Hydraulic Crane Seat-Scooter Pimp #2

Birt 2 ágú 2018
Told you it could get weird and well what a technical excursive this has been.....but I think executed to perfection.
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  • This was a challenge, you look back and it's simple but its a lot in a small space and it works a treat. So one more mod in phase 1 so what do you want to see added next. oh and subscribe if you haven't as it makes the scooter smile.

    • Wish you could "improve" my Mom's mobile chair. Haha, She'd be down! Lol. They called her Turbo Tina when I was kid. Lol

    • What is the name of the song that sounds like we're going up and you're going down

    • Ib

    • Frankly any thing with power will do

  • Super.

  • bravissimo..............numero uno

  • Que crazy estas amigo! Pero me divierte. Además eres un gran ingeniero.

  • TBH, just wish my mobility scooter was faster and held a charge longer. lmfao.

  • Grüße aus Deutschland 🇩🇪

  • Horrible music my nigga

  • See it being worth automating that tilt control on the seat still. Could be easy.

  • U almost need something to stabalize it. Like wider wheel base or some sort of legs that come out and help level it like cranes have lmao

  • I'm surprised milwaukee hasn't asked u if u wanted some tool kits. Want me to ask for you? Can get you the hookup forreal

  • Who’s here watching this at the end of 2020 even tho I already watched this vid

  • I love how this guy isnt one of those youtubers that make clickbait. Like he's actually very talented and skilled and puts a lot of work into his videos.

  • 6:21 song? not matching with the ones listed

  • That is the sketchiest shit I’ve ever seen 😂

  • "I'm not an engineer"... Dude, you're more of an engineer than most engineers I ever met.

  • Hey furze make the mr bean shopping ccart thing it has alot of things BUT ITS SOO COOL

  • Add a set of LANDING PADS at the rear, Backhoe swing arm design. not vertical post design .

  • 'Don't leave me this way' is an absolute rocker, love it, great guitar tone! A pleasure, as always Prof. Furze! 🤘🎸

  • A holster for your tablet or phone so you don't need to worry about dropping it from your pocket or your device failing out of your hands

  • I want a mk2 with a forklift mast. go 3 times the height :D

  • Anyone know the song at 6:20 ?

  • Bro you really make me become an engineer

  • This thing clearly needs outriggers at this point its obviously for a retired lineman who needed a handicapable bucket truck.

  • Put a Marine Battery in there man! I know I'm 2yrs late, but ISchats didn't tell me till a few days ago. Lol

  • กู​ละอยาก​ผ่าสมอง​มึง​ดู​ว่าทำไมเก่งและฉลาด​ขนาด​นี้!​ ?

  • Pimp your hydraulic scooter seat crane

  • As an engineering student, most of my classmates do it for the money, but no passion.


  • You need outrigger bars

  • Now he does realize it's not safe 🤣🤣

  • I'm a wheelchair user, this would actually be great, I could reach high shelves then lol. Been bingeing these videos a bit lately and saw that crutches one, made me think a wheelchair one would be good, GPS on one would be an idea, my sense of direction is shit.

  • 👍👍

  • Suggestion: build the car of mr bean, the vhair is on top of the roof and you can steer it from there

  • I am seven

  • I like the Spider-Man wait an ulcer in your next video I was thinking if you could make a fire engine

  • I sol batman

  • can't wait to see a dirty old man fall out of this!

  • You was my first watched video on my ISchats channel lol

  • Put a steel weight in the front of it so when your dropping down its more balanced and the weight isn't in one spot. Then again added weight means a more powerful motor to handle the weight. win win Colin

  • this would be perfect for like outside cinema

  • I have told

  • I love your videos

  • He sweared 7:04

  • What if it stops working when your all the way up

  • Drill them holes and watch your fingers and toes.

  • Next upgrade has to be turning the madge kart in to something like a Sherp! Mahooossiive wheels 😂😂

  • "I am not an engineer, I just buy tools and try to use them" great quote, how I feel about every building project I undertake.

