I made Griffs Extendable Baseball Bat from BTTF 2 + Delorean DMC

Birt 21 maí 2020
As a MASSIVE Back to the Future fan I welcome to the channel the Delorean DMC 12 and to go in it a loverly Stainless Steel Extendable Bat.........But stay tuned as next video I try n learn to use @Gravity Industries jet suit to ride a hover board.
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  • Exited for flying the jet suit with the hoverboard, for progress so far channel members have a first look and some new merch updates ischats.info/title/p68_FLety0O-n9QU6phsgw.htmljoin Thanks to all viewers and hope your all doing ok in this weird 2020.

    • Doin’ ok thanks 👌

    • make a wingsuit jetpack would be crazy

    • You should try experimenting with ion propulsion if you want a real hover board

    • Ebay = PBS110 < mini momentary switch.

    • To stop the black wire from not retracting, you could possibly encase the wire in a long spring..?! I guess when the bat retracts the wire would not get entangled.. 🤔

  • whoever likes this were born in the 2000's but there parents are old so u get the reference in the beginning

  • Next entry in the colinfurze Back to the Future series, a bloody time machine!

  • Imagine if his kid plays baseball and goes to the game with that

  • Its BIFF, not Griff

  • Just been watching an episode of wheeler dealers dream car. There was a bald guy on there that looked familiar being given a delorean with a very similar number plate. Good job 😂

  • V8 swap the delorean it’s not destroying it it’s making it better and if you get your hands on a American Chevy 350 v8 put it in then it will purr

  • i just realized colin furze is EXACTLY what Doc Brown would have been like as a young man lol.

  • I would have made it spring loaded because you could get more length and it would work fast. I understand why you went this route, so that you can retract it just as easily.


  • What if you made the bat compressed air powered

  • Dude gas spring... Office chair 🤦‍♂️

  • Was this one big scam with wheeler dealers and Tom Lamb? He didn’t keep his ‘dream car’ for long 😂

  • Hey Colin I saw this video for the second time and can u do a giveaway or give it to me cus I play baseball and I would be sooooo cool when i would pull up with that and I don’t got the resources to make that my own so please give it to me Colin and ceep up the good work!

  • self tying shoes. there is a company called BOA that makes a ratchet wheel to tie a steel cable on work boots. could modify that with a small motor lol

  • Not gonna lie after I saw the delorean in a video about a baseball bat, I was worried he was gonna smack it because lockdown makes us all insane

  • Why Not just use Springs? Its a lot more robust and easier to pull of

  • John wick's next weapon

  • I swear if Collin works hard enough can make anything

  • No, the thing I'd be most likely to use from BTTF is the time machine, not the hover board.

  • It wasn’t biff that had the baseball bat it was Griff

  • The hardest part of time travel is getting a stock delorean to do 88 miles per hour

  • Ngl this is one of my dream cars

  • You feel like the villian from hardcore henry

  • Its biff not griff

  • if the great scout Give you a delorean MAKE A TIME MACHINE!

  • 4:25

  • Now wack the car

  • How does his wife tolerate him? Lol

  • Please tell me how you got that DeLorean, Ive been wanting one for so long

  • 2 things: 1: I want that bat. 2: Can you actually play baseball with it?

  • I would love to have that guitar

  • T R A S H

  • whatever you do, don't go to 2020!

  • I just realized I'm closer to 2015 Marty than 1985 Marty........ffffffff...........

  • "they are still science fiction" translates to "it's on my to do list I just haven't gotten around to it yet"

  • Awesome video... It's Biff not Griff but otherwise great video.

  • I just realized he looks like the love child of Jeff Dunham and gordon ramsay

  • I’m surprised his house hasn’t caught in fire yet

  • Hiya , tried to convince my mate oop north to sell his tatty DMC , he's clinging onto it like its his last 10mm socket. He did say to watch Ebay USA and you'll find a rough one , his shipping bill was about £1300 , keep an eye out!

  • Speaking of Back to the Future. ischats.info/fun/p9ONgpOcdaKMnKo/v-deo

  • I'm sorry but you could have done it better.

