Birt 30 ágú 2018
8 Knifes 1 belt = Easy Chopping
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  • What about saftey? Thats why its a belt its only dangerous to those around you

  • And girls wonder why they live longer than boys

  • He's stupid

  • He needs to shut up

  • This was unbelievably stressful to watch

  • *ill take this to the nerf war*

  • At 4 min 15 seconds into the video, when he's talking there's a laptop with a blurred out video on it. Is it Minecraft?

  • Social distend at its best

  • the fact no one questions why this man buying 20 carving knifes

  • The government is gonna make that a thing if social distance doesnt work

  • *Safety left the chat.*

  • This is what happens to the vegetables that arent eaten

  • How are you still alive?

  • dear god Furze I beg you DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS NEAR THIS

  • Looks like something out of saw

  • Reported for 2021 this is the perfect social distance belt

  • Social distancer for Covid

  • Anyone else distracted by the laptop?

  • So they say a zombie apocalypse is happening this year

  • The perfect anti-masturbation device.

  • Saw: i wanna play a game. On your torso there's a knife spinning machine that will turn on in 60 seconds and on your left there's a bowl of vegetables. you need to use the knife spinning machine to make a salad. Finnish the salad under 2 minutes and you live if you fail you'll die

  • If you make the knives longer it´s great for gently "reminding" other people to social distancing.

  • Wonderful self-mutilating machine

  • Colin saying to subscribe so much is going to make people want to unsubscribe

  • 2:59 The lick

  • I need to buy one so lil shits don't go near me with no mask

  • Sometimes you are just Nucking Futs

  • ciao colin mi dici dove acquistare la curvaferro da morsa? grazie

  • be careful. i see you've cut yourself. you really need to make a safety guard to stop the knives from rising up more than 90 degrees

  • For musicians: *The* *lick* plays at at 2:59

  • the ultimate social distance machine

  • the guy is too bored

  • 3:00 skewbadoobabweepboopbop

  • Albert when his fans are too close to him

  • This should honestly be illegal

  • Jou have sliste in jor albow

  • Anyone else think he looks like netflixs version of john Constantine

  • One seriously has to wonder how this dude still has all his limbs.

  • How this man still has his fingers is unbelievable

  • half life 2 manhack :p

  • I was just thinking: please watch your fingers!

  • He cut his arm

  • Ghhh

  • As a trans woman I just want one of these skirts just so no one will try to touch me

  • This man are shing people differently

  • I trust Colin, but this seems so insanely dangerous. I love it

  • Why do you do external turning with the boring bar? >.

  • Edward Scissorhands vs . . .

  • Cool Knives

  • To this day i still think this is the stupidest thing you have ever done

  • Is this OSHA certified?

  • Colin bled from the doll inshitdent.

  • Time to hug the annoying little cousin

  • How does this man still manage to have all his fingers?

  • I just subscribed to this mad man

  • This is so dumb i need 30

  • 4:24 The Laptop in the background....🤔

  • I would have put the knives on hinges that can only go up to horizontal, you almost stabbed yourself in the belly with the doll. Also when you start it up the knives oscillate and go way higher than what you are used to, could get a finger chopped pretty easily..! God damn that's dangerous and stupid. 10/10

  • I gotta take a selfie, guess I’ll just reach into my pock- *AHHHHHHH*

  • Ur fucked bro. If that slid off of ur belt line youd be fucked man.. jesus christ

  • Scary lol

  • 9:58 Got clipped by a knife right there hahahahah. You're such a mad man! Keep the wacky inventions coming

  • 4:08 what's he watching in the background

  • Nope just nope that thing scared the shit outta me

  • Вспоминается фраза из мультфильма: "Виктор, вы ВСЁ ЕЩЁ ЖИВЫ!" Колин, будьте осторожны! А ещё "я технику безопасности знаю как свои три пальца." Rubber girl "Make peace! Not salad." Джейми Оливер и БЛИЗКО НЕ СТОЯЛ!

  • 9:56 i didn't even notice you stabbed yourself, i noticed the little drop of blood and came back to see if it came from and realised it was the doll

  • haha i love your energy, not sure this is a very good project though seems like the perfect way to lose your hands

  • Wow

  • The least you could do is wear a long sleeved shirt

  • Hope you don’t die...

  • 9:57 his arm is bleeding

  • He should give everyone he sees a hug with that thing on

  • How was that comfortable :-)

  • Can you build the ultimate battlebot, indestructible, better than Carbite? It would be great seeing your creation in the arena to put it to the real test against other battlebots 🤘🏻

  • Now go wrestling withit

  • Perfect for Covid!

  • One false move & the salad becomes "antipasto"...

  • did he just say bosh

  • I am surprised he has all his fingers

  • When parents don't allow their kids to do anything...

  • Make one with 6 ft swords

  • This whole video in a nutshell: S U B S C R I B E !!!

  • 2020 COVID make a sword belt that is 2 meters

  • The best thing for Corona

  • The important department cytopathologically tempt because believe genomically scare from a brown niece. marvelous, macho nigeria

  • This is a good device for corona, so nobody is coming to close!

  • 2020 social distancing belt

  • Colin Furze is ahead of his time, he invented the social distancing belt 2 years before the virus!

  • Best weapon for zombie apocalypse right here if they were swords

  • I saw 水磁直流电机...

  • Is he a cereal killer

  • What happens if you naturally go to scratch your nuts whilst it’s spinning

  • How stupid !

  • 00:10:08 Oh my Colin your obviously not safe from yourself either

  • Yeah look mum no computer music

  • How Colin still has as all his fingers is one of life's greatest mysteries

  • He just trips over

  • spinjitzu irl

  • Rick being in the room with that thing makes my teeth itch

  • do you have robloxs