Flick AXE Wrist Mounted

Birt 14 mar 2019
An AXE at the flick of your arm.
Check out the Arm Mounted Shield ischats.info/fun/f6aqaZKVi5SBgWs/v-deo
This Video was made in association Activision and From software.
This Loaded Axe is inspired from the Game Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
which is out on 22nd of march, next week I'm making a stainless steel fold out shield.
Check out the game here ischats.info/fun/f9Sse4SWe49mnIw/v-deo
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Last track is called "Churches" and is by "Look Mum No Computer"
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  • The shield is finished and ready and is slick as ischats.info/fun/cceik4dkfoFohJ4/v-deo

    • So you stopped at 2 prosthetic tools & didnt even bother with the fire crackers or shuriken tool? Such a shame when the umbrella came out so brilliantly.

    • Now I challenge you to make an axe that comes back to you after you throw it, like the leviathan axe in God Of War.

    • When your a knife guy and relize colin messed up the heat treatment on all those axes 😪

    • @A.B.Q Hamdard what i don't understand you😬🤔

    • @Totalgamer 55 Please tell me

  • Que tal si haces un lacer super potente

  • Poggers for God..

  • Сам говоришь очень тихо, а музыка орет громко

  • 6:21 i think you got some cuts from the axe

  • Make a spear out of seciro

  • did anyone relize he made it for the wrong arm

  • @colinfurze Err... Could it be possible that you got the name of the track from Look Mom No Computer wrong in the video description? Because I couldn't find any track called "Churches" from LMNC, but the track "Damage is Done" sounds extremely similar to the track in your video: ischats.info/fun/YaqeaWWSh5SklKY/v-deo

  • when you realise colin cut himself with the axe 6:22

  • Didn't even know this game existed, this is badass!

  • 6:22 his arm is bloody from the axe hitting it

  • i love how he just tuck his tie into his shirt instead of just getting it of

  • Hello 👍

  • If its sharpened like a razor you can shave your arm pit hair while in battle.

  • Now make it twice as big, put it in the outside, and it'll actually be like the one in Sekiro

  • wow

  • Hey Colin, there is a youtube channel called "TA outdoors". Its all about camping and surviving in the woods. Maybe you could collab with them to test out the tools you've made?

  • 6:22 did you cut yourself when practising to flip it?

  • Did he realize he did it on the wrong arm

  • Your whole arm going purple freaks me the fuck out

  • better for tool.eg driver?

  • I willing to lose an arm for science!!!!!!!

  • 6:22. Maybe have an underarm armor guard and rib guard. Yeah, perfect.

  • Colin: Aye goht sumfinn fur dose weeds. (Walks away) Colin's friend: Is probly a 'ammer (Colin returns) Thas knot a 'ammer! Flock. Swipe. Colin: IT 'AS CEASED TO EXIST!

  • Searched for hook shields, then this guy pops up. Watches content: OMG, this is gold!

  • the back of his arm is bleeding 6:21

  • I noticed how u put the rubber guard back on after cutting the back side of ur arm "(

  • If you pause at 6:22 you can see an instance of a fail-unsafe

  • At 6:23 you can see where he cut the back of his arm with the axe which is why he has the blade gaurd on it.

  • And how do u take the gauntlet off tho?

  • you have the axe backwards

  • Did anyone else notice Colin cut his arm at 6:22

  • Caracter left Actor right.

  • cyberpunk 1377

  • I can’t stop thinking about how much he reminds me of Harvey Dent lol

  • Love it but it’s Supposed to come over and above the arm lol still love it tho

  • fucking awesome!! but pretty dangerous

  • You...selling these ..

  • Bro put Evil west making gauntlet video

  • At 6:22 you can see he cut his arm with the axe

  • 6:22 So this project costed you more than just a few quids.

  • The Lorax would not approve

  • Nobody: Emo Girls: Reality can be whatever I want.

  • R.i.p your elbow

  • I thought for sure there would be an incident happen like the assassin’s creed guys who lost their ring finger to use the hidden blade but good on ya man that’s pretty sick

  • 6:22 missed the flick and his arm paid the price

  • wow so cool jk

  • If this was from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, brutes would be trying to be like Edward. ThE HiDdEn AxE

  • I was holding my ribs every time he swung it towards himself

  • 6:22 sees bloody arm...

