Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS

Birt 11 júl 2019
4 Tonnes of crushing power at your finger tips.
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  • So what do wanna see Mk2 chop up, we need twice the power and strength then we can destroy everything muhahaha.

    • Is there a part 2 I can’t find it anywhere??

    • Holding for the hydraulic a mobile hydraulic battery this have the German fire fighters for the mobile help I glow there can you in the internet buying

    • Use titanium tobbuild it

    • You should make the power fist from fallout

    • yrah

  • 8:00 IS THE TEST

  • Orks approve of this.

  • Make one for your left arm two

  • How to describe pretty much everything on Colin's channel 'for what? I don't know, but who doesn't want one of those'.

  • am i allowed to have this holy shit

  • Thanks for using our tune Colin, big love x

  • what hydraulic pump did you use, i have hydraulic arms in mind

  • Project CANCER

  • Why do we need chainsaws when we have robotic crab hands

  • Sharky man!!.. Action!

  • Jaws of life mk2

  • To cut down on weight..... pressure relief valve. There's probably one on the pump, but an adjustable one through the actuator would work far better, and eliminate the need for reinforcement.

  • You should sell these to your local fire department

  • Imagine combing this with a hydraulically powered exo skeleton

  • I bet an improved version of this might sell tremendously well with fire fighters

  • Colin, the original ork big mek

  • fukin love the music in the vid

  • So an update friend?

  • You're getting into exosuit territory given the variety of videos you've done to date. Maybe you've picked up the know how and it's time to go the full get up and make that one step beyond... Heavy backpacks do to distribute some of that weight to the hips. Would be interesting to see if that pumps components couldn't be distributed around your person as well to lessen how much damage you're doing to your self (on top of what you'd done to your self in the years preceding).

  • Where’s Mrk2

  • How is the music in these videos better than nearly every other youtube video?

  • Cardboard Aided Design

  • When will it be coming???

  • circumcision machine they used on me.

  • Damnit i wanted to sleep😩

  • He reminds me a lot of megamind sometimes

  • Where is the MK2?

  • This is AWESOME

  • Garden shears? PFFFT Try this on for size!

  • wahahha

  • Nice intro ...i replayed it like 10 times cracking up the whole time


  • Your music taste is awesome

  • it looks like a bomb jacket lol !!!!!

  • Amazing brother

  • What about the shape of the blades? Instead of being straight and your to be cut material slides forward towards the top: wouldn't it be much better to give it a sort of more or or less shallow groove so that when the blades line up the material stays in place with more force available to cut it at a given spot. ?

  • I'm going to tell my kids that Collin killed all the dinosaurs and show this clip.

  • Killer guitar track! Brilliant video in every way!

  • So something you did that I think you should never do is hold onto the blade of the hydraulic snipper, I know his hand was not on the handle, but you still should never do that, sure his hand is off the handle, but I imagine it is pretty sharp.

  • 0/10 not left hand acessible (jk thou)

  • Why is there a literal rpg on his roof

  • 0:20 Underrated joke

  • This is so unreasonably badass

  • *Sundowner likes this video*

  • doom guy wants to know your location

  • He's a maniac I love it

  • Design weapons for the bloody military and the greek military

  • Whens 2.0

  • Me when i was a kid: 8:55

  • I’m from Russia but I VERY VERY Like watch you’r video! You best Bloger

  • This seems like a weapon that would show up in Warhammer 40k

  • or you could just like use an axe or something idk

  • This man is...interesting.

  • 0:00 holy shit i though i forgot to change from anime porn

  • I have now found who is single-handedly responsible for de-forestation :\


  • at this point he should build a full auto rpg

  • Calinfurze is awesome👑💕

  • You could become a freaking super hero

  • Furze will have the coolest backpack at school 😆 lol

  • I like the clips very much.

  • It's been a year now and I was wondering what happened to an updated finishing the claw and makeing them better?. An idea is the top one blade that passes between two bottom blades. it looks like a M or W. You should find it works very well. I hope they workout 🎸🇦🇺😛.

  • *colin gets in car crash arm falls off* time to build another one

  • the things you do are dangerous hmm

  • JAWS - Terminator edition

  • This snipper is going to snip ur arm off

  • Furze: I'm going to streamline it Me: finally he got of whatever pills he was on Furze: adds spike's to everything Me: rages and breaks Wall ofcourse what else should I have expected from this Maniac

  • I think collin would be the best “the walking dead” character he would make weapons and vehicles to survive

  • u are crazy but i can understand u

  • Doesn’t he look like that guy from Cobra Kai

  • He does know that this is more compact then the jaws of life so this it’s a million dollar idea


  • No entiiendo que demonios dices, pero tus videos me entretienen y son muy divertidos 😂😅😆😁 maldito loco 😁😂

  • Need is the mother of invention, Colin does it in reverse. Invent then find a use for it.

  • Quarantine: exists Me: 5:39

  • Deforestation man

  • Colin, great idea. So you should make a boxing glove/fist that extends to rapidly punch something. If you want a better clue watch real steel clips of Zeus. Like so Colin can see.

  • Imagine this on giant mechs or on exo suits

  • Kids get inside colin’s trimming the bushes again

  • Did you notice the rpg?

  • Warhammer 40k warboss already stole this scheme.

  • you can easily cut somebody's head with that shit lol.

  • A weak version of the jaw of life

  • Mass produce those things and you would become a millionaire

  • He could make a billion dollars just by selling this stuff online

  • This is where my inspiration comes in

  • What was the moan at the very start of the video

  • Mans just the crab version of doctor octopus at this point. Can’t wait for him to get his hands on one of those prototype exosuits that let you lift ludicrous amounts of weight

  • Lumber jacking of the future

  • What do you need to study or learn to be able to do one of these

  • Part 2 Collin!? 😢

  • Collin is the type of person who if you challenge him with making a dangerous water gun he would probably do it or over do it

  • Vi

  • Video Hay

  • I like your name

  • power klaw

  • Good on you hydraulic freak🌈⚡🆙️👏

  • I wish my brain worked like yours! Im binging all the videos in quarantine and wishing I had access to you shed! It would make this 2 weeks go faster!

  • I love how he put hashtags like there’s a giant portion on watchers like “omg, I love hydraulics”