Birt 29 nóv 2018
Mk2 letterbox shredder has power so watch those fingers Mr Postman.
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  • She's rocking......and in true furze style its got way to big n heavy and destroys itself haha. If I do make a MK3 I could improve it again but for now the furze shred 500c will get me y for my shredding needs. Check out my other crazy inventions if your new and give that bell a tinkle.

    • ok. its time to make another shredder Mr Furze. It has been 3 years now.

    • shouldve chopped up some hot dogs

    • Mark 3 should have a pneumatic shifter hooked up to second button to auto engage/disengage when it is pressed so you don’t have to manually enable the second motor gearing.

    • That totally needs a leaf blower attached to the shredder output so it covers anyone stood outside!

    • This is when you order an explosive part and flipping nuke your house

  • You could use this to recycle old 3D prints and make your own filament.

  • you are so f***ing crazy... I love that ... thank you so much...

  • Retarded concept.

  • Me:Dad have you seen my lottery ticket Dad:uhh I shredded them uhh

  • That’s fricking awesome!

  • Colin: The gojzer of the uk.

  • 6:18 welp that was time consuming.

  • some wood through the letterbox 😂😂😂

  • You should of made a way to feed it right in to the bin

  • My family could use one of these with the amount of cardboard they generate

  • I fell so bad for him because he has to clean that mess

  • Should make a rubbish bin rubbish version for the main bins

  • mk 3 GAS TURBINE

  • 😂😂😂it was tea time!

  • The part about “if you everybody owned one of these” actually is an interesting hypothetical. I wonder if the cost of manufacturing these would be offset by less frequent trash pickups. This type of thing on a large scale could have a huge impact on waste management and recycling efficiency.

  • BOB THE BUILDER can you fix it NO

  • Trains I look me trains

  • Imagine someone Tried to send you something important Or valuable and you simply shredded it.

  • I know this is old, but it'd be awesome to use what you shred to power the device?

  • The lady at dunkin doughnuts giving me a clock instead of coffee.

  • imagine someone getting this in there door and a mailman sticks his finger in when pushing post in door 🥺😳 Bad idea

  • That's the DVLA letterbox for your old driving licenses 😂

  • Just found your channel today. I laughed my ass off. Please return it before it lands in your death to "all the things" shredder! LOL

  • Try putting a watermelon in the paper shreder.

  • To have a torcher device like that facing the public is ludicrous. What if a child or the mailman reaches in. And is your paycheck and bills, are they auto sorted to some other box? What a bad idea.

  • Famous last words: “My hand’s stuck and the button’s broken”

  • 2:23 😀

  • I think I’ve had UUUGGGHHH 2:09

  • 2:45 this is my personality

  • 2:20 perfect representation on why Colin has that doorbell installed 🤣

  • Haha 😂 it is so funny to watch his videos

  • Imagine a fan sends him 1000 Dollars but he shreds

  • Yes destruction

  • 2:56 that my friends is pure happiness

  • Power company: you haven't paid your bills so we had to cut your power Me: Uhhh why i dont have any power bills to pay in my mai--- ohhhhh it shredded i just remembered Power company: wait what? i dont believe you

  • should make a very powerful shredder than mount to top of trash can would really clear up trash space and hold alot more

  • Brilliant. My little fella had a great laugh. Thanks Colin for the mindless invention.

  • This is where the paper shredder is for but I like it

  • hold on hold on, Furz modfy your trash can/ recycling bin into an output for your shredder

  • today is the 25/11/2020

  • Actually considering building this to shred my trash!!!! Rock on from Texas Colin!!

  • Publisher's Clearing House stands no chance.

  • Hey where’s my I pod touch it should be here. Me WHAT THE HECK grabs slege hammer and saw THATS IT

  • Great guy, Great work 👍🏻 If u dont Need ist let ne know. I habe a huge Garden 😉👍🏻

  • It’s all fun and games until someone puts their hand in to speak to you

  • When you forget your nan was sending you a check of 1000 pounds...

  • kichen gun

  • literally time consuming

  • Dad how come all the local Jehovah's Witnesses are missing their right arm?

  • Then he shreds his water bill.

  • He probably feels like a little kid every time he dose somting like that!

  • Hi am 4 i want to be like you

  • Thank you make more videos

  • Honey, that crazy man next door is yelling at his garage door while shoving a clock into the mail slot.

  • Omg it's super dangerous, imagine the postman put his fingers in the mail and then💀💀💀

  • Make one for a trash can

  • Whoops my bills of brr

  • How to commit tax fraud: Step one:

  • What if it shreds a document or it’s a birthday card or what if a baby finds savings and puts it through it

  • I’d make that rubbish or recycling disposal or some sort

  • yeah mk3

  • ever thought of using tungsten

  • Ya should have added a hopper for when it shreds everything.

  • all fun and games till someone sends a bag of the worlds finest glitter to your house

  • 6:10 colen made a time Machine?????

  • And this is why you dont Advertise Xmas Ads Crap.

  • Bill Gates: *sends colin a check for 10 billion $* Mailman: IM GONNA SHRED IT

  • Did you see my paycheck? It was delivered today

  • That's Rilly satisfying 😃

  • When he gets a letter saying he’s won the lottery and it gets shred

  • Do u live in U.S. if u don't how do u no wat Area 51 is

  • One day that mail man is going to shred your paycheck or visa card and laugh all the way back to the mail van.

  • Me No Like British Rock

  • mk3: Shred harddrives, sell to security

  • imagine it shredded something that said: “you have won £50,000”

  • At first I wondered why he has 10 mil subs... now I know 🤣 your the best Colin

  • Hopefully fingers can’t get trapped in it.

  • kid puts hand in

  • And can you imagine the postman puts your electricyty bill through that and you didnt know it got shredded and nex day your power cuts

  • Me: mom can we have a shredder? Mom: we have a shredder at home Shredder at home:

  • pls make mk3

  • Just imagine his foot stuck there.

  • 2:09 Cowlin Furze

  • did he really miss the opportunity to say that this is very TIME CONSUMING when shredding the clock ?!

  • mm having a small and light weight but powerful shredder like that, that would fit over your trash can, could make recycling trash a lot easier..

  • I don't think you want to put a baby's diaper in that

  • why has the postman only got one hand?

  • Just wanted him to get his fingers in there... and some idiot will do this and some post person will lose fingers and hope they sue them for everything in court... idiot giving more idiots stupid ideas

  • Why have letter box on bottom of door - what a pain in ass bending over on knees trying put anything through - poor post person... why not get yourself a new door with a box normal height or better yet have a mail box outside so noone can put shit in your house anyway...

  • Anybody else clenching whenever he puts his fingers or foot near it?

  • If the teeth were mounted perpendicular to the door, halfway down the return chute, you could put in a light-curtain switch that activates when a parcel is dropped in, and let gravity do the feeding. No extra effort on the deliverer’s part, which they’ll appreciate as the mulched package is spit back out at their feet.

  • 6:09 2020/11/25 WHF HHHHHH

  • You know your British when you say biscuit tin

  • Imagine bills come through

  • This is a security hazard. You are a crazy genius. You will stop when a child gets injured in your garage door.

  • This guy is absolutely mad... And just got him self a new sub.

  • I told you already stop playing with the door your fingers will get cut off

  • By

  • Smart or not so smart