The Highcycle - Social Distance Bike

Birt 10 apr 2020
I'm keeping 2m apart vertically to haha.
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  • So much to talk about in this video, Deloreans ,massive bikes lol. Stay safe people and see you in the next video. Subscribe and join the #furzearmy

  • popsongs

  • Just subscribed to your channel this is awesome. Greetings from Across the pond in the USA 🇺🇸

  • My dude has a social distance bike, but not a mask when he goes inside a store

  • Ok, I was in a bit of a rut after events I won’t disclose, then this video peaked my curiosity, and truth being told, I had forgotten what got me watching this video in the first place, a ridiculously funny bike, I would’nt ride it myself but hey, well done there.

  • Imagine your government making illegal tp leave your home

  • He looks like Gordon Ramsay but nicer and better

  • The amount of Bikes this man goes to is insane. In a good way

  • 8:45 imagine getting your shoelace stuck in the chain

  • 0:00 - 0:10 thats me all the time

  • I get the feeling his neighbors do that a lot.

  • How did you create the letters that spelled "Hicycle," "Social Distance Bike," and "Furze?"

  • A lever that puts down a slider style kickstand on each side of the Hicycle would be handy!

  • "tell me we're you a part of Colin furze's colonoscopy? Because I think that you would fit right innnnnnnnn"

  • Imagine falling off of that monster

  • what if u fall its like falling of you roof

  • imagine being this guys neighbor

  • Amazing

  • Só to esperando ele meter os turbao na bike agora, ou faze la flutuar ou voar hahahaha

  • I swear he is on crack every time I watch one of his VIDS. Hes so funny

  • clearly he was high when thinking this one up

  • The little girl exclaiming "What the HECK" made this. As cool as that bike is, that was the zinger.

  • What happens if you fall off?

  • The real question is were can a man get 6ft of brake cable and chain if that brake was hydraulic you'd need like 100 litres of brake fluid

    • @sergey sergey eh true but the chain size would make them horrible

    • @sergey sergey guess so but look there is a lever

    • There's a thing called coaster brakes

  • How does he stoppp!!!?

  • this is both amazing and funny :D

  • Wait till he goes up or down hill

  • A cool update for this might be a long kickstand of some sort, to make it safer and even more usable.

  • Bunu Adana sanayide 5 kişiden 1'i yapıyor birader😂

  • Who are the people who disliked this?

  • CU Next Thursday. lol

  • Were a mask

  • You wouldn't get me on that I'm terrified of heights I could never ride a regular height bike either

  • How do you get off...?

  • How doesn’t it tip over

  • COOL BIKE. .....Back in the 1960's I built one, but only had an old welder, and an old torch. What I did was to take the front fork off and turn the bike upside down and put the front for back on, then cut the seat bracket off. Then turn the peddles around so I could put the back wheel and chain drive on the other side. Lucky the differential was a two speed rear end coaster break type (you changed gears by a short tap on the rear break) I then took pipe and added it to the fork tube, and the new seat post was added above the crack to form the seat post. I also added a short piece of pipe that the steering post ran threw and braced it to the seat post for rigidity. Now I had a high bike with the peddles about waist high, and me sitting about 6 feet off the ground! The longest distance I pulled a "wheelie" for took about an hour and covered 12 miles in Upper Michigan from the town of Chassell, Michigan to Houghton ,Michigan along U.S. 41 ........ It was easier to ride than a stock bike, and to pull a wheelie you just had to lean back a bit and up the wheel would come! And you could balance it there for hours at a time ridding on the rear wheel only.

  • Meme of 2020.

  • Дизлайк за пропаганду социальной дистанции.

  • 😂

  • How you get off

  • Random: Hey Colin! red light ahead!!! Colin: uh oh...

  • Wheres the surprise

  • Why you dont use helmet

  • As an Indonesian, I would say that it is not high enough, in Jogja Indonesia you can see young people cycling on bicycles as high as 3 meters

  • Colin, I want to be your neighbor 😂😂

  • That is available on the philipines the bike :)

  • I'd feel more comfortable if it had trainer wheels or some sort of mechanism that allowed me to stop and get off without having to use a wall lol

  • anyone gonna talk about his master balancing act getting on the bike, its not leaning against anything and he basically climbs a latter mid air

  • 7:23 bro i thought he was falling over...


  • Aku dari Indonesia dan aku suka fidio ini

  • America during Quarantine: _literal fucking anarchy_ Britain during Quarantine:

  • People who can't get on it can't handle the true power of the *high ground*

  • "ya got brakes Colin?"

  • so basically an old fashioned bike

  • COLIN : We've got to stay indoors! ALSO COLIN : Goes all over the country shopping enough material to build a small cruiseship

  • Was it just me that saw the back to the future car

  • Ahhh, back when 2020 wasn't all that bad and everyone was serious about the virus...

  • how does this guy keep from killing himself ?

  • Did he just hoover grass.....

  • I bet you won’t figure this out because if you do you will find a video of the tallest bike in the world “9” #9 /@#8+”6 5(3 5(8;* 8# +@“”33 #5708£ 5@“”


  • Make a motorised surf board

  • The real question is how is he gonna stay on the bike if he needs to stop

    • He needs a wall nearby but with the 4 meter, don't ask me

  • Slenderman's bike lol

  • wot thuh heck lmao

  • One day there should be a Colin Furze Museum

  • Imagine mountain biking in that bike..

  • Looks like a futuristic version of a penny farthing 🤣

  • Now but shock, maxxis tires, and put that on a trail. lol

  • this is when you don't know what to do in the quarantine.

  • Twat😀

  • Nice I like it, i'm from indonesian

  • Now i get all of it ! Mr.Bean predicted the future when he was sitting on his car on a sofa...

  • This is by far my favorite video

  • -hits a rock-

  • This guy is a whole new vibe

  • why is there more dislikes and not more likes that's sad

  • bruh what if he falls

  • Every street in England looks the same to me

  • Please make more videos

  • Pop a wheelie

  • Please do a video on the music bands. They make the videos. Undiscovered.

  • How do you get down

  • What’s the Song name in @​ to @

  • What’s the Song name in @​ to @

  • What’s the Song name in @​ to @

  • What’s the Song name in @​ to @

  • What’s the Song name in @​ to @

  • What’s the So g name in @ to @ Pls say

  • What’s the So g name in @ to @

  • What’s the So g name in @ to @

  • What’s the So g name in @ to @

  • What’s the So g name in @ to @

  • What’s the So g name in 4:15 to 5:24

  • High Ground = More Spread Area = More Chance of SPREADING corona ;D ;D ;D ;D

  • Please build a time machine

  • Its all fun and games until he runs over a pebble

  • It’s all fun and games until he can’t get down again.

  • FURZEARMY shall not be infringed 🤠❗