Making a 20,000 WATT Electric Drift Trike

Birt 11 apr 2019
Formula E asked to bring a Toy to the Rome E-Prix so I've made an epic Electric Drift Trike.
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  • Where can I found theese ingredients my friend?, Motor battery kit

  • Can you do a video on what you use to get a motor to working on a go cart, please and thank you

  • What I want to know is how anyone figures any of these projects can be a 20k watt motor ? At 60 volts that is 333.3 amps and there is absolutely no way the windings in a car alternator can withstand that much current ! Most tinkerers are using 24 to 48 volt power sources and the controllers are rated around 60 to 80 amps Maximum, which is only just under 4kw. That is just over 5 HP which amounts to more total power output than what a 5 HP gas motor produces. BRING THINGS BACK INTO A REAL WORLD. 20kw is 28HP and if anyone of these projects had that much power they would be doing a lot more than 40Kph.

  • @vicesat

  • 1:51

  • Colin, im starting to tinker.. why did you chose to TIG instead of mig the welds?

  • Wish I was Collins son.

  • Don't know half the things he's saying but I love his energy!

  • please can you make electric car with big electro motor i think you can do it please make it

  • τελειο μπραβο πολυ καλο!!!

  • nice video, i have a similar channel on you tube.for more power use qs motor qs138 90 h and nucular 24 f controler and zoé batterie (72v30Ah 300 A pic) one exemple in this video: please subscrive at my channel for more information

  • Welding wise, is tig the way to go for someone looking to make these sorts of projects?

  • Just for perspective 20,000 WATTs = 26.82 BHP

  • Smart fella

  • I was wondering where did you get the electric motor looking to build a electric go cart

  • why don't use a shifter on ?

  • 7 million views and not even 150k likes! Lazy people!

  • That is cool

  • how fast is it? how many mph?

  • I gotto give you it your videos are like good but the music has gotta change man

  • Umm that bmx bike actually had FRONT BRAKES!!!!!

  • Why driven wheels in the rear? Seems like a hub motor on the front wheel would make more sense.

    • @Robert Franz All drift cars are RWD. A few, very high powered drift cars are AWD, but they have a central differential that directs 80% of the power to the rear, like the hoonicorn.

    • @pls-no-punterino It would need to be properly engineered and balanced, but I don't think that's any different than driving the rear wheels. Aren't most drift cars fwd?

    • @Robert Franz 500 watts vs 20,000 watts. With 20,000 watts, and at the speeds the trike is going, sometimes as high as 60 mph, you would have no control over the rear of the trike. It's like putting trays on the rear wheels of a FWD car. At low speeds, like your example is intended for, it would work well enough. The power of the motor, plus the ridiculously grippy tires it has would be able to compensate for lack of rear control

    • @pls-no-punterino I don't know that that's true. It's essentially an adult Big Wheel, which operated by breaking the rear wheels loose by using small diameter, low friction wheels, and it was human powered. I was just past the Big Wheel age when it came to market, but I was amazed by what people could do with it. Take a look here for a front hub motor drift trike:

    • its a drift trike. it needs rear wheel drive

  • I can't believe this video has dislikes🤦

  • How long does the battery last?

  • Can you do the most powerful e-gokart in the wordl and drift it ???

  • When did you make your first machine with an engine/motor? PLEASE reply to this comment, I'm a HUGE fan.

  • GO BIG!! Or go home!! 8:38

  • How ist this holesawclamp for tubes named?

  • Unusual street art #çamlicaproduksiyon

  • i would like to buy the drift trike from u ls reply colinfurz

  • 10:18, honestly Colin, don't you have a 35/50mm2 crimp tool?? They're only £15 on ebay. you have so many other nice tools. solder has 10x the resistance of copper, so not good for making high current connections. PS. you should have bought your "Lynch" motor from Agni motors, at least Cedric Lynch actually works for them!

  • Where is the new content man need to see a new vlog

  • Berapa harga motorom

  • Colin makes everything in the perfect size !!! That's the most satisfying to see !!! Hearing the metal parts clicking perfectly

  • Yes, it has the power of a Mini. It's not going to move. no

  • anyone else watching at 1.5x speed, makes it even funnier !

