HUGE Trebuchet/Catapult Tested to Destruction

Birt 17 des 2020
With a New Sling she works a treat......But what can we hit and what can we throw....???
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Drone shots by Mr Kopter-cam himself
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  • We have battled the Weather and assorts but we fired it till it broke haha, fires a good 250m+ every time but we can add more weight once fixed and get more power with some fine tuning. CAN we Ever fire the CAR???? Thanks again to Xbox Game Pass for PC for sponsoring this video! Be sure to check out Age of Empires: Definitive Collection and many other great games on Xbox Game Pass for PC here =

    • I could have thrown the car further.

    • Throw a ballistics jell human

    • for fortification destruction, the question is less how accurate it is, more how fast it can fire

    • Fill a ball with explosives, then cover it with thermite, set it in fire and throw it on the trebuchet.

    • You can break the rock you fire into pieces to get a shotgun

  • EPIC ☄️💥🔥

  • Good stuff Colin, I used oxy acetylene for canons at 2 airfields near you allegedly. I know where you are coming from making mental stuff. Keep it up mate, it cracks me up

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  • Bro you are the only person in the world that is able to change the bad mood I get in somedays love it bro keep it up

  • - whats ur hobby - i like to launch 90 kg stone projectiles over 300 meters

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  • Im hearing age empire

  • How do rich boys have fun? Freakin' killer Awesome!

  • Hey Colin, what do you think about a sling that's able to hold a few of those blocks? shotgun trebuchet? ;)

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  • awesome

  • No car deserves its heart torn out in that way

  • 3:47 it looks like u are pulling out the heart(motor) of the car

  • Dad when I was young: No hitting my car! Colin: HIT THE CAR, HIT THE CARRRR!!!

  • Can we get my x-wife on that thing?

  • That man really knows how to take care of his ball of fire. He even takes it for walks!

  • check out my latest video about the puzzle colin did

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  • Car stuff starts at 3:10

  • Could you make a video about how to make this in a miniature version

  • Hacksmith level 2

  • You should try launching a ball of burning steel wool

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  • Вот так вот нужно двигателя снимать нужно 😁😁😁

  • Still waiting for new trebuchet video

  • use a tungsten cube

  • Another top notch video from furze,you are the man. Always amazing tunes on your videos. Here's some kick ass up and coming boys from the UK you will like. Leaving Bordeaux- Caught out: cold Adrenaline:

  • I am wondering if it could launch a big glider. There is a myth stating that full size saqqara birds were launch in the air using catapults in ancient Egypt. Maybe it could work as well using a trebuchet.

  • Mmm goood

  • Think how far a soccer ball or a basketball would fly

  • cool

  • Weren't trebuchets meant to lob stuff OVER walls? I am a bit rusty on my medieval weaponry though.

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  • what is this song please someone help

  • Yh that's safe

  • I NEED this in my life....

  • Imagine if colin furze and Michael reeves did a collaboration

    • Jet powered taser bike or soemthing lien that

    • I fear humanity´s safety

    • Yes that is a brilliant idea

  • freaking out over the Age of Empire music

  • Я што единственный русский тут

  • you should make a livable t rex from Jurassic park that stands up

  • so that's what the flying car people were talking about in the 60's. huh on the side note, i want to see colin shoot himself up from that catapul.

  • Can you make some more things from the kingsman

  • terfbuchet goes brrr

  • Woooooooow!!!! You are crazy!!!!

  • Your awesome dude!

  • My two and a half year old daughter love watching you Colin, you are the only youtuber she asks for by name. She even asked her mom (my wife) if she likes you. Just think it is sweet, and maybe you would get a kick out of hearing this.

  • Imagine just vibin in your camper and a block of steel goes hurtling past you at Mach 2

  • lame, you couldnt even reach medeval tech standards

  • Makes me reconsider having my truck engine swapped.... just kidding

  • When your business meeting starts in 3 minutes....

  • fires my chanel up

  • 4:58 I also want to retrograme in a caravan

  • Mark rober+colin furze=a deadly combo

  • were those... cast... plumbing flanges... you were using to retain bearings? is that what i saw? LOL

  • I shouted out loud when the counterweight arecibo'd.

  • You would not believe how much improvement you'd get by putting the hole thing on rails - or better yet, just the arm pivot - allowing it to slide front to back during arm acceleration. Allowing the counterweight to oscillate robs huge amounts of power transfer.

  • Load it up with 20 bricks so it sprays like shotgun pellets

  • Не понимаю нечего но видео класс

  • An ancient/medieval field artillery weapon,versus a main battle tank.

  • "We finally hit something!" is probably what soldiers in the Middle Ages would say.

  • imagine just walking through a field at night and suddenly a ball of metal and fire falls down right next to you Edit: Colin should make a garage to store all of his vehicles + trebuchet's :D

  • Thats sooo nice, if ppl from uk speak. u dont understand any word - but u understand, what they

  • What about trebuchetting the drone and restoring its flight path before it hits the ground? ;-P

  • Shoot the drone and then fly it while in the air

  • What a cool drone shot with the hay bale

  • Were do you get the materials for for a petrol go kart?

  • How could it break? It's supposed to be the superiour siege engine!

  • That "Age of Empires" Music really got me xDD

    • Medieval engine swap! ROFLMAO!

  • All I can hear the guy who made this saying is "hold my beer"

  • For all in England it did not was a comet it was Colin furze

  • he getting ready for the covid zombie apocalypse

  • Throwback to SovietWomble's CS:GO Bullshittery: Throwing Fire - Hes a level 3 Mage

  • Fill it with steel wool

  • Hahahaha XD

  • 2:30 the music of age of empires II nice

  • Just walking my ole ball o fiya

  • The fact that the 2020 hay bail flew apart into pieces only made it a more accurate representation of 2020.

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  • Anyone whose played warhammer will see that the scatter dice where totally provern in this video.

  • 6:15 the nostalgia of the civil war in skyrim

    • disliked bot


  • Hey Colin if you want that to shoot accurately put a stiff piece of steal in place of the tow strap and it will not very hardly at all each time you fire because the strap flops around to much in the wind . try it

    • You guys would be "interesting" neighbors.

  • Balls of fire

  • Crazy!

  • Fucking amazing! In great fun, it was broken. But damn!

  • Medieval engine swap! ROFLMAO!

    • Induction heater to make the worlds fastest arrowheads.

  • People from a neighbouring village complained about your loud voice.

  • That "Age of Empires" Music really got me xDD

  • throw a car to space

  • 3:19 BEST CLIP EVER?!?!?!?

  • 3:48 cant afford engine lift no problem 😂

    • Bill Gates : That's my First coding Computer !

  • imagine in hundreds of years some metal detectorist going be detecting in that field and find cars , washing machines, etc hahahaha

  • Anyone know cheapest welder type I can buy to weld a normal bicycle frame?? Not aluminum

  • I wonder if you cleaned up a lot of trash afterwards?

  • Why you broke the car? Why you just donate the car to other person who need it dont bee stupid person on these earth

  • 4:08 friendly fire and as we all know that's not friendly at all

  • firing christmas trees! yeah man thats challenging!

  • You guys would be "interesting" neighbors.

  • Do not sling a rabbit. Under no circumstances should you sling a rabbit! Or a cat. 👍🏻

    • Can you like, shut up and let him be a dumb ass without you