How to Make a Remote Hose Pipe Controller

Birt 12 okt 2017
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Control your hose pipe with a button to water your garden or get the postman, this is another build from my book which is full of other great projects that are simple and can get you into creating your own inventions.
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  • Here we have another small project from the Furze book, what would you use it for....the garden or attack muhahaha. Link to get hold of the book yourself is in the description. Thanks to all that have bought it and are enjoying it. CF

    • Hey Colin just thinking couldn't you use this idea to make a home made sprinkler system as you could make it turn on or you could add a timer system also if you were able to get a decent amount of water pressure to go through the pipeing then it means that as the water goes through it could lift up some plastic covers so what the water hits the bottom of the cover and is spread evenly

    • I would use it as part of my

    • colinfurze I love watching your videos and I actually need to make this now what is the name of the pcb board and the valve so I can order them thanks

    • Can I give me the url for the remote vitriol stuff plz

    • Bsp? Nigga! It’s npt or death

  • does it matter what kind of cables i use?

  • Question, what’s the range for the remote??

  • My OCD going off because there isn't a drip of solder on any of the wires.

  • Does the water solenoid valve require water pressure to operate the closing and opening of the valve?

  • Now wire it to a sensor

  • Wow that's some useful duck tape!

  • Colin would you be able to make this that once you click the button the solenoid will only for for x amount of time?

  • God i wish colin was my neighbour. Your an absolute legend mate. Big love from Australia.

  • why not put the negative in to COM (Common)

  • My son and I watch one of your videos each night before bed, thanks! We love them! My son (5 years old) wanted me to ask you to build a hot wheel motorcycle. So, there you have it!

  • Hi Colin, You could do with a 1N4001 diode across the battery terminals (or power input on the relay) to stop arcing. Your relay could burn out! Place the white bar (cathode end) on the positive power terminal.

  • Note that garden hose isn't rated to permanently hold water pressure of 40-50 PSI that you get from municipal water supply in the U.S. After a while, it may spring a leak. If you only need a short bit of the supply side hose, clothes washer hose is strong enough and has the same fittings.

  • I would of just use a smart plug and plug on my water pump to it and use the app to turn on and off the water

  • Aww never seen a 12v battery so small

  • Hei man is your family

  • Colin, you need to make a "Furze-certified" monster hydroponic cannibas system capable of growing monster cannibas tree!!! Just imagine how much more you you get done when you're flying the cannibas skies!!!!!

  • I love the fact you use all RYOBI tools, which I've had for years and do the job admirably, but I wish we had access to the USA range, they have loads !!!!

  • Bu küçük devrelerle de uğraştığını gördüm ya artık ölebilirim :)

  • How about using a hole saw to create the top of the hole for the hose cutout and then using a hacksaw to cut to the outer edge of the hole to make a clean finish?

  • 6:13 Exactly the wrong way round.

  • Did we just skip over that we’re wiring in parallel but actually wired in series

  • @colinfurze ARE YOU OFF YOUR MEDS!!! No Flamethrower? Really?

  • Something is dead wrong with this video... Where's the lucky near-death experiences from new inventions?

  • Who are you and what have you done with Collin? All of his crafts are so random that it’s cool or destroys things.

  • Would there be a way to put it on a timer

    • ther is timer sercets on ebay

  • This is such a Fun 😂👍

  • Hey Colin I could use this to water my mums garden automatically or take down my enemies

  • The circuit is working correctly - you are wiring it wrong.

    • Open means Off and Closed means On.

  • Can't order your book. There's an error on the page

  • mass stick on de holes would be nice

  • LOL i always read it as NO = ON / it worked so who cares :)

  • 9.99m subs 🥳

  • Positive to com is likely designed as the on/off switch. =]

  • where's the turbojet version??

  • I'm deffo getting this book for my kids.

  • The reason the COMMON port has not a Voltage from the board is the right way,whatever voltage you put on the common port of the realay will spit it from the contacts.E.G input voltage(common) 220v ----> output (NC or NO) 220v if you put 9v on the input(common) it will give you 9v and goes on.

  • Sell some of ur stuff online

  • What are the Materials you use ? Etc. where did you purchase it

  • Super jealous American here seeing your water hose disconnect fittings, not like our slippery-when-wet leaky screw ones.

  • Bought your book today, thx Collin :)

  • Be mint if you could link it to Google 😉

  • Surprised no one else has mentioned this. The 2 wires for the cylinoid should be com and nc. There should be no reason to loop it back to the terminal at all.

  • Tell me why he reminds of the bunny that looks weird on Alice and wonderland

  • I'd probably try to find a toggling circuit instead so I don't have to hold the remote down. Or have the remote trigger a 30 minute timer. Either way, book FINALLY ordered. I'll tweak the circuit to suit the needs (no more forgetting the sprinkler's running over the weekend...)

