Make a Motorised Drift Trike with Basic Tools

Birt 2 apr 2020
Looking for a cool project or something to do in lockdown well this is for you, 140cc of fun and only a handful of tools needed.
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  • This is the perfect starter project but what others would you like me to do.....Also get your colfurze sticker sheets so everything likes like a furze build Hope your all healthy and well

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    • This man a

    • @Moped Garage Wetzel ج

    • Which website did you get the motor form

    • G'day Colin!!! This video was awesome! (like practically ALL of your videos). I admire and appreciate your energy that comes through in your videos. So upbeat and positive. Love it mate!! Also like the way you make videos like this for those other folk who dont have have a welder or know how to weld. That's incredibly conscientious of you mate. Im sure theres quite a few folk going theough your vids during covid to find ways of keeping engaged and active. keep up the awesome work, although im sure you will, since awesome seems to be your default modus operandi 🤙💯 Cheers from Oz 🍻

  • Can you build me one with welding so I don’t have to ti ten the bolts every now and then

  • Durisimo mielmano

  • So my mans created a drift cart that can cruise at fricking highway speeds


  • I love the trike man awsome❤👌

  • What a waste of perfectly good Gorilla tape.

  • How much will it cost go u ta build 2 go me I’m n Chicago

  • What engine did he use

  • Putain j'ai pas compris la moitié de quesqu'il a dit mais c'était grandiose

  • Next challenge is no grinder or welders..

  • Banyak bicara

  • I'm glad I took welding and woods in highschool I actually know what some of th se tools are now Edit: I mean stuff like scratch awls and center punches

  • How long does it take to build?

  • It is crazy otak you koslet

  • Go-kart version

  • "I dont need to do that but I like to because I'm a neat person, I like things to be neat." Me: looks back at the drawers that look like their a mess.

  • Sell it to me

  • Was wondering would it work with chainsaw engine.

    • it doesnt have enough torque

  • This man can do anything!!

  • I want you to be my dad!

  • its a 140cc motor

  • Show us how to make a pulse jet with simple tools

  • Seems quite useful.. in a MadMax apocalypse!

  • colin are you german? cause theres a sign in the back saying "ladezone", that means loading zone in english

  • What engine you used?

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Soy de bajos recursos pero quisiera aserolos yo pero si pudiese escucharte en español estaría mejor plis

  • Could you make the kids mini car like the mambo or Mercedes 6x6 one into a crazy go cart or Baja rig 😂😂 maybe even with en electric motor 🧐

  • No vende ese drift trike

  • this man a Genius

  • Hey Colin, you ever heard of thread locker? 😂

  • What motor is that

  • Clown

  • 3:53 Trust me you wont regret it

  • Bro my idea is cooking machine.. like soda machine.. put some 💰 and choose what foods that they want.. if you can do, i will be proudly.. and you will be a famous company in world..🥰

  • You did a really good job of building this drift trike. I should have watched your video before I made my drift trike. Now I know why I had such a bad migraine headache when I built mine.

  • amazing man.i like my motobike. 😀😀😀

  • Fucking Hell I really want to make this. Edit: Eh... Turns out the law is not very friendly with this kind of creations and this would be a pain in the ass. You have to have a driving licence and get a licence plate for this and OC among other shit. Looked up if I could potentially make an electric version which would comply with the law but fucking hell that's also pain in the ass. I thought maybe buying electric motor etc. made for electric bikes would be a good idea, but the kits make it nearly impossible for this setup and they are really expensive. And I can't buy a separate motor because for this to count as an electric bike, the motor must be activated with the pedals... In short, law is not fun. (If you live in some rural place, I'd still build it)

  • Let's just say we have different understandings of "basic tools"...

  • Please make it electric.

  • I’m actually going to build this thing, anyone done it yet?

  • Some Kevlar wick around that exhaust pipe would have sorted that heat

  • I want it😭😭😭

  • Would it be so impossible to steer without the plastic tube around the wheels?

  • i wish he coud sell me that drift trik plz

  • Can I get the name of the sober song please

  • Will you sell it??