  • Am i the only one that doesnt remember an extendable baseball bat in bttf2

  • Isn't it Biff?

  • I love back to the future

  • i- i lost it when i saw Biff at the end!! 😅🤣 Niceee 😅

  • If you ask me, it's a crime to own a Delorean and NOT convert it into the BTTF time machine.

  • Colin is more like Pee-wee Herman than Emmet Brown.

  • That WAS my dream car until I tried to fit in one. Don't even try if you're 190cm tall, your childhood dreams will be shattered :(

  • Love how the bread with the face next to the toasters looks like the fallout boy from the games

  • Own now you can time travel out of 2020!

  • You should redo the jet bike

  • I have to ask why didn't you use snap rings to lock the stages (like a piston ring) and use momentum to have it expand?

  • I have that exact same Valvestate amp!!

  • Great scott

  • Colin would survive a zombie apocalypse

  • Fun fact: the max speed deloreans can go is 50mph and the producers from back to the future had to put another engine in to make it faster

  • This was my favourite movie as a kid Still is Wow nostalgia Love the intro and how u used the audio from the film

  • Hi Colin a mate of my put me on to your channel he think I would love it and he not wrong I find you nuts lol but I love that having a bad day I just put one of your video and I am smiling so I want to say thx you

  • this dude is so cringe but the stuff he makes is sickk

  • I think adding everything from BTTF to the Delorean would make it better

  • Can you make an ad stopper so when it gets to the ad it stops it from working?

  • Mc fly watch out lol

  • Starting to remind me of me, a 90s kid with hip music and tinkering! Nice video though!!!

  • i love vodka and delorane md nissan skynley

  • Personally, I’d just use centrifical force

  • I’m surprised that delorean went that fast and didnt make a bunch of loud noise due to the garbage engine

  • inventor my ass, not even your amp goes up to 11

  • Not biff. Griff extendable baseball bat

  • The fake hand at 1:24 hahahaha

  • That into was honestly super cool. Literally felt like the movie.

  • Hi Colin I come from Germany and I love your videos so much Can you please build the real Mandalorian that's were so cool when you do that because love this car PLEASE

  • The janitor be like: X_X

  • Try and break as many world records as u can

  • Name music? 7:38

  • Definitely deserves more than 10 mil subs, this guy is a genius


  • 8:51 On Ebay there are a lot of those small momentary switches.

  • woo hoo

  • Colin: gets pulled over Also collin: Whats wrong officer? Officer: Sorry sir your getting a ticket for time traveling to fast. Collin:Aw man again!?

  • I wish he would make the forklift bot from aliens! “GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH!!!” Lol

  • Batter Up

  • 4:36 what tool is that?

  • I can't believe he doesn't want to turn this car into the time machine. Does he even understand how difficult it is to get that car. I guess it's because I like films so much where he would rather keep the car as a collective. He should definitely get another car and convert it.

  • Bro is real life pee wee Herman

  • Should have used co2

  • I wouldn't be surprised if he turned it into the actual time machine that workes

  • Put it at the bottom of it

  • This man is a spirit animal.

  • You have pretty much built a baton

  • funniest bugger on the internet - sort of like a mad scientist with a brilliant mind for engineering! Lol

  • I love you but please translate in Italian

  • What about doing it without an actuator. Just use the momentum of the swing to open it. Maybe you could use a weak spring to retract it afterwards. There needs to be very little friction though.

  • every day he has more and more weapons to start a war over

  • Back To the future 4: marty is a genius for some reason

  • Everytime i see your channel i want to buy a machining lathe

  • Bro i thought you were going to make your own timemachine

    • Then the video would be called.. Building a timemashine, and then start the video filming alot of Baseball bats. :)

  • More tom content needed😂 you guys are all funny

  • Bro hover boards already exist.

  • i made myself a sim setup for ps3, with the wire not retacting properly, you could do a sectional elastic retraction. if you (colin) want to see what i mean, i will be happy to send you pictures..