MASSIVE Trebuchet/Catapult First Test

Birt 10 des 2020
Its as big as we could make it without it getting stuck in the warehouse......
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Drone shot by Mr Kopter-cam himself
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  • This thing has POWER, we have made some tweaks to the sling and we have constant good shots now, but what would you fire out this thing. See you soon with more chucking action. Thanks again to Xbox Game Pass for PC for sponsoring this video! Be sure to check out Age of Empires: Definitive Collection and many other great games on Xbox Game Pass for PC here =

    • Use a piece of some big tractor tire instead of this bag.

    • I think the "tape shaped" strap could have an aerodynamic disadvantage before a round section one. Wouldn't be a good idea to roll It?

    • Colin I am obviously not able to send text messages that make sense. I watchedTom Stanton launch a boomerang goodbye with a trebuchet and I wondered the size of your monster could probably launch an aircraft give it a shot

    • Colin I’ve been watching Tom Stanton again and he’s been throwing a boomerang with a tribochy Iwondered if you can launch an airplane with yours as big as it is give it a shot

    • Funnn

  • I absolutely love this channel.

  • Est-ce qu'on peu s'en servir pour donner de l'élan à un pigeon ?

  • It's a wonder how people made these machines in the middle ages without machines or steel.

  • imagine getting stuck behind a trebuchet in traffic

  • A dozen watermelons fired at the same time could be interesting: Clustrebuchet bombardment.

  • Imagine slinging an impact grenade out of that.

  • Hi Colin Furze, I am new to your channel, seen you and Nick on his Feather Bowl video and thought I would come on over to your channel. Love all the tech and engineering and craziness, lol Hugs

  • Imagine Something Happens And That Rock Falls On Someone's Head😂

  • 4:03 there's a fucking idiot standing down range, what the fuck are you doing? You obviously don't have any sort of safety or weapons consultant, and you NEED one if you can't even understand such a basic thing. I'm sorry I love the channel Colin, but this is a toy that could easily kill someone if you're cluelessly fucking about with it. Please upvote this, people.

  • "If They could get a washing machine to fly, my Jimmy could land it" - Jim Lovell's mom in Apollo 13

  • Furze Space Program: put someone in a box the launch it with the trebuchet

  • Am i the only one that noticed that in the thumbnail it has a picture of some one doing the attack on titan salute

  • Make a working Tardis from Doctor who/ make the 12th doctors

  • 5:46 Wow


  • lock the base down before firing, You are loosing quite a bit of energy moving the Trebuchet that could be focused into the projectile. Great fun Colin, your channel makes me laugh sooo much!

  • Now if only it had a flywheel.

  • You try?

  • I think you should fill the counter weight with lead bbs

  • The weight is decelerating too soon. launching at like 70+ degrees instead of 45.

  • The balls on the guy standing down range of that would stop the trebuchet alone

  • Thật tuyệt thank 🇻🇳🌹🌹🌹🌹like

  • Mad props to the drone operator, those were some fantastic shots.

  • I love it how Tom just casually bringed the washing mashine like it weights nothing...

  • To think this isn't even the biggest trebuchet the English ever made.

  • Cool Colin hope had a merry Christmas all best u could have pinned the other box sections together with welded on mounts for pins to go thought to assemble when on site instead all welded complete 😁

  • I think your sling is too long

  • as some one that has played with trebuchets before the sling was bugging me at least you had that one throw to show it can launch it far

  • 7:40 there was something so satisfying about how that washing machine smacked the ground

    • Feel like I’m on a ride with those drone shots

  • Brings back memories of when me and a few mates built one after being inspired by AoE like 20 years ago. We cobbled together a 12ft one from some spare bits and bobs on my family's farm - mostly permapine logs and coach screws. Counterweight was a 50kg block of concrete. Axle was a big bolt from a salvage yard lubricated with a bunch of grease. It wasn't exactly built with precision, but we played around with the slip pin angle and sling and got it to throw fruit in a rather consistent manner.

  • Just imagine, seige engineers back in the day had these things figured out perfectly, and not only could achieve massive range, but hit targets with pinpoint accuracy.

  • What the title song you put as this background video? 1st song..

  • Being someone who desperately needs that bike pains me so much to see it flung

  • سواها السكرجي😂😂😂

  • I want to see it shoot 15 15 lb bowling balls... Like Trebuchet Birdshot!

  • Wheelnarrow!!! Drive the ScrewTank back tonite Colin!

  • У русских требушет называли пОрок или фрондибОла.

  • Комент комент комент комент комент комент комент комент

  • You are the best

  • Instead of trying to make a sling that can work for all the different projectiles at once, just make several different slings. Also, get rid of trying to release the strange shapes like a washing machine with a sling, they will be better served by a strap connection that stayes attached to the projectile with a quick release on the strap, like some kind of explosive decoupler bolt.

    • I can't quite get Colin's obsession with washing machines

  • 0:41 nice fake farmer sticker

  • You should put in a crash test dummy and see if you can get it in a bouncy castle 👍

  • Amazon pay attention this is a proper delivery system

  • The sling part of it should be shorter.