  • if your clutch lever and everything in the same side it's going to be hard to shift

  • What about a hydraulic bench vice with a blower or jet engine to power it

  • Nice! Here is my drift drike

  • will you please make a electric bike in same way.. no welder, simple way. only motor and battery

  • 👍

  • You should make one of these but using the engine of a lawn mower

  • Nice bike I wont to have it like that

  • To be honest I felt a little mislead. The way you cut the metal is with something most folks do not own (as opposed to a hack saw or a sawsall). The engine itself looks to be amybe 200 quid at which point why wouldn't I own a welder? And the wheels? They look not typical. Just saying felt a little click baity.

  • Me gusta tu invento también me gusta imbentar mucho

  • 7:35 Can someone please explain the purpose of making those two plates before making the holes on the sprocket?

  • Would you sell this @colinfurze

  • You do have a problem, you will have a bigger problem if you go 60 and no helmet.


  • How wide are the wheels you used in this video

  • Te lo compro

  • "The simplest toolset" - pulls out grinder Meanwhile in my backyard with a bmx and *a fking hand saw for wood*

    • ...that was lazy of Colin not to use a blunt hacksaw.

    • @TheDGAF06 I do happen to do that irl, I only commented this because one time I wanted to build something terribly bad I can't remember what it was, and all I had was a hand saw for the metal I was cutting and I actually used it out of desperation hahah, would not recommend or do it again lmao

    • DirtyMoney Builds borrow one off someone.

    • @Chip Chapley hahah yeah they are, budget builds have to be as budget as possible to me ;)

    • Best Bang for the buck. If you're not British it costs even less. You can choose your language here if you're from another country Though I do have angle grinders from different Brands like Metabo or Bosch blue I have to say that these things hold up pretty damn well for their price.

  • You should make the frames and sell them as a kit so all people would have to do is get the motor bad ass genius😁👌👊🙏🙏

  • were can i buy this angin?

  • Wow Dude! You rock! Love your Channel. Out here in Reno NV USA, we have a lot of open public desert. I have always been thinking as to how I can build a 2 person sand rail buggy without welding and using tube steel, but just cannot wrap my mind around it. Any thoughts or want to use this idea to do a build? Thanks much and keep up the great work and entertainment. I am going to build this trike.

  • I REALLY would like one

  • Make trike from motorcycle engine 4 stroke and using three big tire, like 13inch car tyres 😅🥺🥺🥺

  • Thank you sir here down under (Australia) Igor together with 10 mates and we now all have one each we go down to our local car park after hours and all race and have fun these have been fun for hours

  • like the build

  • Weed eater skate board. I recall watching a movie where a kid took a skate board an a weed eater motor . an then it was hit by lighten an came to life an .. Gas powered skate board i always wonder how they are made

  • The battery fell

  • Colin....i have a big favor. Can you take an Chinese 80cc 4 stroke motor. And make a removable motor setup for a quickie 2 wheelchair. I have a family member that whip be stuck in a wheelchair for a while and she will greatly miss riding motorized things like her canam, fourwheeler and other things. To have an engine that she can have one of us strap onto her wheelchair and zip around the neighborhood then remove it before she goes back inside would be huge to her. Can you help design something? It would mean so much to us

  • What type of engine did you use for your bike

  • can you make splatoon weapons

  • Hi friends 😍🙋

  • 👍👌

  • Amigo forze que motor utilizas quiero el mismo motor con sus accesorios..

  • ممتاز

  • Make a video with lawn mower engine on a go-kart or trike?

  • If he was dad not sure if he is never watched him before his kid would be the luckiest kid ever cus this man can literally make the most insane things Cus I have seen him in my reccomened before

  • لماذا لا تضع ترجمه عربيه

  • If these are basic tools, i dont know...

  • The best part when he start drive 😂

  • Thanks so much 👍

  • Where Do you get sleeves for the tires to have extra drift sleeves. Is that PCV pipe used as sleeves??

  • Can I buy it

  • Me encantaría poder ah ser uno 🤤

  • Should work for ikea

  • 👍🇩🇴

  • I would buy that

  • Apa nama ig

  • At 15:09 there is a lipo battery on the ground in the bottom left hand corner

  • Put a drift/bucket seat in it and a turbo and you get approved by me 😏

  • Can u make me one of those

  • JEZZZZZ, It's amazing

  • that is cool .... could you build a mini sub ?? i am not saying going 100 ft down ,, maybe 5 or 10 feet under water .. you could have a climb in tube and leave that part above the water level ,, that way you would not need air equipment ,, could run off electric ,,

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  • Can you create a motorized scooter/bike using a grasscutter/chainsaw motor?