Making a Chainsaw Table Lamp

Birt 21 jún 2018
The 2 Stroke bedside lamp is every mans dream surely, in fact anything 2 Stroke is a thing of dreams so why not a Lamp.
So I've sacrificed a chainsaw to create a Steampunk masterpiece.
Demo video will be out tomorrow as needed one night shot.
Thermite Launcher
Turkey Spinner
Air Cannon
Flame thrower Guitar
Jet Loo Roll Holder
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  • A CHAINSAW POWERED TABLE LAMP!! I mean come on who wouldn't want one of these, I actually think you could see these as art pieces if not just for fun but no idea where you'd get another lamp like the one a made it from. I've made a video of me messing with it which will be out tomorrow (Friday) as got lent a car by Ford so I don't destroy my own tyres muhahaha. SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE its always like this.

    • I need one

    • The testost-o-lamp, for the man

    • Ūy

    • Colinfurze anda benar benar pintar dalam mencari ide untuk sebuah tayangan video 👍👍 Pasti suara dari chainsaw terdengar merdu di telinga 😁😁😁😁

    • Reply from Indian , awesome

  • I'm in the bathroom in case I crape my pants

  • You must be a long lost relative of Rand Peltzer, of the Bathroom Buddy fame from Gremlins.

  • this goes well with jeremy clarksons v8 blender

  • Magnetized vise how about it colin

  • Turkey spinner and thermite launcher are post apocalyptic, not steampunk.

  • I would by this...

  • I love how he doesn't care what he does he has no shame in sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles recording yelling I'm a man

  • Coooool

  • A practicle ornament.

  • As a diesel owner an steampunk lover this is quite the crossbreed between the two an i love it!! Colin i want one for my shop, absolutely brilliant

  • ei colin... voce ja construiu algum skate com motor de scooter,burgmam algo desse tipo se tiver eu quero ver como foi

  • adoro essas criaçoes muito loucas , ja contruiu barco com motor de carro, asa delta!!!

  • you very ,very crazy a like

  • When you use your metal cutter thing, why is the metal in water?

  • 0:18 Somewhere Tim Allen is smiling.

  • Colin really reminds me of ace Ventura

  • ;D Hi Colin, and all others... 🤔 You're right 😂 I like it :D

  • Yeah he's right but as soon as he plays with his balls it just gets kind of weird

  • history made

  • so about the exhaust poisening you will get from the lamp.....

  • The English doc brown when you invent the time machine will you go back to 2012 and tell me not to get in a relationship with my ex thanks in advance love the videos

  • Man Lamp!!

  • Haha 6:19😂😂

  • lmao mama named me sherif made a reference to this video

  • You are MAN! And you have best invention ISchats can show uss! 👍

  • I know that people are going to call me an old fart. Colin Furze is an incredibly talented inventor and, if I may be so bold, he applies himself to something far more practical, I would back him financially all the way. I have ideas too but he has the engineering talents. I am well aware that he makes a lot of money from his channel but the You Tube environment is something that I am not comfortable with, especially with the continuous D- American music. He is like many other British inventors, eccentric but talented and he would do well to consider other options that would make him a great deal of money and would not just be "one off" inventions

  • Polar opposite of that Gillette commercial!

  • Oi Pause at 0:31

  • 6:18+8:01 😆😆

  • Going to get gas for the lamp

  • dc low v motor to generate an ac bulb? dimmer switches dont control voltage

  • Ahora estoy trabajando en otro

  • Hermoso viejo jeje

  • Ya me estás entendiendo

  • "Hang on, I have to refuel my lamp"

  • Collin is the British version of Tim Taylor from Home Improvement

  • Pixar lamp after one Xanax do you still think it's no big deal?

  • Me: I'ts a little dark in here Colin, can I turn the lamp on?" Colin, "Yeah, I wouldn't"

  • That is your first weird intro🤨

  • Can you build a finktion Pixar Lamp?

  • Tim the Toolman Taylor would be proud!

  • 6:08 Giggity giggity!

  • Where did he get his CNC swifty?

  • 1:13 "it will hopefully realy brite" me " and also hoplfully explode the bulb " ima watch to see if that heppens

  • To be honest this looks like what tim Allen would make in home improvement just say lol

  • gas powered vacum please

  • Diesel punk torch

  • Next up 2 stroke microwave shower oven blender tap tv bed and washing machine

  • You sir are MAD! Love your work..

  • I think he’s gone crazy. Edit crazier

  • Nothing as brilliant as waking up in a cloud of delicious smelling two stroke exhaust gases. That's the spirit of pure masculinity

  • make a video where you show us where do you keep what have you made?

  • It's weird I'm watching this cause I came 5 mins ago.

  • Puts hand in pants* IM A MAN

  • My alarm is my little brother he tells me my van got stolen so I wake up and look out the window

  • Great fun, But it would of been better bypassing the clutch, and gearing up so full brightness can be achieved with the engine on virtual tick over, instead of having to rev its balls off!

  • 0:30 what a face XDDD

  • luxo just got some upgrades

  • Colin: Lamps are powered by electricity, that's not manly enough! Also Colin: *Makes an engine with generator to generate electricity to power a lamp*

  • Nice

  • Que loco jaja pero es un buen inventor jaja

  • the prophecy ,and what await us .


  • Carbon monoxide? You mean testosterone gas

  • Steampunks dream

  • Add a small 12v battery and some electronics of some sort so the dynamo can also be the starter motor.

  • The death rate increases during power cuts.

  • I need this, I don't care if I wake my sisters, *I'm a man*

  • Dupa dupa i jeszcze raz dupa

  • your right colin there is no testosterone in a bedside lamp thank you for changing that

  • Keep it well lubed, nothing worse than a friction-caused incident in the bedroom.

  • My home would be significantly with the addition of a fine machine like that. It fills a niche my home has lacked for a very long time. I'll sign any waivers necessary

  • I'd Love to have one of those. Are they available?

  • make a coal/steam powered one

  • I can imagine the amazing smell of 2 stroke fumes this lamp will make perfect to wake up too.. and then make a cup of tea from bed slide down the travelator and go get ya tea... mate you're living the dream.. MY DREAM ha ha

  • i think its time to get that re calibrated.... lmao

  • Where to get a little voltage generator unit as at 5.22

  • Na your colin furze

  • Cool. Know i can cut trees even in night

  • I've been searching the youtube for projects I can make with my powerarc welder and found this channel and whoa!

  • 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • So it's basically a generator?

  • :)))

  • Might I suggest a V8?

  • Every time you lose me with the $hit music... I love the content, but the music is $hit!

  • Is it even safe to run a chainsaw motor inside? I mean wouldn't you fill the room with toxic exhaust and pass out?

  • Never trust a chainsaw with a single pivot point for the brake.

  • Colin is weird. And not really the good kind...

  • You are a fuck💩💩🖕🖕🖕💣

  • Mad mad

  • Colin, why are you sweeping by hand? You need a super shop vac that shoots everything outside in flames!

  • Özüm ölüm bu arginal gijdıllaxdı

  • Can you make Chainsaw with a V8 motor

  • Y

  • 0:13 Tesla drivers😭

  • I love the auto clutch part... "wuunnggg"

  • I am not sure what impresses me more anymore: him actually making a chainsaw powered lamp, or him looking at a lamp and thinking to himself "Why is there no chainsaw underneath powering it up ? Why is it so quiet ?" and then coming up with that idea.

  • Steampunk lamp, powered by a combustion engine. Industrial lamp?

  • I wish this guy was my dad If I had a second dad it would be him Or Donald trump......