Flaming DIY BMX Jam - Furze World Wonders (Ep 1)

Birt 28 sep 2017
Facing an onslaught of urban development, a BMX enthusiast and his pals turn to Colin Furze for an epic pyro-infused DIY-skate park.
Partner Rating - TV PG
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0:00 Intro
1:47 The Ask
4:58 The Space
6:03 The Build
9:58 Building The Pyrotechnics
13:51 The Course
15:36 A BMX Jam
19:15 The Firework Wheel


  • Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

  • ఆ ఆi love u girl.

  • I love this movie.

  • Colin furze: professional madman and flatlandland bmx'er

  • Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

  • The psychedelic cook ontogenically cure because mattock rapidly hope mid a small birch. petite, heavenly heavy hellish chinese

  • this is like gadget geeks without tom and charles, this format needs all 3

  • Collin Looks like Gordon Ramsay

  • vm.tiktok.com/ZSb2dq4s/ 🔥🔥🔥

  • I love it amazing

  • Ya not interested. Fuck tv feel

  • Lol

  • basically the how to win at everything guy but ISchats version

  • Ssd

  • A bit uncomfortable to watch...

  • So that’s we’re that big group of bickers we’re going

  • If you don't like fireworks do you know colinfurze

  • Wow this has inspired me to bmx to nice

  • ive met two of them

  • tes

  • Joyride 150

  • I lick how the main bmx guy doesn’t have a helmet on

  • The title says diy and the video says do not attempt witch is it?

  • Hey colin my town and city has 0% bmx/skate parks, reply if you would like to help.

  • I want to buy the FWW shirt.

  • So many cringe comments and so many dislikes, sad. If any of you had a chance to ride this temp-park you wouldn't be so salty about the production value.



  • Wait... colin had a tv show?

  • Your Lamborghini can't do tricks can't it? Just a joke don't take it seriously.

  • You don’t want to be blown away when talking about fireworks

  • where is the saftey tie

  • Was this built in Toronto.

  • Meyc fier proof armo

  • it feels like a documentary, not like a furze vid

  • 13:28 best part of the show, and it's because they went off script.

  • "Fireworks fireworks fireworks fireworks"

  • It doesn't feel like Colin's other videos, most likely because its not an English plumber making things in his shed.

  • Can you make a jetpack

  • Wow. Im sorry i watched this fake video. Garage buildt was fun and entertaing.

  • 4:50 It's 11pm, and I'm watching somebody riding a BMX in a shirt and a tie... What have I became?

  • I hate fiwoks cos da spat in my face

  • Collin please move to the us it would be so awesome for you!! Just something to consider 😉

  • Camping fuel evaporates fast I know I worked with Coleman you have maybe 60 seocnds before vapors disapate

  • Hasn't youtube learned. Everything they make is craep, and I don't think they realize it, but when you buy Colin off to do your own stunt, and not let him just try to slap things together, it ruins the Colin we love. End World Wonders, and let Colin continue trying to kill himself with pulsejets. Because that's what we like, a maniac British man wearing a tie around a Lathe, strapping engines to a Bicycle, and juking death all the time.

  • Can you please make me a BMX park in like you in my backyard or like a place where I can show you more maybe not in my backyard but like a BMX park as I am a ride or so so I do you want my friends to come over and do BMX is because like so we can party like Hooligan’s and

  • Very MTV Col.. Similar to watching 'Pimp my ride'. Way to over produced! Stay here in good ole England.. Keep doing what you've been doing for the last decade, its why nearly 10 Million people have subscribed. As others have stated, like watching American TV... Unfortunately 😔.

  • 2:20 the bike was locked by the tire so they stole the rest of the bike and left the tire hahahahahha

  • Make a bike replace the rubber with fireworks and should shoot them Street

  • Never give a madman a bottle of fuel.

  • gordan ramsay

  • This Episode sucked

  • No inventé una malina del futuro

  • Soy el único que habla español en este PUTO LUGAR!!!

  • Everyone acted like this was the end of Colin's good content, as soon as this series finished he went back to his normal vids, dumbasses jumped the gun

  • Yooooooo

  • O bixo e ruim

  • Even youtube red made colinfurze boring.

  • Please Colin, don't go this way. I loved your videos that said "dreamed up and filmed by Colin Furze".

  • www.leetchi.com/c/velo-et-equipement-pour-anniversaire for a birthday

  • Great idea great video

  • แลมโบ้

  • ا

  • I like your crazy ideas

  • 👈🏽

  • He'll yea! Not expecting that

  • Só artistas

  • You should put a motor on the wheel

  • I understand why people are complaining, but it was still awesome imo. Just enjoy this for what it is. Colin did not change, his videos are still the same they where before this. And im sure he got a good paycheck. I also didn't know Colin was a BMX pro. Thats awesome.

  • Is that ur workshop

  • Recommended this why? Cuz i watched a video of a dude getting his stolen bike back? Felt completely pointless. tv

  • Not entirely sure why this got so much hate, this feels similar to your appearances on gadget geeks, I thought it was great!

  • When you watch this video it has something missing from your other videos but it also has something that’s not in your videos and that’s why I actually really like this series so please keep making them

  • Fuck

  • Find something to balance out with !

  • Colin you suck

  • I skatebord

  • Na 999

  • Ban

  • Are you aware of that furze means farting in swiss german? :-)

  • Si las series estuviesen traducidas al español me suscribirá a ISchats de pago

  • I think everyone else in the comments are just being ungrateful ik this is my opinion but not everyone can have red so you guys should appreciate it more in my opinion.

  • I ride pro bmx

  • Sell out

  • Кто русский лайк

  • Not the same colin, youtube stuck there grimy hands on your videos

  • To bad you went over To ISchats Red.. miss your videos so I’m leaving it was fun till you became a paid Chanel.. good luck 👍🏻🍀

  • Gordon Ramsey

  • Voice at Dream League soccer??

  • Furze = Fart in Germany. The Content match to the Name 😂

  • The title on german means: fart

  • Ь

  • Lij

  • This is where a ISchats channel becomes a reality tv show. It’s been nice knowing you Colin.

  • Not for me Colin ,

  • Warum furze da wird doch nicht gefurzt

  • In german "Furze Inferno" means "fart inferno" I thougt this Video is about farts

    • I'd watch that, I bet it would be... Fartastic

  • Тоже ищешь русских в комментариях? :D

  • Хуйня