  • Cats are ganna get it now loool

  • It's actually comforting to see, that even plumpers plug the hoses first before they remember to mount the hose clips first.

  • You rule, Colin!

  • Colin must make a legendary dad!

  • After seeing this i bought the book off Amazon.

  • Jubilee clips, love it!

  • I REALLY liked this video. Wiring always gets me and you did a great job explaining things! Really enjoy ALL of your videos!

  • Do you have a link to your book?

  • haha put a pressure sensor on that sidewalk


  • This would be a great deterrent for annoying solicitors, or dogs who crap in your lawn. Door bell rings, "Who is it?" "Have you let Jesus-CHRISTAAH! AAAH! What the devil!?" "Mwuahahaha." Or when you see that awful neighbor letting their dog dump on your lawn, teach them both a lesson! Haha I think I'm gonna make one of these. For research purposes of course!

  • i wonder if they sell these for 90mm pipes.

  • At 8:08, that's what she said!

  • Dude, look the quality of this plastic box! It's better than the glass dishes here in brazil.

  • you could put the controller near the end of the hose so then you just need to pick up the front and press a button

  • I thout black would go in common

  • *Hears a noise coming from next door Oh Colin must be building something wacky.

  • X

  • I'm thinking about cannibalizing an old solar powered lawn ornament for its panel and interfacing it into this idea... I really dig your work man!

    • matthew0980 think you might need a few of them

  • Hi🖐🖐🖐

  • Would have been better to keep the solenoid in a seperate container. If the connections are leaking a bit it can squirt onto the electronics

  • I have just tried this, but with a mains psu and a smart plug socket for internet control (cat scarer!). Problem is, the 2 different values i have tried both cut off the flow of water when you turn the water up to more than a trickle. Both work fine when you just blow through them, but under pressure they both seem to fail. Tried different psu's with greater ampage to no avail :-(

  • Put that on your front door

  • This is not Colin Furze, this is Blue Peter!

  • Thank you colin this has helped me with my hydroponics

    • upgrade to arduino and mqtt to cloud it and monitor from smatphone

  • Can people use this to mix two volatile chemicals together remotely?

  • My hose pipe tap is at the other end of my house from where i use the hose due to poor design. I need a kind of robot tap that i can open from the front of my house and turn on the hose, that won't fire water every where... this may come in super handy. Need to modify it to work for my house =)

  • You are a good person

  • Think I’m going to make one of these to scare off my neighbours cat that keeps pooping on my gravel lol

  • Must be fun having you as a dad . You probably work a lot I hope you get time to enjoy your family you seem like a good guy

  • Me: "Hey mom what is the man outside doing" My mom: "Colin is up to his shenanigans again isn't he..."

  • Love your channel bro! That walking cane is outstanding! Keep up the insanity I love it!!!

  • There is nothing special about this

  • Instructions weren’t clear now my dog is flying and my hand is stuck in a blender...

  • I can’t even use redstone on minecraft

  • Right i need to make this and wire it to a PIR sensor. Aim it at the roof with the Nozzle and every time a Pigeon lands. Voila F' off pigeon! That must mean i could use one of those ultrasonic scarers as the trigger system!

  • Batteries will be empty in no time

  • 2:44 you can also use hot water to soften the pipe as well make it easy to fit the fitting

  • Colin how big is the shed you do most of your stuff in? Top job BTW me old china

  • 1:36 what I'm here for 😂

  • $25 and runs off your phone app

  • WTF is a hose pipe is it a hose or a pipe? Pro tip hose is flexible pipe is not.

  • Will this work if the hose isn't connected to a faucet? Let's just say it's connected to stagnant water. Will it work?

    • @Therkelsen are there other ways to make the hose valve open and close with a remote, without using a bunch of circuits?

    • @AranXD It acts like a door for the water, opening/closing when you activate it.

    • @Therkelsen what does the hose valve do? What happens when the remote control clicks?

    • The type of water connected to the hose has no impact on the circuitry, so it should work, yeah.

  • Marijuana growers don’t even have to go to work🤔

  • Ops. I hope you don't have a crazy stalker because you've given your exact location in this video. Lonsdale something something something.

  • How far away can you be for the remote to work

  • I know ALAKAH SHE IS AMAZING, haha love her 💖🌟

  • Doesnt NC normaly stand for No Conenmction?

  • I’ve actually made something like this last year to control the sprinklers in my garden with my phone :)

  • Bought A book, happy to support the channel in some small way.

  • why didn't you just put the solenoid valve at the beginning so you don't have to drag it?

  • Got your switches backwards and should have taken the negative from the solenoid to the common tab. Open switch means no flow, closed switch means full power through

  • plan copy and pdf please

  • Great for my guerilla grow operation!

  • WOW! Love this style of video!