Birt 30 ágú 2018
8 Knifes 1 belt = Easy Chopping
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  • How are you still alive?

  • I need this when I’m food shopping. People will back the f$$k up

  • cursed hula

  • well that aged well ischats.info/fun/prqAoqapp6F_kJA/v-deo

  • Its so good but so dumb 😂😂

  • You made something out of saw

  • Slap this on a roomba and we’re talkin....

  • At the end of the vid he cut his right arm.🤯

  • You're a madman! I approve!

  • The marty mcfly underwear 🤣🤣🤣

  • colin: *creates belt of death also colin: lets use this for cutting veggies

  • i mean the moment i saw the knifes come out i feel a drop in saftey

  • is it just me or do these more and more dangerous? XD

  • A creative way to lose your one-eyed snake too...

  • 9:57 the knife cut his arm look at the rest at his right arm has a blood

  • This man could probably build a roller coaster

  • Hi

  • The next was movie would like to know your location

  • Sounding like Jason Statham in that intro 0:19.

  • You got some red on your shirt.

  • 9:57 He gets a big cut on his arm. 10:00 you can see it.

  • Colins still doing his thing in a pandemic

  • New addition to the juggernaut suit in cod

  • if this man were to rob a bank or become a criminal, he would be unstoppable....

  • Did you cut your arm at 9:55 ?!!

  • 10:02 Left arm 😂😂😂😂😂

  • If a zombie apocalypse ever happens. I can imagine 10 million subscribers of collin coming to his house to shelter in the bunker.

  • This would be great during this covid pandemic

  • John Kramer wants to know your location

  • Now that I think about it that's not a stupid idea as long as you're alone in the room 😅 cuz technicaly the only safe place is inside that belt 🤣

  • Should add a release button as an ultimate attack.

  • Go walk in a hay field with that on

  • Social-Distancing Machine

  • How tf does he still have all his fingers

  • Social distancing at its best 😂

  • This one takes the cake for most dangerous ever since the jet bike

  • Colin furze ur so talented

  • Imagine dropping your phone while wearing the death belt

  • Deadliest anime skirt

  • Love the belt! I want to buy one for my girlfriend who loves to cook!



  • Goodway to have social distancing

  • Was this video sponsored by Sensodyne Colin? (3:43) I guess fruit and veg aren't necessarily full of sugar and so won't cause too much harm to your teeth!

  • quarintine device 3000

  • 2:59 the licc

  • the safest place from that thing is inside of that thing

  • 6 feet apart or 6 feet deep

  • 9:58 Looks like Frank wont be having kids let alone walking any time soon huh?..... or walking at all for that matter. Lol

  • That's some good birth Co troll right there "DONT COME NEAR ME LADY"

  • 4:22 What the h*** are you looking at?!! Nasty!!

  • God, i hope you don't die in your projects mate i love to see your videos in the future

  • @9:57 he cut himself and there's a blood spot on his shirt

  • Did you see all the cuts ouch

  • ischats.info/fun/ltylmHd3eXSnl3g/v-deo

  • imagine accidentally turned it on while hugging someone but forgetting you have it on (#dead☠️💀💀💀☠️☠️💀💀☠️💀💀💀💀💀☠️)

  • 10:01 look at his left arm owch

  • 6:50 first time Colin didn’t use a heavy rock metal song

  • This is the scetchest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Anyone else notice how Colin is actually kinda ripped in this video? 💪 😂.

  • And he have all his fingers

  • 7:10 😁

  • Is this the most dangerous invention ever?!

  • Hey kid play with the kid next door The kid nextdor:

  • Lmao at 9:58 he stabs himself and you can see a bit of blood at 10:05

  • The social distincer 10000

  • This is perfect for social distancing

  • Police 2020 need this in America! Watch your hands!

  • 8:30 “hi, in Larry the cucumber”

  • Try this at home 👍

  • Imaging him without that tie...

  • Knife Belt, Perfect for Social Distancing

  • How is this guy a father?

  • your insurance costs must be extraordinary.

  • That face at 7:59 is priceless

  • Could you build this with so much power that you become a helicopter with this belt?

  • when you get 14/15 in dt

  • Warum um Abonnenten betteln?

  • Safety man!

  • If evil geniuses ever needed a mascot they are but a youtube video away.

  • Speaking of tryin to Walk through a thick jungle.....

  • this is the kind of belt that we all need in 2020

  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Colin: chopping vegetables are for peasants

  • “Social distance” Colinfurze:go away or you will be the salad

  • Gordons head will blow if he sees this

  • Bruh why did you invent this

  • I saw a cut on your arm and blood on your shirt, man !! It is very dangerous for you before it can protect yourself

  • Katarina be like

  • You make a LITERAL spinning belt of KNIVES to chop salad, that is the kind of extra I aspire to be

  • this is mentally dangerous. I love it!

  • ischats.info/fun/prqAoqapp6F_kJA/v-deo i love how there is a kid in the background

  • صباح الفل يا هندسه

  • *yes*

  • 8:27 ... so are we just going to ignore the fact that he is putting a cucumber down there 👇 Plus his face at the start 😂🤣

  • That is perfect for a zombie apocalypse

  • There's no mess, you're plate was just too small.

  • Just hopeless

  • "and your gonna push subscribe" and from that moment 5 million people started subscribing to colin as did i

  • Get some motorcycle gear like a jacket with the forearm gaurds and a pair of leather motorcycle pants with the foam pads in them for protection. Just like a " built "suit or something no Alpine stars or anything too expensive

  • mmmmm finger slicer