything as absolutely breathtaking. Especially with his very intense English accent

  • who is here from 2023?

  • I keep my crisps in my pillows

  • I want one how much

  • every kid who eats in class takin notes

  • Now this is the one I would make cause I don’t have to get up off the couch to get em

  • Wot if his kids watch the video

  • I love your inventions!

  • Walkers is lays in usa

  • Colin is a real life Wallace

  • those chips are the basicly lays but with a diffrent name

  • Do u want to sell that

  • d-pad power

  • 😂🤣😂🤣 world domination 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Yesssssssssssssesswwe

  • so are Walkers the European form of Lays, or are Lays the American form of Walkers?

  • I hide my crisps in my printers paper tray

  • Are you sponsored by Walkers?

  • Colin fartie

  • so near the end of his life his house will become a museum to showcase off how much storage and secrets it has in such a small property. then there will be more secrets to be found that go unpublished and unfound (as it is a museum) for dozens of years. Hek, even videos of those secrets can be on a timed release of his channel for years after his passing. A legend, this man shall become.

  • I don’t know if you already have but have you done a video that highlights your selection of tools ? Like a workshop tour ?

  • makes a lamp that wheigts fucking 50 kg

  • Thanks, now my parents will never find the drugs in my room