  • Tus videos son los mejores 👌

  • Thanks man, ....i wish i hat youre toolbox....😘

  • Car Mr.bean please

  • Hey make a monowheel

  • awesome vid, great shop, thanks!

  • Destroying a BMX bike is a sin in some countries!

  • Who would have thought? Mr. @colinfurze the gentleman, scholar, and engineer. Far from the punk music upbringings of yore.

  • Good video I need a bmx :(

  • Well, now we know where the kids bikes went!

  • When he threw that hand he should of started yelling like he cut his own off

  • Well, the first motor was good enough... But running more than 25tooth on that motor wont make it produce the necessary torque. He should know that!

  • Anyone know what motor that is

  • I love your music choice 👍 Every video is great. I can’t believe it took me so long to find you.

  • Some thought about motors: Motors are designed for 2 specialties. Speed, and Torque. High speed motors are going to have low torque. High torque motors of the same energy input are going to have less speed. Now, because you had a *drone* motor, that would tell you everything you need to know. Drones need speed for props, not torque. and because drones need to be lightweight and batteries are heavy, that means it doesnt have much power input. So a speed-oritented motor with low power input should've been the designation right off the bat. regardless, hindsight is 2020.

  • ninja

  • We did the same project at school 2 years before!

  • What kind of motor did you use there

  • You don't fool me Colin, that ain't 20.000 Watt mate, those are 4 turnigy batteries for an rc car.... For 20.000 Watt you'll need some 200 A 12V batteries, about 10 will do.... I 'm sure you know these tiny batteries aren't 20.000 Watt, so why do you have to fool us here?

  • Hey would anybody happen to know what motor and esc he uses?

  • I'm working on a similar project for college. Where can I buy a motor like that ? When I search for lynch motor it comes up with drone motors.

  • All Colin’s viewers just be waiting for him to do a giveaways

  • 9:30 DAMN!!!

  • Build me one and ship it over

  • Where did you get the parts from and is there a blueprint somewhere we can see

  • Why didnt you show us how it drives more

  • trial and error, u only learn from your mistakes

  • I find your lack of eye protection disturbing.

  • Colin! I have a 2000watt dirtking evoscooter but the acceleration is so poor and the top speed is probably abit to fast, how can i alter this!? There is nothing online about it and no parts from the manufacturer to modify it. Thanks 😊

  • First motor would’ve been fine! Just need position feedback sensor + an ESC that’d use it like ODrive or maybe VESC. Airplane motors can use ‘sensorless operation’ where the ESC just fumbles around to get the motor moving a little then they can sense approximately where it is in its spin and take over with some real power.. so no zero-speed torque. Gotta have the sensor!

  • 10:16 watch closely as this metal defecates. True beautiful nature.

  • also i heard UwU in a song

  • make a trackter go 50 kilometers per hour

  • He should Turn a limousine in a driving home

  • Subscribed & Joined 🤟😎

  • Where did u get the motor and esc

  • 2.0 gigawatts wow

  • I think the white bike was my old blike

  • For your CNC plasma Cutter do you have a THC for it or do you find the water table does a great job to keep metal from warping. im going to be building a router cnc and i would like to make it plasma interchangeable but adding THC will be very hard.

  • What motor was used? Does anyone know?

  • this thing is sweet

  • I am inspired by this guy love to you COLIN...🔥❤️

  • colin reminds me of the weasley brothers in harry potter😂😂

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  • Hilariously funny a riot to watch thanks for your videos bro

  • Colin you should make a second channel for more of the behind the scenes

  • Put a really powerful cc motor on a bike

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  • Madman

  • can you make a helicopter with bicycle and with some basic items

  • I’ll give you £50 for it

  • I don’t know how his neighbors stand that noise lol

  • Your just riding a car and you see Colin zooming past you

  • 9:30 what does that even mean?

  • What’s the hydraulic machine at 5:16? Is that frame rate changed or it actually cuts that slowly? Dumb question?

  • "making a drifting 20000 watt electric chair"

  • Can you make a drift trike frame out of 3D printed parts

  • If you are selling any please tell me

  • How much cost this Projekt?

  • Bro where does he store all these creations😂

  • How much spend your money for this electric bike

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