I Built a FULL SIZE Tie Fighter/Silencer

Birt 30 nóv 2017
What an epic project this has been, 46ft long 23ft wide and 14ft high the full steel construction looks as menacing as it does in the film.
This was an eBay project so everything was sourced from their site to bring this monster together, and to complete the ship James Bruton has made a FULLY WORKING BB-9E so this is just a Star Wars feast and you can come SEE IT YOURSELF.
The Tie fighter is on display at Burghley House in Stamford from Saturday the 2ND to Sunday the 10TH of December, I will be there on Sunday the 10th of December so come down and grab a selfie with me and the craft in real life.
Location details - The postcode is Stamford PE9 3JY or visit the Burghley house Facebook page or website
Also check out eBay's video where the kids got a day they will never forget
This project would not be complete without James amazing droid so check his channel here to see him make it
Next week's video shows how we built this monster so subscribe and check on my social channels for more
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See Last years AT-ACT project here
Build ischats.info/fun/pJuCiqifiZd3m2s/v-deo
Reveal ischats.info/fun/o6hqnqNpmnOscm8/v-deo
This project is being made with the support of eBay....Duh
Check out their HUGE selection of Star Wars products here
Intro Music supplied by Disney/Lucas and is "Clash Of The Mighty" by "Gareth Coker"
2nd track is by "Alive Again" and is called "Always Forward"
The Last track is Called "500" and is by "Braincoats"
In a band, want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to furzemail@yahoo.co.uk as all music on this channel is from viewer's


  • What a build and you can come see it for yourself's at Burghley house in stamford from Saturday the 2nd of December till Sunday the 10th of December. Thanks to eBay for making this possible and subscribe so you don't miss the build video and Extras.

    • If aliens invade they will think we're superior XD

    • Now make it fly....

    • @a stupid faceThat's what I want to know.

    • @ray sullivan don't challenge him

    • colinfurze G’day mate, I just stumbled upon your post of the 7000 rockets and thought I should have a look at your channel. How do the English say it. “ Mate, you’re an absolute nutter “, but a very clever and very funny one. I’ve subscribed to your channel and look forward to seeing more madness and mayhem. Cheers Col, very good. P.S. If you can teleport me from Australia I’ll come and shake your hand.😆👍🏻🇦🇺

  • You britches

  • MAKE A MENELLIAN FALCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz

  • tooo bad it cant fly

  • Can you flag it though

  • Can you put a jet engine with some Blasters

  • Dose it fly?

  • Where is your tie silencer license

  • I thought PeterSripol is watching. Joke😂✌

  • Damn. Replace the window panes with screens and make it a simulator. ...I'm sure about a thousand people said the same.

  • If you make a flyeble one that can go outer space and had hyper speed youre a genieus

  • now play star wars squadrons VR in this.

  • Real life pheanes and ferb

  • Now build a full sized tardis from dr who

  • Now add a projector and make a screen in front and play star wars squadron!


  • Afterburner !

  • I will have 50 and no place to live... This one makes toys bigger ... Fucking hate the rich.

  • Imagen it flying

  • WOW

  • How did you get the mat we ials for this

  • Disney will hire you.

  • WOW.....I'm only a casual fan and saw the 1st Star Wars back in the theater when I was 10 y.o. in 1977. THIS is soooooo beyond cool 👍😎!

  • Does it fly

  • Build life size star killer base

  • Now build a full size Mon Calamari Cruiser

  • Of course this legend build a FULL SIZED STAR FIGHTER IN ONE NIGHT

  • That’s a tie silencer not a Tie fighter

  • The force is strong with this one I foresee him becoming A Great Jedi Knight Master

  • May the Templar force be with you

  • this dude must be rich

  • yo pls pls pls make it fly!!

  • Now imagine that if it can actually fly and shoot ammo.

  • Now we need peter stripol to ad propellers

  • You sir are awesome

  • Fly

  • It looks somewhat smaller than a real TIE Silencer would apparently be if it existed. That is my impression.... But I guess you checked out the actual dimensions of this model of TIE starfighter; so I believe your full-size replica is accurate. Putting the dimensions aside, the details seem to match perfectly! Impressive... You must be the greatest Star Wars fan in the world!

  • Build the millennium falcon

  • Imagine watching the last part of the newest trilogy inside of this lol.

  • build the Millenium Falcon

  • Wait... it doesn't fly??? :o

  • I wish i have a big garden like you

  • now build a gaming rig inside for Star Wars Squadrons.

  • Plot twist it works

  • I'm boutta pull an Anakin on these children

  • Wow

  • When we getting the Executor😂😂

  • This man has too much money

  • Build a Republic Gunship 😲

  • Disney Lawyers are Drooling...

  • now... make it fly

  • スゴイ!

  • “Silencer” The tie fighter in the Star Wars universe: *Demonic Screeching*

    • The name 'Silencer' doesn't mean it's silencing itself. Otherwise, it'd be called "Shutting Up".

  • you should make a t-65b xing or a t-75 x ing

  • “I built a whole at tat in my back yard”

  • Make a full size star destroyer

  • That would be a good gaming area inside

  • me: only here to see the droid also me: a small price to pay for salvation

  • Add some editing and you HAVE GOT to make a star wars fan movie!

  • pity that it couldn't fly

  • Imagine playing Squadrons in that thing

  • Hiw about make a x wing

  • You are crazy but smart

  • The song at 2:48 me too

  • I'm pretty sure they are the Jedi the sith wear black not brown sand tan

  • “It’s not a Star Wars scene without a droid, so that’s why we got this little fella!” Bf2 players: p a n i c

  • Imagine hooking up a computer rig to play squadrons on it with surround sound and it's hooked up to hydrolics and a rumble kit for life like feels.........bruh Gaming just went to a galaxy far far away

  • You might as well build a batmobile

  • Make a planet destroying Death Star, I’ll buy it.

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmm 6 WEEKS!!!!!! HOW!!!!!!! AND THOSE DROIDS ACTUALLY EXIST IM GASSED!!!!!

  • Dude. Bring this to comicon

  • I've been to where u made that

  • When it can fly like in the movie then give me a call.

  • Is it operational since we would direly need this against the current global dictatorship!

  • Star destroyer? Maybe

  • Someone must be buying these marvelous creations

  • I want to know his neighbors and see what they say about all of the things he does

  • Please build a life sixe X-Wing fighter or a life size Millenium Falcon

  • Ok this is great but can you make it fly

  • Now make it fly.

  • Dude this is insane yo you popped out of the top and the only words out of my mouth were. Bull snit Tell robot genius that I want on or them robots and I want to know how much that is

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  • Now the question is does it fly?... 🧐

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  • September 9th 2020 Ah Memories

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  • LOL that's great! As a professional home builder I'd love to take on a fun project like this.

  • General hux looks different here

  • THE FORCE is STRONG with this Padawon!

  • Um how!

  • Now get it to fly and he’ll really be a boss

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  • He's gonna put it into space before NASA gets back to the moon methinks...

  • Put weapons to it good to go in the middle east

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