squeezing 26ft tree in 18ft House

Birt 13 des 2018
Big ol tree colin..............where you gona put that.
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  • Old skool furze video this, go out in truck, act like idiots then come home and make a mess.

    • No that's a man

    • Those folks on Lonsdale Road must be thrilled everytime you get an idea...lol

    • @colinfurze: I liked it. But, there is a "But"! Do satisfactorily.

    • My mum and dad went to the same college as you Colin

    • I usually like you video but please try to use you imagination and engineering skills for the benefit and not the expense of mother nature. Killing a 40 y/o tree for a video isn't fun in 2019.

  • turn 4x4 truck into a 6x6 truck

  • Wow we thought he put a hole through the roof when he just sike u§

  • 0:09 sums up 2020, “get your mask on”

  • Colin: “S T E A L T H” Colin 20 seconds later: ...chainsaw

  • Sane people: colin no Colin: COLIN YES!!!!!!!!!

  • your tree is only five feet taller than ours

  • Merry Christmas to you too Colin😊🎅🎄🎄

  • Great vid but that song was very rude and not sutable for youngsters

  • quick! put your mask on!... i felt that - dec 2020

  • Dammit! Mine’s only 25ft

  • Hmm Santa probably had a hard time landing his sleigh on Yo roof🤣

  • Who let Colin drink again?...🤦🤦🤦🤦 Fair play you did 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💙🐺

  • Superb

  • So that's why he built a jet powered vacuum!

  • Colin. You’re married right? HOW DOES UR WIFE AGREE TO THIS

  • God how'd your wife not kill you?

  • That's a proper mess that is

  • 2 years ago today

  • How the fuck was this two years ago

  • Clark Griswold: PATHETIC.

  • when you realize the 26ft tree was almoast 2 years ago

  • Goda love Colins

  • they literally just nabbed a tree

  • What ever he take.... give me it.....

  • Colin's wife is either very patient or as crazy as Colin

  • You know for a Brit that was surprisingly American

  • Good job you installed the staircase treadmill afterwards

  • Ninjago duvet... a man of class I see!

  • I just hope there was no birds living in that tree before.......

  • horrible to cut a three just for one month a fake one do the job and better for the earth badc thumbs for me

  • I think how many people think you are really stilling the tree. Hahahaha

  • Colin is an American at this point

  • I’m itching just thinking about the bugs and the sort And the cleaning...

  • "small house" that things huge!

  • Are you married, Colin??

  • One of the best videos I've ever seen on ISchats

  • Wonder what his wife said

  • Ddd

  • All I can see and think about at 4:27 is Lord of the rings

  • Tom is a legend....

  • Colin: cuts down tree Mr.beast:😩😡

  • Pine scented air freshener anyone?

  • This video should just be titled filling my house with sap

  • You crazy, demented sod! I just LOVE your sense of humour. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • As an American, that tree offends me..... It looks like a half assed attempt at a Xmas by nature.

  • That's not christmas. That's christ mess.

  • May God bless you all

  • Make a rocket powered tree

  • 1:16 I Love That Laugh!

  • For f**k sakes Colin, your british not american,

  • Is there a Furze video where we get to meet the rest of the Furze family?

  • This is the real life version of Mr. bean

  • How long was it up for?

  • Wy

  • could they of picked a worse tree

  • unfortunately this was before the treadmill on the staircase

  • I bet some beers were involved with this

  • swag bed 1:56

  • that's not a Christmas tree.... it's a Pub Tree... It looks better in the dark!

  • Why

  • Is no one gonna talk about at the start of the video? Two grown men cutting down a 26ft tree with balaclavas on at night in pitch black conditions.

  • But the tree will die chopped to piece's

  • your poor wife!!!!!!

  • Tree house? Nope Ill build my house tree

  • Its like the time mr bean stole the christmas tree hahaha colin bean 😂😂

  • Colin Furze... Brining down house prices since 2006.

  • Imagine if someone did that in your house

  • Ur the type of dad who hypes his kids up too much before bed and wines when ur wife says they have to go bed.

  • So glad I found your channel!!

  • It's like the scene from Mr bean Christmas episode

  • This style of punk British music is torture 😭. Every vidoe I have to mute it

  • Deforestation be like

  • Just some dudes on the side of the road in a forest chopping up trees with chainsaws in the middle of the night nothing else

  • Thank fuck you didn´t have the staircase treadmill then

  • Oh no... the spiders imagine the spiders

  • Acho que ele não tem mulher, porque sem dúvida ela não ia deixar ele fazer isso

  • Sooooooo much energy.. And all positive - love it

  • Colin is my idol

  • The best youtuber more crazy

  • and that is how you put an end to my tree is bigger than yours.

  • This was low effort why did you spend 5 minutes stringing after all that work I just don't understand slowing down near the finish like that

  • This is the best tree that ive ever seen in my life amazing ^^

  • Last time i did somethink this stupid i was smoking trees

  • You no sir, you are completely whackadoodal. But thats ok

  • Mrbeast would have to donate a lot of money to team trees after a this video

  • I thought you'd cut holes in your floors

  • I really want to see your wife's reaction to some of these things lol

  • Lol talk about having to do a new pain job and cleanup after the fact

  • Operation: Steal a bigass Christmas tree

  • Why dont you make a chistmas mobeil.

  • This is when a Bride did not red the bottom nones of the marriage contract that the hubbie is a youtuber 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I know Them Pines were a pain in the ass to clean after the Video lol GREAT FUN

  • Imagine the conversation between Colin and his girlfriend.

    • This is a set, his old house that he know uses as a set/playground.

  • isnt this illegal

  • I asume he got govermental premition to take that tree down. Yes in the uk goverment premition is needed to cut trees down.

  • #TeamTrees

  • I’ve just sent the link to my wife so she can see how to put a Christmas tree up properly!

  • Hopefully you will have something better this year

  • Anyone else think he was going to cut a hole in his house