Sealing a car and Filling with WATER but still DRIVES

Birt 14 sep 2017
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Taking a 28yr old car and filling all the holes and gaps so I can fill it up with water is a tall order, and to heat the water and deal with the extra 1-2 tons of weight that water brings with it.
Why....well it's for google to use in a new advert to promote using products from there advertisers and for companies to use them to sell, so this is to interesting to work on in private so I said I should make videos to (which is what I do lol)
Next part is out on Sunday and you'll be able to see the car in googles ad on ???
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  • That's spot of resin

  • Out of all the cars did it have to be a e30

  • فسكوزي والتسجيل

  • Most importantly a haircut always a haircut

  • i thought that said steal and i was like "huh".

  • Your crazy

  • Check them teeth

  • Awsome

  • I own your soul if I trick you Read more…

  • you are the definition of loving your job!

  • Please do a collab with the hacksmith

  • 0:00 me when someone keeps annoying me

  • That’s a waterproof car

  • I wonder what would happen if the cop pulled you over and needed to check your car

  • whos m3 is that

  • que maneiro esse carro com agua adoro as ideias malucas desenvolver varios tipos de veiculos motorizados, aqui em meu pais qualquer alteração no carro voce é multado e tem o carro recolhido( apreendido )ao circular pelas ruas é uma merda

  • Your water bill

  • RIP e30

  • Put a bus in a lake and put you on music

  • Opo to

  • I like your taste of music

  • i cant believe u used a e30

  • Does this mean his car is partially water cooled

  • T⃗h⃗e⃗ t⃗e⃗a⃗c⃗h⃗e⃗r⃗ i⃗n⃗ h⃗i⃗g⃗h⃗ s⃗c⃗h⃗o⃗o⃗l⃗ w⃗h⃗e⃗n⃗ I⃗ d⃗o⃗ s⃗o⃗m⃗e⃗t⃗h⃗i⃗n⃗g⃗ b⃗a⃗d⃗ 5:55

  • Is the grass one different?

  • my dumbass who can't read: "Stealing a car and filling it with water"

  • Thats why we gave money to you with views... Because we love what you do!

  • who else read "Stealing a car and ..." ?

  • If there was anybody i would want to be with In the zombie apocalypse, it is this dude

  • Clickbait never even drove the car so fake title. How are we supposed to know it still drive without demo?thumbs down

  • i thought the title said stealing ;-;

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  • Brasileiro de forma a sua vida

  • Awesome!!!

  • You just ruined a beautyful e30😔

  • You know it's a serious project when he doesnt put his tie on.

  • Make a video with this car in the road

  • I thought the title said stealing a car

  • mannnnnnnnnn you selling it i want

  • Did you use flex seal??


  • Dude I thought the title said: a Stealing a car and filling it with water.

  • Cop asks you did you go through the car wash he is like no I got a carpool

  • Hello

  • Colin’s new company should be called the cics aka the Collin interior cleaning service ;)

  • Imagine how short this video would have been if he had flex seal

  • Me: watching this video Also me:thinks about this. Hmmmm. Me now:-buys 100 dollar car and slap flex tape

  • All those who hav subbed to Mr beast, jus like the comment!

  • You could have used flex seal

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  • Who else thought the tittle said... Stealing a car

  • I speak spanish and i understood the half of the video

  • I saw it as "Stealing a car and filling it with water" He stole a car and filled it with water.

  • 3:44 MICKEY

  • Oh no man... I would've loved that bmw 🤣

  • That's a lot of wasted water tho..

  • so this is where my dads car has gone

  • make car that using water to move

  • Imagine how much money his water bill was that month

  • Yg indonesia hadir

  • How in hell is it legal to drive this??

  • Lol Racka Racka went to court for this

  • His water bill tho

  • The title should be "how to slam your 80's bmw"

  • In theory that car should float!

  • Who else thought it said "Stealing a car"?

  • No kidding I thought the title was stealing a car and filling it with water

  • Like... Why... Even.

  • God his water bill must be insane

  • Just why...!?

  • Rip cool drift project

  • I can tell you are so annoyed lmao

  • Noooo whyyyy

  • Could someone tell me what type of welding he uses?

  • This is just the TGF video

  • Pretty big waste of water

  • Who else read the title as " *stealing* a car and filling it with water"? Lmao

  • He took carpooling too literally...

  • Float, could it?

  • ( 3:17 ) flex seal patches up holes it even works under water XD


  • Why did you do that to a E30 of that era....

  • Oh yaa

  • The fact that colins videos don’t actually click bait just proves he deserves to be the greatest. Since 2006 ISchats was made better!

  • Imagine all the trash and stuff float up to the top and like old pieces of food and stuff float near you

  • When you buy a $200 car on ebay.... The car:

  • you listen to alot of greenday

  • franchement les anglais vous êtes vraiment chelou

  • House light display

  • Reverse submarine

  • Colinfurze experiment can you use a soldering iron to boil water

  • What in the freaking world is up with all of his background music. I wonder Where he finds these songs because they’re ridiculous.

  • Carpool karaoke

  • What are the songs you used in the video?


  • Make a car into a submarine.

  • Thought the title said stealing a car

    • I only just realised I'm 2 years late

  • I thought it said “stealing a car and filling it with water”

  • My go to filler is expanding foam, it fills everywhere. I made a similar matrix for my truck which ran at 65°C so took forever to heat up, so, I made the matrix and channelled the heater flow onto the floor, put tons of insulation down and a new mesh floor under the drivers feet because before I did this I drove with a blanket over my legs during the winter.