Birt 4 júl 2019
4000 Shots of Swinging Chaos
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  • 4000 Shots of swinging madness, I had best view of it for a change. Thanks to @epicfireworks for the van full and roll on the next one. Happy 4th of July to the US viewers and your most likely going to have fireworks your selfs but will you fear for your limbs while watching them haha.

    • Send this to Greta thunberg she’ll love it..... 🤣

    • brother come to INDIA in diwali festival. the festival of light and crackers. whole INDIA celebrates it.

    • Maybe you could plant trees at 11 million

    • I thought this kinda stuff only happened in Florida!!

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  • 4:41 3 2 1

  • What an absolute maniac 😂👌👀

  • I really think you’d love living in east Texas

  • Free fire🙏 985269241 diamond free fire 1000🙏

  • Heey schatje!! Je mag het geld wat je voor je video's gebruikt ook op mijn bankrekening overmaken hoor nl 355357878947

  • Launching 4000 fireworks horizontally - such a pity. The bottom of the pendulum could have been tilted upwards for better result. Launching 4000 fireworks into a field - I've heard 2019 had a pretty decent forest fire in Australia, you wanted to outdo them?

  • Einfach furze dikka

  • Why not put this on top of a carousel so the shots can fly high up? Too Easy? xD

  • It would look better straight up in the air you wanker and yes I put a thumbs down 👎 on this shit video!!!

  • what a business!

  • The fireworks r soo fake and edited its clearly seen that he has added extra fireworks

  • If you happen to be in Azerbaijan, you are our dear and dear guest as our brother.

  • Come back every year to see if Colin is still alive😱

  • uyrp10000000000067⁷777

  • Aya naon euii

  • Does he have steel toed shoes?

  • Cool

  • I think I just had a FURSE-GASM LOL!!!

  • I cannot imagine how deafening it must be above those fireworks. Despite bolting them down, four boxes got blown off!

  • ruined all the fireworks !!!

  • You are crazy man :D :D ;D !!!!!!!

  • can you throw 10000Firework

  • And sorrie I discover you so late......WOUWWWW IM A FAN!!!!!

  • What a cool guy you are BEST ENTERTAINMENT I SEE ON YOU TUBE

  • Музыка во время фейерверка мешает!

  • Please save us from looking for the 9 million subs and the 10 million subs fireworks display

  • Sala yahi zimedar he global warming ke liya.

  • 3,9k moles, 1 farmer and 7 neighbours disliked the video

  • Firework wall of death vs a firework wall of death

  • US at 12 :01am on July 4th. (I was going to type this as a joke then I found later that this actually happened on the 4th of July)

  • Dude, we are patiently waiting for 10 mil. You better not dissapoint us. :) Just don't blow Yellowstone Supervolcano.

  • Where is 9 milion and 10 milion subscribes videos? Thats fukin awesome projects

  • Idiot!!!

  • This man has made a siege cart with fireworks and it can DEFINETLY KILL and BURN ALL IN IT'S PATH

  • Colin ... just wanted to get this out : you.are.awesome.

  • Ur insane

  • probably the way trump was feeling during the election 4:36

  • this is the entire earth right now

  • I'm Vietnamese, I feel you are doing well

  • make the best firecracker content in the world. Pliss, bro, hopefully 11 million subscribers

  • Yeah 😁 👍

  • The first song I thought it said going to wipe out the people

  • This is what I'd do if I was rich every week 😂😂

  • What to shoot at your friends when you got a lot of $$$ and are really bored.....I can't believe you guys didn't catch that field on fire.....

  • Best fireworks show ever!

  • WTF

  • Colinfurze: **Hits 1 billion subs** Colinfurze: *"Today we're gonna nuke North Korea!"*

    • actually, he planned blowing up yellowstone supervolcano, but nevermind.

  • he needs to build weapons for ww3

  • its a smokeworks......idiots

  • You. Scare. Me. 0-0

  • Try this horizontally....

  • Craziest person i have ever seen!!! Creative as hell...

  • Привет.молодец.а вот у нас это дорого и даже новый год невсегда позволяют средства купить.печалька😒

  • 10,000 Rockats

  • I thought it was meant for the sky 😅

  • Waste your money 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • U r fucking crazy destroying nature😡

    • Chill it was just a field

  • I think this could be considered a weapon.

  • Fantastic 🙏🙏🙏👍👍🙏🙏

  • You are that exceptional case in the world who has rank 1 in spreading pollution. The only human being who is polluting environment only for making money on the youtube. Think for the people who are asthamatic. Think for the living creatures who fly in skies. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • There is so many co2 in the atmosphere there makes 0,0001%co2 not that astmatic people die from it

  • Nice video but Won't give like for pollution...

  • Awesome

  • Vegeta attacks freeza


  • Control polution


  • انا. احيبكام مره حلو

  • Watching in 2020 like me

  • Aabe chuteye pagal he kaeya

  • 10000 do it

  • Minecraft player be like: Fireworks + Dispenser 👉

  • I can see America using this in WW 3

  • Better than london on new year

  • JESUS 🙌😜

  • This guy is ready for the zombie war😅😅😂😂very nice

  • Wow so cool

  • Superrr

  • Wah..... 👍👍👍👍

  • mann that pollution colin must now plant a million trees for what he has done till yet sad

  • Just found this channel 2 days ago and I'd love to stay here. What a brilliant fun man. I want his life

  • why isnt he dead yet...

  • How much pollution you does man

  • Osha better not be watching this channel 😂

  • This guy is a walking safety hazard. No, scratch that, hes a walking safety issue.

  • That looked so freaking awesome, like some kinda sci-fi missile barrage lol

  • For 11 million you should put an extended roof rack on a van and race around part of a racetrack/runway with a shed-load of fireworks going off.

  • That was insane

  • So cool

  • I'm seriously worried if he worked for the army on making machine guns and stuff!

  • Cade os br??

  • 4:56 rocket launchers in movies be like

  • I thought this kinda stuff only happened in Florida

  • Haha so awesome,If only I could afford to blow up my money for fun lol but thanks for the vid so I can at least watch it happen

  • So much off pollution

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕

  • This guy's videos are lame. Why does he fire off rockets horizontally? I've seen more interesting stuff by staring at a campfire after 1 joint.

  • This meme is kinda late, but if Colin Furze got drafted in WW3, he would single-handly destroy 98% of the enemy army and use his hoverbike and hidden blade to assassinate the rest.

  • So did you kill the mind flayer ?

  • we hit 8 million subscribers :colinfurze lets celebrate by making a nuclear bomb