  • anyone see the back of his are is bleeding

  • I do notice the bloody rash you adopted in the practicing with that thing. So maybe a few flips too late in putting on that edge cover I take it. If this were a forge channel would be an opportunity there to mess with the blade shape. Could shorten the handle and direct it to face inward but hey, which is preferable, a bloody rash on your upper arm or a good cleaving into your ribs? Wonder what could be done to make the ax do a 180 in the intervening space between holstered and held position. Talk about over engineered. Oh... my, you're going to chop off your arm at the shoulder aren't you?

  • This is probably a finish project but has some thoughts on this while watching. Stronger magnets. Much stronger magnets. Make the bracing holster out of a non ferrous metal. Angle the magnets and the catch so when swinging back the are more likely to collide. Now the thought I have is that the magnets should be strong enough where when close enough to the collision point they'll hold fast and refused to separate. For a release have a sliding beveled ferrous metal strip held in 'Catch' by a spring. To release the ax some kind guide wire that pulls the ferrous strip up on a beveled edges within a track and with luck the reduced pull and the motion of the arm should let the ax swing into grasp. If set up properly where you hold your hand to catch the ax could be the pressure needed on the trigger wire. Would be interesting to integrate a launch kick or spring in there. Don't have a visual idea of how that would work though but it seems like the force to flip the ax into reach is a bit weak given the movement needed. Not a scratch against what you put your self to, just seems like the whole concept is aching for a worthy and perfect piece.

  • Wireless hot glue gun! Awesome

  • You did very well on this

  • eventually he slip's and loses a kidney as it retract's.

  • Anyone else a little bothered that he blued the edge of his axe ruining its heat treat? Awesome build though!

  • you can see the bloood on his arm from when it must of hit him XD ischats.info/fun/oraopqRqiqWkepo/v-deo

  • 8:50 fruit ninja

  • 😅♥️

  • When you see the blood at 6:22 lol

  • With arms like a stick you’d need an axe

  • Tacuache Cuh

  • Sir I am so surprised you did not hit your self with the ax when it folds up.

  • How about building an ironing board Colin

  • Are you talkin to me?

  • Oi, have you got an axe license?

  • all fun till that axe head hits your elbow


  • you are the wolf!

  • yo bro you are so amazing lol

  • The problem is that you wont be able to move your hand anymore after about 10 minutes because the ropes cut of all of the blood.

  • @colinfurze If you watch the clip, the reason it is on the left hand, is because it is the off hand weapon. If you do the motion of the character in game it looks easier to release and catch.

  • what

  • U should reach out the the hack smith and join there team I have a feeling u would be in there team

  • What!? A fucking hidden Axe? EPICO

  • idea cool in term of affectiveness shiet.

  • imagine a medieval warrior using one of this in the middle of a war it was will like lol

  • Assasins creed bemlike

  • yes a youtuber that isn't a gamer knows what the souls series is

  • "Look at the flick of that axe"

  • 6:22 feels bad man looks like he messed up the flick

  • Simply too dangerous when the edge point to your body :(

  • That comes too close to the brachial artery when it closes! You would definitely want to protect your arm!!! A person can bleed out real quick if that gets cut.

  • I love that you can see for a moment under his arm where he cut himself with the axe from either putting it back wrong or just putting it back. Kind of not a good direction for the blade to be facing on an axe.

  • When assassins became lumberjacks

  • I thought for sure that that cordless Ryobi hot glue gun was one of your hacks but was totally shocked to see it's a real product. Super neat.

  • Make one for a hammer, framing guys will love you👍

  • How many times did you cut your armpit slinging it back in yikes tho

  • This is like the hidden blade but less hidden

  • Holy wrinkly shirt, Batman! O.O

  • His underarm is bleeding

  • any longer and that axe and a wrong move thats his hole arm gone

  • 6:22 yo can see the hole in his arm he made from flicking it back. serious dedication over here lol

  • Swing loading to elbow could not have been good.

    • He should put some leather on his elbow and the back of his arm to give him protection while adding to the aesthetic

  • wearing a tie in the workshop ain’t safe

    • Bro don't worry, it's a safety tie

  • Hand Cannon from Berserker anime?..

  • Okay, but why?

  • Anyone else think this is a very bad idea.

  • лол а че топор на русском написан ахаха