  • 🇳🇪🇳🇪🇳🇪🇳🇪🇳🇪👔👔👔👔

  • Feel like I’m on a ride with those drone shots

  • Once you get the Trebuchet fixed maybe you can launch a crash test dummy

  • Or the trebuchet from teardown it fires cars too

  • use wheel chocks, I noticed the thing moves when firing, losing energy.

  • The thing I learned, folks, and this is absolutely key: It's not the thing you fling, it's the fling itself.

    • I like 1. The longer one is better

  • Be better with the SoapGirls music

  • Microsoft: sponsors him to build a trebuchet if Sony sponsors him next: builds nuclear warhead

  • I think he may have voided the warranty

  • furze i want to see this thing fling you (or mnckin furz)

  • Lock the tires in place. I would think you're losing a lot of energy when the entire structure moves

    • trebuchets are supposed to roll a bit, otherwise they have a tendency to lurch up into the air

  • I can't quite get Colin's obsession with washing machines

  • Looks like Britain's space programme is finally starting to take shape! 😁

  • Tiny Tornado at 6:45. The Anemoi were obviously impressed. Was that cyclonic motion with your right hand a subliminal homage?

  • "I've taped it shut." Ah, tape. The universal tool that can fix anything.

  • you have no idea what your doing clearly.

    • Ahhh Us Humans and our DESTRUCTIVE Nature)))

  • FPV Drone!! Sweet man

  • It is a shame you couldn't get bigger projectiles

  • Fake farmer sticker on his door 😂😂😂😂

  • Was that Tom’s house? It’s gorgeous

  • Real action -> 5:48 You're welcome

  • Epic shot of the patio heater landing/crashing

  • I’m not saying you should put someone in it.... But you should put someone in it

  • I've seen a lot of these built over the years including ones that are built to historical specs and they're all the same. They don't shoot far. And considering they were made of wood it'd be pointless if you have to get closer than arrow range to make them hit the mark. So it was nice to see one . ..almost work. It's hard to believe they were used in the past *at all* when we can't even make one with modern tools and equipment that does the job like historical reports say they were used.

  • The drone shots are mad

  • Colin, could you like, not get smashed please? You're a little close to some of the things being thrown.

  • no colin most of the time the enemy would shoot it back like a morbid game of catch

  • Throw Thor's Hammer!!!! (apologies if already suggested)

  • Props to the drone operator. Some great moves and footage.

  • ended early for me. never saw how you cocked it, or anything thrown. You Tube or You must have edited the video. 😷👎

  • Are you losing energy by allowing the chassis to move as the arm swings?

  • Now what we need is a catapult that can catapult that catapult! 😁

  • Need to chock the wheels on the base - it's losing a lot of recoil energy.

  • not bad and you got Microsoft to pay for all that steel:)

    • add water in the weighr to fill all the air gaps

  • Drone pilot deserves a raise hahaha

    • You're the only person I have seen mention that! And you're right, that was some amazing flying there. I think the camera is operated by a second person, kudos to them as well if that's the case.

  • Pretty sure you already know this, but there's a projectile-weight/balast coefficient that essentially ensures optimal amount of power without overdrawing and causing early/late release. Not sure about the specifics anymore, but i remember running across an article back in my mechanical engineering days when we had to create a basketball cannon and we decided to create a bloody trebuchet. ... Only reason we didn't win is because a mate of mine was in another group, and his dad is a demolition expert, and they got clearance to create a fucking cannon... ... Oof, lol.

  • what is the weight of the counterweight ?

  • WASHING MASCHINES ARE NOT MENT TO BE YANKED LIKE THIS!!!! XD I troughly laughted my ass off. Sure, 200m is not far in distance but my god, it looks epic. You all know how heavy washing maschines are - and this thing just absolutely hurled it!! That was epic!

  • 5:59 did anyone else see the small blast wave?

  • aaaah bit of ska... brilliant!

  • I would have to try a gas bottle full of water or sand

  • the fish eye lense at around 1:00 made me physically sick for some reason

  • "man besieges local co-op with 2 storey trebuchet in attempt to pillage toilet paper"

  • Make a o d m gear from attack on Titans

    • Make a o.d.m gear from attack on Titan

    • Make a o.d.m gear from attack on Titans

  • two part please its rearly cooooooooooooooolllllll

  • is that an fpv drone i see

    • yep its mine, theres a behind the scenes vid on my channel

  • Did you voice act in gta v new heist

  • Furze!!!! You madman! weeeehooooooyeeaaahhh!!!

  • 90kg, 300m

  • add water in the weighr to fill all the air gaps

  • am i the only psycho who thinks throwing a human wearing wingsuit with this

  • That’s amazing

  • Sir what about making mantis blades or monowire from cyberpunk 2077 🙂. Gamers would love to see it in action.

  • 10 shot puts wrapped in gauze coated in sticky tar lit on fire. Make the “castle” go up in flames.

  • it "shoots" more up then forward... the angle is not right. Should fix it if before next tests