  • ok this is the BEST building channel ever

  • Love it I'm late all these videos but did you put stabilisers on the side because I need one of these to cut my trees and also the skinny fat kid joke is brilliant I nearly spat my tea out as the PC crowd will love that one

  • Very funny well done

  • Hey Colin. Here's an idea. You could build a Lift also for a recliner that could be bolted on to any recliner. It would be nice. I have muscle problems and cant build much stuff anymore but have a few ideas on stuff that could help people out that cant move like normal people can. I enjoy your channel and the things that you build. Keep up the good work

  • Nasa needs you

  • You need a seatbelt

  • You are right work of art

  • you shouldve made some stabilazation feet so it wouldnt wobble as much

  • you have to put outfitters on it

  • This will need a seat belt of sorts

  • Offrod king bagee make

  • 2 years :,(

  • You should ad 4 retractable arms that plant themselves before elevation sort of like a crane

  • You could add some braces to it like they have on backhoes to prevent them from turning over that might help add a degree of safety

  • "I'm not an engineer, I just buy tools and try and use em" needs to be on a t-shirt

  • imagine a 600lbs person picking cherries in this machine

  • You might want to cover up their numberplates ha ha

  • No one Literary no one

  • "It's not the safest thing I've ever made" lol i think almost all of the things you made are more dangerous than this one

  • Needs outriggers

  • Weell that is not sceary at all hahaha

  • Мужик, ты опрокинутся можеш. Устойчивости нету!!!!

  • Colin. You are a mad genius...lol. Keep up the good work, love the vids. And the cereal thing.....George Mcfly

  • its not just the interesting projects... his enthusiasm kills me....

  • Hi Colin, would you be interested in setting up a workshop to do modifications for Mobility scooters here in Singapore? There is quite a good market here as we have many users of these mobility scooters. We could explore the opportunities here as the government of Singapore is very supportive of entrepreneurship and we could get grants or funding from the government. You could email me on what you think is feasible at Dswft80@gmail.com

  • Mobility Scooter with a big V8!!! Come on Colin!!

  • So I have a question: say you have somebody really fat and obese buy your scooter. How are you gonna have the arm raise without it breaking or them falling over

  • Lan çok irenç

  • You should partner with mark rober

  • Can you make a video of opening a moter

  • This would be good for people who need to get items from heights. Who thinks that it could?

  • You clearly dont live in the uk. Weres the gray sky

  • Amazing✨ There are people in the world doing such an interesting challenge.👍

  • Hello

  • im on a midnight binge watch marathon, and i was watching these and got hooked, lol, but ive been doing stuff like this since i was 14, im 22 now, so im having fun with these design ideas

  • Same music as first scooter vid

  • My superhero colinfurze😎😎

  • nobody colin : im not an engenir

  • Who here watch is the hack smith

  • Hi my name is Caleb

  • I hope colin put a counterweight on the front at some point

  • I wanna see him make a light saber Nononononono te amo mas

  • I know a guy in derby that would love this

  • Your Still Mad, even Madder than before 😁.. you could do with OutRiggers keep Base Stable esp at Rear Whats the Silver Cups for on Shelf .?Degrees of Madness? 😁 Oh bybthe Way , you had no Tie on ,.Slipping Colin lad Slipping 😋😁

  • Good enough. Time to outfit Wal-Mart's fleet of mobility scooters.

  • Toss in a level and an arduino with a motor controller so you only need the one switch.

  • Amazing

  • 0:19

  • colinfurze once said: I'm not an engineer, I just by tools and try to use them

  • Attach some legs and lock wheels while using hydraulic system😁

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I pissed myself laughing when you fell out of it! Sorry, I hope you're okay! Keep up the great vids!

  • Colin at 80 yrs old: And here we have the pulse jet stairlift !!

  • Madness he’s 41 Colin you’ve aged well you look in your early 30s