Building a Furze Tea Machine

Birt 9 maí 2019
Make tea the same way, same time, every time with levers n cables it's the Colin Furze Tea Machine.
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Thanks to Yorkshire Tea for supporting this project even though I'm putting the milk in first, there tea really is the best, check out there biscuit Tea to it tastes like biscuits.
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  • So how do you make your tea.....milk first or water or shake a squirrel at it before.......Either way you'll need your Colin Furze Mug to appreciate it to the full

    • Tea bag, water, sugar

    • Mug, teabag, water, milk, sugar.

    • This is so English & Steampunk at the same time You can improve it by creating its own plate with a special spot for a biscuit or a cookie You can add a slot for a cookie dispenser

    • Water

    • สุดยอดมากคับ อนากพิมพ์อังกฤษนะแต่อนากให้รู้ว่ามีคนไทย

  • Why did I just flash back to 1985 in Dr. Brown's auto dog feeder?

  • a bit of ptfe around the slider would realy make it smoother

  • I needed to figure out exactly how i wanted to make a machine to allow my grandma to easily feed the cats by raising and lowering the food tray, so i hopped on the Colinfurze channel and started scrolling, started rewarching this video and ive decided im going to make a small elevator with pullies thanks to the way your tea machine pulls the cup along. Thank you Mr. Furze, love the vids and i appreciate the inspiration.

  • maybe it's the American in me, but i've never had a cup of tea worth putting milk or sugar in. black as midnight on a moonless night i say. maybe it's the Bostonian in me, but i've never had an English branded cup of tea worth always seemed to wind up in the harbor instead of my glass.

  • i disliked , i love the vid but you put the milk in first

  • after watching the Catapult Toaster Video, I'm rather disappointed with this: why isn't this controlled by an electric motor and some crazy complicated automation construction (or you know: a little arduino maybe), so: waking up, one punch to a big red button, of it goes on its own still nice as always^^

  • The childlike play peroperatively bare because sweater beverly improve aboard a longing baby. obsequious, present bay

  • Me: So Collin, what’s your thoughts on pg Colin: Dust Me: I have wasted my life on pg tea bags...

  • can you please make a room cleaner or a thing that reminds you not to spoil your room?

  • colins tea order *milk sugar teabag water* the normal *teabag sugar water milk*

  • My biggest question is where did he learn to braise copper pipe together like that?

  • hey collin do you like tetleys?

  • TheSpiffingBrit would be proud

  • Could you make a radio controlled version with motors and servos?

  • Non British watch this 👁️👄👁️ wow great idea

  • Yorkshire tea is the bloody best!! I have the strong one eeeeeevery day ^_^ And I'm in Australia so I bet it's more expensive here than it is over there!!

  • Nonononononono sorry, I haven't watched the whole video yet but you caaaan't add milk before water??!!! Gotta add the water, LET IT BREW! Then add whatever else. I can't staaaaaand weak tea 😅😪😭😭😭😭😫😫

  • I never knew milk went in tea? But i wouldnt know im 🇺🇸 and i dont drink tea!

  • Milk first?! Oh Colin! How could you?!

  • I like how he managed to offend everyone: Put milk in tea: Offend everyone outside Britain Put milk in first: Offend Britain as well

  • Umm... shouldn't it all be backwards? (i.e. hot water -> tea bag -> sugar -> milk?) xD

  • Milk first is better. its chemistry

  • I wonder what percentage of his subscribers are actually British, and what percentage are from different parts of the world

  • sorry colin I like tetly

  • Colin you should have put bearings on the tray with the mug on it to smoothen out the ride as you put them on practically everything

  • Love the content collen!.Subscribed and hit the bell for future notifications and mad respect from los angeles county california san gabriel valley 626✌💗💛💚👍👍

  • "They are the best bloomin tea brand ever and I'll have no arguments" That shit had me laughing so hard I had to leave the room! The kind where you just have to walk it off.

  • This WAS good, but no true Englishman puts the milk in first, such a shame Colin such a shame

  • I have lost all respect for Colin, showing his true colours, weak and milky

  • I'm not British, why is it the wrong way to make a cup of tea?

  • finally a youtuber with great content and great background music

  • Milk does not come first 😡😡

  • Очень интересно и смешно. Супер разработки .👍

  • Yorkshire Tea is the only correct Tea, there is no substitute.

  • I think putting milk in first is justified in this instance, because the only problem with putting milk first normally is because you won't know how much you'll need, whereas with this you do.

  • I'm disappointed by the lack of motors on this thing.

  • Colin you have a typo --> ""VFA" but unfortunately there have dissolved"

  • We make tea both ways milk first or last.


  • In America instead of tea we have coffee

  • what a pointless invention

  • never have i ever seen someone so dedicated to tea

  • this man is an absolutely INSANE madlad, and I LOVE IT

  • Me: Sips Yorkshire tea. Also me: interesting...

  • Reminds me of back to the future

  • This guys about 100 years...behind his time!

  • THIS GUY IS NUTS! Love it!!

  • Putting milk before the teabag should be a war crime

  • Only nonce’s put milk in first.

  • I’m glad you think the best is the best


  • U shld put some wheels on the mug raft thingy to decrease the friction because the tea spills put after you've poured the water

  • There is a special run in hell for those how put the milk in tea first

  • I’m a big fan but how can you make your tea backwards !!!

  • Omg it had been confirmed: Colin pours the milk first....... Always My life has been a lie🙂🙃🙂☹️😟😫😢

  • nice

  • Every viewer: "nO yOu cAnT pUt tHe miLk iN fIrsT!" Colinfurze: "haha backwards tea machine go brr brr"

  • Wrong order it's always Teabag 1st

  • Ok this is how it works for me. Tea bag Hot water Sugar Milk

  • Every British person on the comments: *that is so WrOnG* No hate I'm british also

  • Is it just me? or the correct tea-making order is teabag -> sugar -> hot water -> milk Edit: OK I saw 10:15, and I`m having a bad day

  • You should put the button on the milk part show you don’t have to wait for the boiling water

  • Yorkshire Tea: *sponsors Colin* SpiffingBrit: *Spiffs in British*

  • He's just missing a dog called gromit 😅

  • The teabag hasn’t seeped in the cup long enough, mate! 😱

  • Yorkshire tea.. ahh.. a man of culture.

  • I like my tea milky too

  • Now with his arduino programing skills Colin might be able revisit this whole setup and make it work with a push of a button!

  • If Colin Furze and Guy Martin say milk first, that’s the way to do it :) There’s a video somewhere with Guy explaining why milk first is the way to go.

  • It's Water>TeaBag>Ferment>Sugar>Splash of Milk>Stir>Squeeze Teabag, you backwards savage!!!

  • Of course, tea

    • Im from the usa and this is just funny

  • This thing needs to be automated... ARDUINO!!!!!

  • Surely I'm not the only one reminded of Wallace and Grommet when watching this!

  • wow great

  • Its tea time

  • You want tea. Come to India 😁

  • You tell em Colin. Milk first or it gets scalded and ruins the flavour. Science over tradition!

  • Isn't it faster to put it in normally?

  • real life purble place


  • FBI: what’s he makin this time Agent: ummm seems like a complex coffee station FBI: What happened to the guns and knifes

  • I believe I have a certain brit to send this to and make extremely jealous

  • The best youtube channel 🤯

  • Glad you added the milk first

  • You are like a grown version of Ferb. U r awesome 👍

  • I saw this video and the one where you controlled it from your room. You should use servos and an RC transmitter from your room. :)

  • Collin your English you should know that the tea bag goes in first not milk

  • What is the way you make your tea never put milk in first

  • I like this 👌 funny guy👍🏻.

  • Love it! Would love to see mark 2 with a smoother rail for the cup, a separate lever for the tee bag, and a less messy system. I drink Rooibos tee, and unlike "English tee" needs to really soak. Come on Colin, you can make a universal tee, coffee, and cocoa making machine! With lockdown that is something every barrister needs, no hands service!

  • your baby every time he sees you in the shed oh no he's making something crazy again I need to get out of here

  • milky tea is the fucking best

  • Wah ha ha, make sure you use Yorkshire tea or the mug will leak. I nearly peed myself when he said that. Gotta get me one of those mugs. Holy crap! I was going to order one... but 30 pounds shipping to Australia?? Sorry Colin. 😞

  • A lot of people will hate me for this but I am British and I don't really like tea. I can drink it but to me it tastes like sock juice

  • Colin : invents something that makes tea Nestle: he a little slow. But he got the spirit.

    • Mad Hatter : doesn't spell the meme right He's a little bit confused, but he's got the spirit meme : am i a joke to you?

  • You should have put a blender on the end to stir it

  • This is something straight out of Wallace & Gromit.

  • I don't even drink tea yet i know that milk before water is a fucking unforgivable sin

  • Yorkshire tea for life